Reach page 1 or pay nothing!

Reach page 1 or pay nothing!

Why pay for SEO when you haven’t seen the results? First Page Australia is so confident in our skills that we offer a pay-on-performance model that means you only spend cash once we’ve delivered the goods. That’s right – you’ll benefit from our SEO Company services until we organically land your chosen target keyword on the first page of Google.

We mean what we say – there’s no tricks, risks or hidden claims. So how do we accomplish this demanding goal? By taking an aggressive approach to SEO, delving into your analytics and conducting intensive competitor research, we can determine the best way to achieve your business objectives. All you have to do is sit back and watch as our talented team works its magic.

Targeted SEO delivers results Targeted SEO delivers results

Targeted SEO delivers results.

Part of what makes our pay-on-performance model so powerful is how effective we are at identifying issues with your website’s SEO health. First Page Australia’s expert team will conduct a detailed audit of your website, helping us make a raft of recommendations that’ll improve your keyword usage, backlink strategy and overall content quality. Ultimately, this leads to dramatically improved SEO results.

Alongside our comprehensive website audit services, we can also carry out a thorough analysis of your key competitors. This ensures we have a precise understanding of your target market and how they respond to specific products, services and digital marketing strategies. Backed by this holistic approach, we’re certain we can push your business to the first page of Google.

Powerful data-driven SEO Powerful data-driven SEO

Powerful data-driven SEO.

When it comes to implementing a productive SEO campaign, having a picture-perfect understanding of your customers’ desires is essential to success. This is one of our primary concerns as we take several steps to fully comprehend what motivates your ideal customers when they search. Through this research, we can generate a refined strategy that attracts your target market and achieves your goals.

By partnering with a leading digital marketing agency like First Page Melbourne , you’ll gain access to a wealth of industry-specific SEO tools that help us reach your targets. From keyword research to emerging trends, our experienced agency utilises a vast range of data to achieve outstanding results for our clients. At the end of the day, this ensures we land on the first page of Google ASAP.

Attract Your Target Market - Fast Attract Your Target Market - Fast

Attract Your Target
Market - Fast.

We deliver this outstanding level of SEO performance because of our ability to connect to your target audience.

We use a unique range of powerful tools to uncover analytics and information about your customers. Together, we’ll learn how they behave online - and what makes them stop scrolling and start shopping.

Then, we take this treasure trove of information and turn it over to our in-house content team. They use it to create eye-catching, attention-grabbing, highly-converting SEO copywriting.

It’s this unique blend of data-driven insight and premium online content that will attract your target market unlike anything else!

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Pay On Performance SEO


Every business would love to reach the first page of Google without having to spend a dollar. Now you can with a payment model known as pay-on-performance SEO. At our digital marketing company, this approach means our expert team will work for free until your website ranks on the first page for your chosen target keyword. Sounds pretty good, right?

Pay-on-performance SEO differs from your average SEO campaign as it hones in on a few specific keywords. This supercharged approach involves an intensive SEO audit of your current website, as well as a detailed look at how your competitors are achieving success. Backed by this research-driven method, we'll implement powerful on-page changes, expand your backlink profile and refine technical details to skyrocket your rankings.

The obvious benefit of using First Page Australia’s pay on performance SEO services is that you don’t have to stress about your investment. All you have to do is sit back and see whether First Page Australia’s team can achieve your company’s goals. With the pressure on us to perform if we want to get paid, you can bet that we’re going to give it everything we’ve got.

The time it takes to start ranking for your chosen keyword on Google’s first page depends on a wide range of factors. For instance, the productivity of your current SEO or the competitiveness of your selected keyword might help or hinder us. But no matter what, we’ll throw the full force of First Page Australia’s experienced team behind your campaign to achieve top results as quickly as possible.

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