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Every business wants their customers to leave positive reviews on their Google Business Profile. But if you’re not making it as simple as possible for them to complete, you’re probably missing out on lots of great reviews. Simplify the process for them using our Google Review link generator tool below!

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Google Business Reviews

When someone has a positive interaction with your business, you want them to share that experience with the world. Why? Because there are countless other potential customers reading these reviews before they make a purchase decision.

But if your current approach is to simply ask them if they’d leave a review on your Google Business Profile (to which they’d need to navigate themselves), or you’re even sending the extended - and odd-looking - link to their email, there’s a good chance they’re not following through.

Our easy-to-use Google Review Link Generator creates a unique, neat link which takes them directly to the review input dialogue. This effectively removes the roadblocks that would otherwise be in place and helps increase the reviews being left for your business.

Importance of Google Reviews

The importance of Google Reviews

Importance of Google Reviews Mobile

Getting reviews on your Google Business Profile is all well and good, but you might be wondering what the actual point of it all is.

And actually, there are a number of very good reasons to increase how many reviews you have on Google including:

Improving your local pack ranking

When customers search Google for your kind of business, there are indeed quite a few SEO-specific factors that go into where you rank in the search results.

For local business searches, the local pack ranking (see below) is actually positioned above the top search result and only has 3 available spots presented on the results page. As such, being able to get your business into one of these spots - ideally the top spot - can have a fantastic effect on your leads.

A high amount of positive Google Reviews your business effectively will tell Google that your business provides top-notch customer service and is a favoured business in the area.

Increases customers’ trust in your business

These days, customers have instant access to more information than ever before. You can use this to your advantage by collecting a lot of positive Google Reviews so when customers are researching potential businesses, yours stands out above the rest as trustworthy and customer-focused.

This is just as effective if you sell products online, too - if someone is considering making a purchase on your ecommerce store and Googles the product they’re thinking of buying, you want to make sure there are several positive reviews on that product.

How Google Reviews are a great marketing tool

In addition to the fantastic effects that a number of positive Google Reviews does for your business we just listed, they should also make up a highly essential part of your overall digital marketing strategy.

It’s 100% free advertising

By being more vigilant and offering your customers a much more straightforward way to leave their positive Google Review for your business, you’re spending absolutely nothing to increase the word-of-mouth advertising spreading.

Just as importantly, word-of-mouth advertising is widely seen as the most effective marketing across the board (although you definitely don’t want it to be the only part of your marketing strategy!).

Helps with customer engagement

Back-and-forth communication between brands and customers can have a lasting effect on customers and improve retention rates by showing that a brand cares about their customers.

Long story short, effective communication with your customers is a great way of driving repeat business!

And because you can respond to each of the Google Reviews your customers write, doing so means you’re on your way to building a potentially life-long relationship with each of them.

Grows your reach

It’s all well and good to have a bunch of reviews on your website for visitors to read while they’re there. But that’s just it - if potential customers aren’t on your website, they’re not going to see them!

Having plenty of Google Reviews means opening up your audience reach substantially. Now anyone can read about how great your business is just by searching Google.

Improves conversion

As stated earlier, when people look up your business and/or products online and are presented with an endless amount of fantastic reviews they’re much more likely to make a purchase.

Whether this means products being sold in your ecommerce store, at your bricks-and-mortar shop or booking your services, an improvement on conversions means more money in your pocket.

FAQs about Google Reviews & our Link Generator

As Australia’s leading digital marketing agency, we’re constantly asked by our clients about Google Reviews and the proper management that should go into them.

So we can help you better understand it all (because we know how confusing it can all be), here are some of the more common questions we get about Google Reviews and our Google Review Link Generator.

When you search for a business and certain products on Google, you’ll see a results page which includes both the top-ranking pages relevant to your search. Additionally, you’ll see a small box which includes a list of 3 businesses - also relevant to your search query.

Directly below each of these business names is their overall rating out of 5 stars and, to the right in parentheses, the amount of people who have left reviews. Each Google Review is an unpaid online review that previous customers of these establishments leave to reflect the experience they had there.

Reviews can range from simply rating it between 1 and 5 stars to a star rating and in-depth written review through to all of the above and the inclusion of photos.

These reviews are tied directly with not just Google Search but also Google Maps and your Google Business Profile. Of all review sites that are available out there, Google is far and away the biggest and most relied-upon by people all over the world.

There are many reasons why having a lot of positive Google Reviews is beneficial for your business, especially if you’re a local small business owner.

First, when prospective customers search for your type of business in your area, you want them to see that other people have had great experiences with you as this will increase your chances of conversion.

Also, when you increase the amount of Google Reviews you have, Google recognises this and will improve your local search ranking on the results page.

And because you’re not paying your customers anything to leave their positive reviews, it’s a very cost-effective way to advertise your business to new customers.

You most definitely can and in most cases should respond to your customers’ reviews of your business. Doing so will help to develop a positive relationship between your business and its customers, which can lead to repeat business and even new business via word-of-mouth.

When responding to a positive review, you should consider including the following information:

  • Use their first name in your response
  • Thank your customer for their positive review
  • Highlight a particular aspect of their review that reflects the essence of your business
  • Potentially include a small discount for their next shop as incentive to shop with you again

If you receive a low rating from a customer, make sure you approach the situation carefully so as not to add any ‘fuel to the flames’, so to speak. In your response, include information such as:

  • Use their first name in your response
  • Your commitment to rectifying any of their issues with your business and its customer service approach
  • Your business’ approach to negative feedback

This will show other people who may come across the review that you sincerely care about your customers, that you’re responsive to any issues that may arise and that you are yourself human - not part of a faceless corporation.

When you navigate to your Google Reviews page and highlight the link you see in the address bar, you’ll notice that it’s incredibly long. Further to this, to some of your customers it may look nefarious - especially in this day and age where there are a lot of scammers out there trying to get us to click on phishing links.

Our Google Review Link Generator found at the top of this page will shorten this link substantially, providing your customer with a direct link to your Google Review page that even has the review open for them and ready to go!

What this can do is remove any barriers that existed previously which stood between your customer and leaving a review, drastically increasing the likelihood that they’ll leave one for you.

No matter how hard you work to ensure each and every customer’s experience is nothing short of outstanding, there will most likely come a time when you receive a bad Google Review.

It’s important to reflect on whether or not there was anything you could have done differently in that particular situation. If so, recognise this and make revisions to your approach to make sure you don’t receive a similar review from any future customers.

If this happens (or has happened) to you, it’s vital that you take actions to remedy it as soon as possible. Reputation management is essential to keeping your business at the front of your customers’ minds.

First Page Digital offers lightning-fast reputation management services across a variety of different platforms including Google Reviews. Get in touch with us today to find out what we can do for you.

While you’re not able to delete a negative Google Review directly, you might be able to have Google remove it by reporting it as a fake review and requesting they remove it on their end. Alternatively, because the user who left it can delete it themselves, you may consider reaching out to them and asking them to remove it.

Otherwise, your best bet is to politely respond to the review and then bury it under an endless influx of highly positive reviews that all of your customers are now leaving because you’re using our Google Review Link Generator!

If you’d rather leave it to the professionals, speak with the team at First Page Digital. They have a huge amount of experience working with businesses to get negative comments and reviews removed quickly and quietly.

We completely understand that the digital world can be incredibly confusing to navigate, and Google Reviews are definitely no different.

If you need assistance with your Google Reviews - from the initial setup to creating an email template for your customers linking to the review page or any other area - First Page Digital can help.

We have the knowledge and experience to get everything sorted out for you, which means you can focus on the more important aspects of operating your business instead.

Find out more about what we can do to make your business grow by calling us today on 1300 479 226 or sending us an online enquiry.

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