Expand effectively into the Chinese market

It’s no secret that the Chinese market has become incredibly valuable to international brands. But with so many companies looking to make inroads into the region, where is the best place to reach your target market? The answer is WeChat. Featuring 1.5 billion users, with approximately 50% aged 25 to 35, WeChat has rapidly grown from a relatively simple texting app into an all-encompassing digital marketing powerhouse.

Across online shopping, gaming, ridesharing and municipal services, Chinese consumers spend about one-third of their online time using WeChat. This incredible statistic means the platform is the ideal place to compete for attention and showcase your products. Through a variety of WeChat ads, WeChat Mini Programs and influencer marketing, First Page Australia can ensure you make the most of this superior platform.

Build your brand with a powerful WeChat advertising plan

Whenever you start an advertising campaign in an unfamiliar region, it’s hugely important to reach customers in a way that makes sense to them. Fortunately, our international team works alongside WeChat every day, so we know how to develop and implement an effective campaign that engages your ideal target market. Across high-quality images, video, audio and text, our highly experienced can generate a brand message that gets results.

Using WeChat Moments – similar to Facebook’s Feed – we can make sure your products and services stand out to the customers who matter most. Plus, with over 900-million Chinese consumers utilising WeChat Pay – a fully integrated payment solution – we can set up and manage your WeChat e-commerce store to open up new revenue streams and maximise opportunities.

From interactive displays to promoted videos, Facebook ads put it all at your fingertips

Comprehensive Approach

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Turnkey Solution

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Intelligent Strategy

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Powerful Impact

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Real-Time Results

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Activate engagement with mini programs and KOLs

Thanks to WeChat’s incredibly in-depth platform, there are numerous ways to engage your precise audience. One way many businesses are generating success is through the creation of a WeChat Mini Program. These so-called ‘sub-applications’ are specially created for use inside the WeChat app, helping you offer promotions and provide useful services. For example, Tesla has a Mini Program where WeChat users can locate charging stations and book a test drive.

With Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) being highly effective at reaching Chinese customers, our experienced team can make sure your business partners with the perfect WeChat collaborator. Like Instagram influencers, WeChat KOLs will promote your products to their fans, helping to enhance your brand awareness and conversion rate. With our help, we’ll identify a powerful KOL and ensure your business generates an exceptional ROI.

Achieve international success

For brands looking to convert Chinese consumers, your business has to be using WeChat effectively to achieve its goals. Whether you’re looking to dramatically increase your brand’s visibility in the region or give your sales targets a rapid boost, our talented team can make sure your business benefits from a tailored WeChat marketing campaign. With many of our staff using the platform every day, we can deliver unmatched results.

Like most forms of digital marketing, analysing and taking action from detailed data points is key to generating success. Fortunately, our agency has vast experience designing campaigns around our client’s extensive internal analytics. Backed by our team’s comprehensive understanding of WeChat and its user base, our comprehensive strategies produce a top-notch ROI.

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