What is Link Building & How Can it Benefit My Website?

One of the biggest benefits of the internet is the ability to make connections and build relationships. If you’re smart and use the right tools, then you’ll develop an outstanding network of peers and professionals.

So, how can your business utilise these opportunities and connect with industry leaders?
Turns out that building links and making connections is at the heart of any great SEO strategy.

Backlink building is all about expanding your professional networks and gaining recommendations from sites with authority. And Google’s algorithms love to see it!!

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If you’re serious about boosting your rankings and becoming the go-to, top-of-mind choice for your target audience, then it’s time to start building a great backlink strategy.

And to do so, you need the assistance of a serious digital marketing agency, like – you guessed it – First Page!!

This article explains what link building is, how much it improves SEO, and how First Page link building services deliver crazy clicks and conversions…

Whilst your on-page SEO is built by optimising your website with keyword research and quality content, off-page SEO is generated via links from other sites.

A backlink is an online vote of confidence in your website. Other figures in your industry choose to link from their site to yours because you’re deemed to be an expert in the field.

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Google sees this – and your online authority and position in the search results rise as a result.
Links have arguably become Google’s most important ranking factor in 2021…

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So, how to gain great backlinks and what kinds of links should you be searching for?

It’s useful to think of backlinks as a conversation among websites. Reporters, journalists, bloggers, reviewers and critics exist within almost any industry and are often followed by a large regular readership.

If you provide a standout service then you could be featured in an online article.

Perhaps you generate a piece of content that becomes invaluable to your audience and is shared throughout the community. Or maybe an influential blogger has a positive experience with your business and shares their story.

Just like any great conversation, it’s the most stimulating topics and original ideas that cut through the noise. If your business boasts a real point of difference then backlink building can come easily to you!

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The best way to begin preparing your site for link building success is to develop your content strategy. 

Ask yourself what kinds of content would be genuinely useful to your target audience. Then, get busy creating simple and enjoyable content that’s also optimised for SEO…

1. Blogs

Building a great blog is a must for any successful business. Firstly, blogs boost your on-page SEO with quality content that targets your keywords. It also skyrockets the word count of your site – increasing your authority in the eyes of Google.

Secondly, and most important for backlinks, it’s an opportunity to generate shareable content. Use your experience of your industry to generate insightful content that genuinely helps your audience. It’s a great opportunity to share your industry expertise, build regular readers, and generate an online persona that really embodies your brand.

2. How-Tos

Your audience is buying your products, but are they using them in the best way? Can you improve their experience with useful tips and tricks?

Helpful how-to guides generate huge shares on social media because they’re so handy for users! If you can use your expertise to help solve common problems quickly and easily then you’re onto a winning content concept!

How-To videos rank in the top 4 most-watched videos on Youtube. And considering that almost 5 billion videos are viewed every day – this is a unique opportunity to gain some serious attention!!

3. Infographics

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It might not be the first strategy you think of – but infographics can go insanely viral!! 

The combination of simple images and useful instructions proves to be a great SEO and backlink building tool. They’re one of the most effective ways to share your content and drive organic traffic to your website.

If you have insider info on a particularly complex task or tricky process, then infographics are a great way to gain serious shares!

4. Influencers

If you’re in a relevant industry then working with an influencer or content creator can be seriously lucrative!

The audience of a popular influencer can number in the millions. If these users align with your target audience, then you could introduce your products to huge new markets.

Recent studies show that for every $1 spent on influencer marketing, an astronomic $18 is generated in revenue!!

If you find the right influencer who can share your brand with a huge audience – then your engagement and conversions will skyrocket!

5. Reviews & Guides

Nothing comes for free in this world – so why not link to other sites yourself! Guides and reviews of affiliated businesses can be a great way to build connections…and gain links to your own site in the process.

Say you’re a coffee shop whose roaster is struggling during COVID-19. So, why not post a write up telling the story of their brand, their best-selling blends, and your own tips for great homebrewing!!

It’s this kind of genuine desire to help fellow businesses that’s the basis of great link building.

Articles that have been written in good faith and the spirit of mutual success always shine online.
AND, Google loves this kind of content because it makes a valuable connection between websites.

Why not back your suppliers or favourite local businesses and see what happens. You could find a few links coming back your way. That’s karma baby!

1. Internal

These are links that will take you to other pages within that same website or domain, hence the word “internal.” For instance, our SEO ROI calculator is simply another page and an internal link within the First Page website.

2. External

An external link is also referred to as an “outbound link.” These links will take you away to other websites and domains once you click on them.

External links are crucial because they provide users with valuable information such as statistics and researched material created elsewhere on the net. They back what you’re saying and link to convincing sources.

External links are important when it comes to how high your site will rank on SERPs. This is important to keep in mind so that when you create these links, you use sites that have high domain authority.

These are all the links that are found on other domains and websites that link “back” to your website. Also referred to as “inbound links” – they’re a big benefit to you SEO.

These links are extremely important as the more of them your website receives, the higher you’ll rank on the search engine results pages.

There are three types of backlinks:


Source: searchenginewatch.com

This is when other websites contain content with links to your website, and you don’t even have to ask for it! This is because your content is sooooo good that it’s regarded as an industry-leading and authoritative source.

That’s the reason why it’s so important to make sure your website is constantly updated, and the content you offer is relevant, well-researched and informative.


This is the practice of proactively contacting other website owners, social influencers, and bloggers, and making a deal to link their website to yours. This is a very effective but also incredibly time-consuming task.

You also need to know whether or not you’re being sent high-quality links. For instance, if you have a women’s beauty and health brand, you’ll need to connect with social media influencers and bloggers who focus on beauty and health, as well as beauty bloggers, and websites dedicated to the same theme such as Kate Waterhouse and Aphrodite Goddess.


You do not want to get involved with self-created backlinks!! In the past, shady operators created other domains and websites to link back to their website for higher rankings on Google’s SERP. 

However, things changed, algorithms evolved, and Google is very much aware of this racket now!! These are the kinds of low-quality links that will hurt rather than help your SEO efforts.

A good link carries a high domain authority, but a poor quality link will be from a spammy site with no real value other than to generate the link itself.

Creating your own links or buying them from others will not help your SEO efforts and can actually generate penalties that will see you scrubbed from the SERPs asap!

Source: ahrefs.com

Open in a New Tab?

Back in the day, once you clicked on a link it took you to a new window. However, this system changed once new browser tabs were introduced.

It is very important to keep in mind that if you have an internal link, it should always open in the same tab. That way people can easily navigate within your site.

However, external links should always open in a new tab as not to create “back-button fatigue.” If users constantly have to press the “back” button to access your site, it creates a bad user experience that proves to be very frustrating. 

You also need to keep in mind that by allowing external links to open in the same tab as your website, your analytics will not be correct as it will falsely indicate that people are leaving your site quicker than they really are.

The more websites link back to yours, the more your rankings improve – increasing the number of potential customers who see your products. Plain and simple.

But a genuine, high-quality link building strategy isn’t so easy. Today, you need both quality AND quality links to be in with a chance of SEO success and making it to the top of the SERPs. 

The truth is that your site needs at least 50 backlinks to be in with a chance of reaching the first page of Google. And to achieve this number, you’ll need to maximise your link building opportunities.

The smart approach is to balance your efforts between quality content and a dedicated backlink building service. A professional link building team utilises their unique networks to gain backlinks you would never have a chance of achieving alone!

Link building tactics aren’t always simple- but they are VITAL to long term SEO success. The truth is that to generate high-quality links at volume, you MUST have a smart digital marketing agency on your side.

At First Page, we deliver the best link building services in Australia!! We’re home to a dedicated team that excels in boosting your authority and exploding your rankings!! We ONLY work with top quality links from real, authoritative sources. This is the kind of approach that’s loved by algorithms and audiences alike!!

Perhaps you’ve been burnt by bad link building and black hat SEO in the past. But that doesn’t mean First Page can’t help your business succeed online today.

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