Why does local SEO matter?

Every business wants to attract customers within their immediate area, but how do you make it happen? The answer is local SEO. This process grows both online and brick-and-mortar businesses, as you focus on engaging your nearby target market to either get them through the door or click checkout more often. With almost 50% of all Google searches based around regional information, a detailed local SEO campaign can deliver outstanding results.

No matter what your product or service entails, First Page Australia’s talented team knows what it takes to build an eye-catching local SEO campaign to dramatically improve your reach. With the exponential growth of location-based terms like ‘near me’ or ‘close by’ in recent years, we can develop a strategy that ensures your target market sees your business when they hit search.

Engage Your Local Customers

Irrespective of your company size or budget, First Page Australia’s local SEO specialists provide a remarkable ROI. Based on our comprehensive understanding of your customers’ search intent, we can implement a variety of strategies that push your business into the top three search results. Meanwhile, an estimated 78% of location-related mobile searches result in an offline sale – so we’ll also ensure you benefit from a modern mobile-friendly web presence.

Even if your business has aspirations to conquer the globe, don’t forget about the importance of your local customers. Take charge of lead generation in your immediate area and partner with First Page Australia to engage customers who have a major impact on your success. We’ll ensure your business has an incredible surge and achieves goals within the Australian marketplace.

Boost Traffic With Google My Business

When local campaigns gain traction, they have the potential to land you a place in the local pack. The local pack are the first businesses that appear for geographic searches, highlighted by Google for maximum exposure. This coveted spot puts your business in a prime position to attract local leads who are ready to buy – now.

A central aspect of any local campaign is the setup and optimization of Google My Business (GMB). This is an interface which determines how your business gets displayed on Google products, including Maps, search engine results pages, reviews and more. Optimizing GMB gives you a competitive edge – only 44% of businesses have claimed their GMB listing, so take the opportunity before your competition does!

Dominate Your Local Area

For a tailored local SEO campaign that enhances leads, website traffic and conversions, First Page Australia has the expertise you need. Backed by the latest techniques and tools, we can develop an effective local SEO strategy that positions you as one of the top local businesses in your space. Whether you’re an e-commerce or brick-and-mortar business, we can improve your standing on the search engine results page.

Through our top-notch production of location-specific content, effective citations and link building techniques, we can generate an online presence for your business that Google loves to showcase to its users. Get in touch with our talented team to find out how we can improve your local SEO performance.

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