All About Google’s March 2024 Update

Keeping up with the ever-evolving digital landscape and relevant changes can be incredibly challenging. Google’s latest core update in March 2024 marks a significant leap towards enhancing the quality of content on the internet, and we’re here to help you get a solid understanding of what’s changing. 

The core update was announced by John Mueller (Google’s Senior Search Analyst) about a week ago indicating that this is one of the largest updates that Google is rolling out in a while…

This extensive update, more ambitious than its predecessors, focuses on reducing “unhelpful” content by 40%. It introduces rigorous new spam policies aimed at curbing manipulative practices, thus setting a new standard for what it means to rank on the world’s most popular search engine.

What’s New in the March 2024 Core Update?

Elizabeth Tucker, Director of Product for Search at Google, emphasised the update’s dedication to surfacing helpful information and reducing unoriginal content in search results. This initiative builds on efforts since 2022 to improve the web’s quality for users and creators alike. The March 2024 update targets three main areas: improved quality ranking, scaled content abuse, and site reputation abuse.

Improved Quality Ranking

The refined ranking algorithms aim to prioritise web pages that offer genuine value, ensuring users find the most helpful and original content. Google’s advanced systems will better assess if the content seems primarily created for search engines rather than human audiences, promoting a more user-focused experience online.

Scaled Content Abuse

A significant focus of the update is combating the manipulation of search rankings through low-quality content generated at scale. This encompasses content produced by automation, humans, or a combination, which offers little to no real value. Google’s crackdown on such practices reinforces the importance of originality and quality in content creation.

Site Reputation and Expired Domain Abuse

The update also addresses site reputation abuse, where high-reputation sites host low-quality content from third parties, and expired domain abuse, where old domains are repurposed for spam. These measures aim to maintain the integrity of reputable sites and ensure users are not misled by the historical trust associated with a domain.

The Impact on Webmasters and Content Creators

For webmasters and content creators, adapting to these changes is crucial for maintaining and improving search engine visibility. 

The above volatility index tracks the overall organic ranking fluctuations across thousands of websites in Google’s top 100 rankings. The graph above indicates that the volatility ranking index has substantially increased since Google’s core update was launched earlier this month. The core update hasn’t been fully rolled out by Google yet at and we don’t expect ranking to stabilise until the first week of April 2024.

Here are some actionable tips:

  • Focus on High-Quality Content: Ensure your content is original, informative, and provides real value to your audience. Avoid creating content solely for search engine rankings.
  • Audit Your Content Regularly: Review your existing content for quality and relevance. Update, improve, or remove content that might be considered low-quality or unoriginal.
  • Monitor Your Site’s Reputation: Be cautious about third-party content and affiliations. Ensure any guest posts or collaborations align with Google’s updated policies and maintain your site’s integrity.
  • Stay Informed: Google’s guidelines and policies evolve. Staying informed about these changes can help you adapt your SEO strategy effectively.

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