How many searches do you get for business-relevant keywords? (per month)


What percentage of the people that search for your keywords click on your website?


Out of the visitors to your website,what percentage convert into customers?


What is your average
order value?


What is the average lifetime value of your customer?


Based on these numbers, here is what you could expect for return on investment*

  • Visitors 1000
  • Conversions 200
  • AOV $5
  • Net Revenue (Monthly) 80
  • Total Lifetime Value $8,000
  • Monthly ROI 700%
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How do you calculate

Here at First Page, we’re fully dedicated to making sure your campaign is seamlessly integrated with company objectives. In fact, in the last 10 years, we’ve ranked over 71,000 keywords on the first page for our clients.

That’s why we’ve combined our years of knowledge and expertise to create a SEO ROI tool for measuring potential revenues for your campaign. Using five of the most important SEO metrics, our simple-to-use calculator can show you just how impactful an SEO strategy can be for your business.

Here’s some more information on our metrics.

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Monthly search volume

Gain insights to how much traffic you can unlock by providing the monthly search volume of your targeted keywords.

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Average order value

Knowing how much your customers spend on average every time they make a purchase can help us more accurately determine your ROI.

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Lifetime value

A key component in determining your ROI, this figure refers to how much customers spend on average during their entire customer lifecycle.

SEO ROI Calculator FAQ's

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation involves improving search engine visibility to increase organic traffic. Find out how our SEO company can help you.

ROI for SEO differs depending on the type of business, and the specific niche. Of course, the best ROI will have the highest profit margins. Use our calculator to learn how a professional SEO campaign can achieve business objectives and maximise your returns.

This calculator is only designed for calculating potential SEO ROI. Use our PPC ROI calculator to predict returns of your PPC ad campaigns.

As our SEO ROI calculator tool is designed to predict potential returns, these figures only serve as a point of reference. As a leading digital marketing agency with over 10 years of experience, these figures can help you determine how an SEO campaign can fit in with your digital marketing strategy.

Having a water-tight SEO strategy can generate organic traffic, drive conversions and grow your business’s online presence. If you want an effective campaign that can grant you amazing ROI, reach out to a digital marketing specialist today.

Optimising your website for search engines will drive online traffic and help your business gain real visibility.

Measuring the value of our SEO services with an ROI Calculator allows for a data-driven approach - clearly demonstrating performance and benefits.

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