Grow your reach with link building

If you want search engines to recommend your business to the ideal customer base, you’re going to need to adopt a powerful approach to link building. This core digital marketing technique works by gaining backlinks from related authoritative websites, helping Google’s algorithm perceive your business as reliable and legitimate. To dramatically increase your visibility with relevant customers, don’t overlook the importance of an effective link building campaign.

While link building has proven to be a crucial digital marketing technique, it’s also an incredibly time-consuming process. You have to create great content, identify relevant businesses, make contact and ultimately convince them to share links to your business. First Page Australia’s talented team can take charge of your campaign to save vital time, money and effort.

Powerful link building generates conversions

Link building is a far-reaching strategy that delivers a range of improvements to your business’ overall performance. With a detailed campaign led by a team of experts, you can expect to significantly improve your domain authority due to increased referral traffic and brand exposure. As you steadily climb the search engine results pages, you’ll experience exponential growth as more of your target market becomes aware of your company’s existence.

However, it’s important to realise that simply gaining any kind of backlink to your website can harm your success. That’s why we focus our attention on achieving links from only the most reputable websites, ensuring you reach a like-minded audience and avoid any potentially devastating Google penalties.

Surpass your competition with link building

When it comes to leading a powerful link building campaign, it’s not only about identifying websites that will benefit from including a link to your website. Link building is also about becoming an outlet that customers, competitors and other relevant parties look towards as an industry voice. Through the creation of high-quality content that offers genuine value to readers, your link building campaign will naturally succeed as people simply want to link to your work.

With the help of First Page Australia’s highly experienced team, we can make sure your company is viewed as a trusted source for industry news, opinion and information. Although you can attempt to lead this campaign on your own, doing so is incredibly labour-intensive and offers numerous pitfalls that could impact the long-term success of your brand.

Partner with the experts and become an industry leader

If you’re ready to build your brand’s authority and search rankings with a proven and cost-effective strategy, start your journey with First Page Digital and put your business on the fast track to success. Our services are backed by consistent outcomes, a guarantee to get results in 90 days or work for free, and thousands of happy clients in Singapore and abroad.Get in touch to find out how we can transform your business with anything from a backlink building service to a full-spec digital marketing strategy covering SEO, Google Ads, social media and more.

The overlooked benefits of link building

A productive link building strategy offers a range of advantages to forward-thinking companies. Having links to your website placed on prominent websites signals to Google that your business has great value, while these links also grow authority, brand awareness and trust with consumers.

Preliminary Assessment

Before we get started on placing links, we’ll assess your current backlink profile to see where we can make the greatest improvements.

Keyword Research

Our specialised team can identify highly relevant keywords to use as anchor text for an effective link building campaign.

Competitor Analysis

Knowing how your competitors are approaching link building is a vital step. We’ll review your key rivals as we work to outrank them.

On-page SEO

Alongside a powerful backlink strategy, First Page Australia can implement a variety of on-page SEO techniques, including targeted keywords, categories and optimised images.

Off-page SEO

To bring about hugely positive changes, our strategic and personalised outreach identifies the best websites to place your links.


Link building is critical to establishing authority with your ideal customers. This boost in trust and loyalty leads to great reviews that further cement your reputation.


Link building can be a surprisingly complex process. We’ll regularly reflect on our work to determine how we can improve our approach.

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