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Protecting your digital footprint

Protecting your digital footprint

Protecting your digital footprint

Where can businesses turn to when they need to get bogus reviews deleted? In the modern-day age, they turn to Removify.

Have you ever tried to search for your name or business online?

With so much of our lives being shared online these days, there will be plenty of information out there. You might even be shocked by the sheer volume of information available.

You're probably one of the majority of Australians who has used a smartphone, joined a social networking platform, or posted a photo online. Any of these activities leave behind what is known as a "digital footprint", or a trace of your online activities.

As more and more of our lives and culture move onto the web, there has been a sharp rise in the number of anonymous online trolls. They can cause real harm to the reputations of otherwise flourishing businesses.

So many businesses are hurting, many of them the small- and medium-sized enterprises that make up the backbone of our economy Removify is all about repairing an unfairly negative digital imprint.

Keeping the internet honest

Keeping the internet honest

Keeping the internet honest

These days, it's simple to put any kind of information online.

The problem is that there is insufficient gatekeeping to make sure this info is honest, accurate and relevant. And when a negative review can have a real impact on deterring customers from your business, that's a real-world impact that your business is unfairly suffering from.

Any layperson is proficient at writing a review of a business. They know how to post and share content on social media, and many people are even adept at blogging.

And as we all well know by now, we live in a society of people who are unsure of how to judge the accuracy of the information on the internet.

So where does that leave businesses?

Where to begin, when you're trying to delete something from the internet to save your livelihood or your life savings?

If you're in the same boat, then come to Removify for help. There is something you can do to right the wrongs of unfair reviews, and Removify is the leading provider of this kind of niche online service in Australia.

Mediating on your behalf

Mediating on your behalf

Mediating on your behalf

It's the cold, hard truth that internet trolls can't be stopped from publishing their damaging reviews. Having said that, there are ways to get the offending material taken down – and fast, before it has much chance to do further harm.

The idea behind Removify is just that, to remove. Our team will work to completely delete the damaging false reviews, from whatever popular online platform it may be on.

This could include anything from reviews on Google profiles to anything that may be judged to be illegitimate, such as if it's defamatory or infringing on the regulations of the website that the content is on.

Removify can act as the savvy mediator, stepping in to engage with the owner of the platform that's hosting the negative content, as well as getting in contact with the actual person who wrote the review.

We can explain why the content should be taken off the platform and negotiate on your behalf for the reviews to be deleted.

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Removify FAQs

Fake online reviews could be anything from a rival business harassing their competitors or a client or claimed client with very unreasonable expectations.

For example, your business may have negative content that isn't even for your company, but for a different one of a similar name.

We specialise in how to fight back against a wide variety of online content. Our service is so effective at what we do, that we can even get rid of offensive content such as "revenge porn".

The problem with fake reviews is that the cards are stacked against your business. It's the way the world works that negative press has a propensity to rank higher than the good stuff.

It can feel like, if you do a hundred good deeds then no one will take notice of it. But if you make a single mistake, it will end up on the front page of the Google search results, for all the world to take a look. So take action today and get the content removed.

Our main course of action is to have the harmful reviews deleted.

Generally, we get the content removed by contacting the platform where the harmful reviews are hosted.

Being as familiar with the rules as we are, our team knows what are the details that matter and how to chase up for further action.

This way, when a potential customer is searching for your business or product online, they'll see the more favourable side of your business rather than the reviews that are out to do you harm.

If you are the owner of a small- or medium-sized business, you can send your online reviews to Removify to get the content removed.

Then we take the matter into our own hands. Removify can remove fake reviews from practically any popular platform of online information, such as reviews on the various Google platforms, employee reviews on Glassdoor, Product Review submissions and ratings on TripAdvisor.

In its first year alone, Removify helps to remove thousands of damaging online reviews. Contact us to remove negative reviews for your business.

That’s the best part. Removify only charges your business if the fake reviews are successfully removed. Like any business with the confidence to trust in our expertise, Removify uses a "no win, no fee" payment model.

What does that mean for you? Our business only gets paid if your business wins in getting the fake reviews removed. To this end, we only accept cases where we are confident that we will be able to win on your behalf.

So either the damaging reviews are gone or you don't have to pay for our service. Either way, your business wins.

Removify encourages true and honest evaluations. They're the best way to judge how well a business's products or services meet the needs of the common consumer.

But it's when a business gets an influx of wrong reviews that can be damaging to their business that we're fighting back against. If you are a business owner with your own small business, you may already be well aware of the struggles of false and unfavourable reviews.

Without Removify on your side, it can be a long and lonely one-sided battle to try to get them deleted out of your life.

What about if the information itself in the review is factually correct and perhaps even totally fair?

What we mean by this is online content that was delivered honestly, by a real human rather than a bot or the employee of a competitor business, and without violating any relevant areas of Australian law such as privacy or copyright.

These kinds of cases are a bit more tricky. Here, getting the review removed is usually more difficult, but it's definitely not impossible to get rid of it.

For the experts in negative content removal, reach out to Removify.

If a story gets media attention or unexpectedly gains traction on social media, it's easy for the negativity around a story to blow up into a flood of bad online reviews.

It doesn't seem fair to receive hundreds of negative reviews, just because some post became popular on a social media site.

Often, the people posting offending content don't understand the impact it can have on your business – but the damage can be real, and can be long-term, unless you take fast and decisive action to nip it in the bud.

If you’re dealing with some similar kind of fall-out and just want everything to go back to normal, get in touch with Removify. We can help you set it all right again.

If your business has had negative press from news publications, we can also assist you in getting this removed. However, while we promise to do our absolute best to get a negative name out of the media, we can't make any promises about the results.

It's particularly challenging to get bad press about a business removed, because the news publications and outlets tend to fight tooth and claw to keep it in.

They usually argue for their journalism under the guise of "freedom of expression" as their main argument. The truth of the matter is that negative press is a good way to prop up their readership numbers.

If you are suffering from the impacts of a fraudulent review, you rarely have the tools to effectively fight back against this type of attack.

If your business wanted to turn to a professional course of action, the only option would be to hire a lawyer – a recourse that is prohibitively expensive and long-winded for the vast majority of business owners.

You can think of Removify as a legal firm. Just like lawyers, Removify is superbly well-versed in the review procedures of whatever platform you may need reviews deleted from. We understand what constitutes a true violation, and can help guide you in getting the fake review taken off the platform.

Removify is a company that was started by serial entrepreneur Nick Bell and long-time friend Andrew Whitford.

As widely experienced entrepreneurs in the digital marketing industry, Nick Bell and Andrew Whitford have extensive firsthand knowledge of the impact that an unfavourable review can have on businesses.

Removify was launched in April of 2019. With surging demand for an innovative digital service that few other agencies offer, Removify quickly climbed to a double-digit number of staff.

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