Should My Business Work With an Influencer or Content Creator?

It’s been a rollercoaster ride for influencers and content creators in recent years. The past decade has seen the meteoric rise of social media influencers and their ability to partner with global brands. 

Whilst their online popularity and notoriety are obvious among users, the question of their effectiveness and ROI remains an issue for some. It’s a common question that business owners ask themselves – Should my business choose to partner with an influencer?

It pays to look at the studies and statistics to find the real answers to this question. Copy and content are still unquestionable assets in developing the SEO of any business website. But building a successful content strategy and finding an engaging brand identity are more complex issues.

That’s why we’ve put together this short and sweet checklist of things to consider when working with an influencer or content creator. This strategy may not be right for every brand – but when it works, the results can be serious growth in emerging industries and exciting demographics!

But first, let’s start out with a simple question – What exactly is an influencer or content creator in 2021?

What Are Influencers & Content Creators?

An influencer is a social media user who demonstrates the unique ability to create viral content. They’ve built a huge following, often numbering in the millions, and are considered to be a trusted and reliable voice within their community.

This ability to reach large numbers of people in specific demographics can be seriously lucrative to brands. It also accounts for the astronomic growth of the industry in recent years.

A content creator is a social media user with the skills to generate stand-out content. They may not be as renowned as an international influencer – but they will have a singular and stylish approach to digital media. 

The simple fact is that influencers and content creators can connect brands to large, niche target audiences and speak with an influence and authority that most businesses struggle to achieve.

Whilst the benefits can be big, let’s outline some key considerations…

1) Quality Content is Still King

Premium-quality content remains the most important factor for digital marketers when choosing to develop an influencer campaign.

Copy and content are central search engine optimisation ranking factors. In fact, content remains the number one strategy many digital marketers use to boost search engine results page rankings.

Blog posts, photography and video that offer something genuinely exciting and engaging to audiences are an invaluable resource for businesses. Consistently posting new material and fresh content doesn’t just enhance SEO. It communicates to audiences and customers that your brand is active and engaged – making you a dynamic force in your industry.

Content generates organic search traffic instead of paying for advertising. Recent research suggests that content marketing can drive 3 times the number of leads as paid advertising.

While studies show that brands should post daily to stay top of mind, it’s still quality, not quantity, that is key. Either way, implementing an effective content marketing strategy is a full-time job!

Whoever you choose to create your content must be smart, savvy and creative. They need to be able to deliver the message of your brand in a way that remains actively engaging and attention-grabbing. 

This is a rare ability and not as simple as it seems. This is where the skillset of influencers and content creators becomes a valuable resource and a smart investment.

2) Determine Your Target Audience



It’s important to perceive whether an influencer is the right choice to connect with your audience. Whilst this strategy can appeal to young online audiences, it might not be as effective for other demographics.

Making the right choice depends on your knowledge of your consumers. Keyword research will give you invaluable information on what your target audience is using Google to search for. You can then use this data to inform your content strategy.

If you choose to forge ahead, you’ll need to carefully select the influencer who can actually connect you to your target audience and create the content you need.

Investigate their existing feed, skillset and expertise. They may feel like the perfect fit for your brand – but can they create the kinds of content that will connect with your audience and drive engagement on the right platforms?

3) Platforms and Followers

Instagram is undoubtedly the platform of choice for influencers and content creators. With over a billion users and steadily increasing usage statistics, there’s plenty of data to back the platform.

Facebook and YouTube take out the second and third spots respectively, but they fall far behind in terms of the influencer industry’s marketing channels of choice.

Instagram stories, posts and galleries are the core tools of influencers and content creators. In part, this is because they’re the most visually engaging options with a range of useful features for businesses.

If your business has an existing Instagram account that has achieved some success in connecting with customers, then this indicates that working with an Instagram influencer could be right for you.

Why not explore Instagram to understand the potential of the platform and check out the most creative influencers.

4) Return on Investment

Content marketing is a booming industry, and if utilised correctly, can achieve real financial success. It’s not just about brand development, it’s a boost for your bottom line too. 

Recent studies show that every $1 spent on influencer marketing campaigns generates a whopping $18 in revenue. This is a serious return on investment and one of the reasons why 93% of digital marketers now use influencer marketing strategies.

Micro-influencers offer a significantly cheaper alternative to working with major names. These lesser-known names may have a smaller reach of around 10,000-50,000 followers but can still create sizzling content to revitalise a brand. 

5) The Right Choice For Your Business?

It’s easy to think of the influencer industry as a fad or gimmick. But the ability to partner with an industry expert who offers years of experience and a unique and engaging voice can bring real benefits to any business.

A successful content creator will develop, define and expand your brand. The industries that achieve success from influencer marketing include health and wellness, apps and online services, plus fashion and beauty. The question is whether this the right direction for your business?

Ultimately, as a business owner or marketing manager, you will have the best idea of whether choosing to work with an influencer or content creator is the right choice. It all comes down to making a genuine connection with a creative who can then translate this relationship into content that shines. 

Top Take-Away – Influencer Marketing Remains Big Business!

In a year that’s seen many industries take massive hits, content marketing and social media influencers stay winning

Instagram, Youtube and TikTok and are all skyrocketing in user numbers and advertising opportunities. If you make the right moves now, your business can capitalise on this emerging social media economy.

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