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Are your current social media accounts really delivering growth?

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Starting an online business, without any sort of social media marketing, is like driving a car without wheels. Regardless of how aggressively you turn on the ignition, you won’t be going anywhere fast!

Using social media as a marketing tool is essential if you’re driven to achieve success in 2022. Social media marketing uses your socials, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and TikTok, creating brand awareness right across the web.

A great social media marketing plan will increase the likelihood of your name being discovered in the whirlwind of competition.

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Here’s how social media marketing can ACTUALLY help you sell!

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Social media keeps us in touch. Messages are sent, received, and shared among friends - and all this communication happens with the stroke of just a few keys.

So wouldn’t it be wonderful if the trending news of the day was your next business venture!

By engaging a social media marketing agency like First Page, your socials become elevated from a page on a website, to a beacon directing consumers to your business.

We do this by formulating a digital strategy based on your business and your goals. Then, we help you implement this plan using your social media account to funnel web traffic to your page, website or online store.

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Finally, start enjoying the BIG benefits of social media marketing.

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If you’ve been through our learning centre it’s likely that you understand what a social media marketing strategy can do for your business. Or to put it more simply, engaging our social media marketing services will:

  • Increase traffic from different social media platforms and your website.
  • Allow you to funnel your audience to the desired web page, like your online store.
  • Give you a direct line of communication between you and your audience.
  • Create brand awareness via attention-grabbing social media advertising.
  • Build an audience dedicated to your brand.
  • Give you a means of advertising new products and services.

The exact cost of social media marketing can change depending on whose services you’re engaging and for what purpose.

For example, there’s a big difference between designing a campaign and creating content. Depending on whether you’ve engaged a social media marketing agency or a freelancer, the costs and services offered are likely to be very different.

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Partner with the best in the business - our social media dream team.

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First Page is a social media marketing company that prides itself on offering only the highest-quality service.

We set ourselves apart from other social media marketing companies through our sheer range of services offered, as well as our commitment to the client, and our passion for detail.

Our award-winning social media campaigns are proven to elevate our client’s businesses to smash their sales targets.

If you’re exploring the cost of advertising on social media platforms, know that First Page regularly gets our clients anywhere from 5 to 15 times the return on their investment!

Our Recent Work Banks Botanicals

When they came to First Page, they had zero sales and were a pre-revenue business.

Within the first 2 months of trading, we had a target of 140 sales. We smashed that target by delivering 272 sales.

Facebook Social Media Marketing

Make Facebook work for
your business.

Whilst it’s easy to pay for social media ads, it’s difficult to understand what makes those ads appeal to your desired audience.

Facebook ads are endlessly scalable and heavily targeted – meaning they're consistently shown to users most likely to click on them. Our expertise in Facebook advertising is almost peerless among social media marketing companies, so you can rest assured you're in the most capable hands around.

Instagram Social Media Marketing

Capture even more
attention with Instagram.

Every good social media marketing company in Australia will always have a strategy for Instagram - and with good reason. 500 million people use it for over an hour almost daily!

At First Page, we never neglect this platform and have regularly turned over a 15-times ROI for clients that engage our social media marketing services.

LinkedIn Social Media Marketing

Smash your sales targets
with LinkedIn ads.

LinkedIn has been linking businesses to partners for years. But at First Page, we understand your competition is likely advertising through the more common channels.

The truth is, very few of them are properly utilising LinkedIn. We are one of few digital agencies in the social media marketing industry that offers LinkedIn advertising services – and we’re pretty amazing at it!

YouTube Social Media Marketing

Attract YouTube’s massive

With over 2 billion active monthly users, it’s no wonder why advertising on YouTube has become so popular. Not only that, but like Facebook, ads are tailored to your target audience - and therefore hugely effective.

Among our social media marketing services, our YouTube ads are particularly profitable to our clients and we'll work tirelessly to ensure the same outcome for you.

Tik Tok Social Media Marketing

Connect with brand new
customers via Tik Tok.

TikTok is one of the most popular social media channels and home to thousands of hours of videos from countless creators. At First Page, we’ve not neglected to offer social media marketing services within this sphere.

In fact, we were one of the first to do so! As a result, we’re one of the best at it. We’d love to prove it to you.

Pinterest Social Media Marketing

Grow your business
with Pinterest ads.

With over 400 million monthly users, Pinterest is one of the most underrated social media marketing platforms. It's a potential goldmine for driving engagement and growing your business. It’s no secret that users on Pinterest are always ready to shop – meaning they’ll appreciate ads more than any other social platform.

At First Page, we take advantage of Pinterest’s influence on buyers by using it to scale your business and sustain long-term growth. Let us show you how it’s done.

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Social Media Marketing Agency


Social Media Marketing is exactly what it sounds like – reaching an audience and spreading your brand message, using the medium of social media.

Ever since content marketing and content creation became the foremost ways of spreading a brand and building an audience, various social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and more – have become imperative in the marketing process.

This way, marketing enables companies and businesses to have greater autonomy with how they control their voice in the eyes of the public.

It also allows them easier market research, a direct line of contact to their audience, metrics and analytics that show the effectiveness of their campaigns, enhanced outreach, streamlined advertising, and more control over a brand’s “image.”

Being a relatively new way of marketing, there is still lots to discover about how it works, but there are many experts who offer services in digital strategy, search engine optimisation, and much more.

We have an expanded article about this topic at our learning center, but in short – social media marketing can do pretty much everything you’d want it to do for your business.

Social media pages are an incredibly versatile tool when used correctly, and can be used to build a brand, humanise your business, get up-to-date metrics on what people think of your business, brand, products, and services. It can be used to give your brand an image and align with a cause, advertise, communicate directly to your consumers, and manage any mishaps that may occur in a public setting.

All-in-all social media marketing is capable of doing pretty much anything for your business, short of running it and making the products or engaging the services your sell.

0Especially when you consider the possibilities that are present through influencer partnerships, and the lasting benefits these may reap for your business due to celebrity endorsement.

Every business can benefit from social media marketing campaigns, though just how they can do so may often seem unattainable. This is still a relatively new form of marketing and it can take a lot of study to perfect.

Simply put, the use of social media is equal parts art and science. Your business’s socials become your direct channel of communication and connection between you and your audience, and how you portray yourself online quickly becomes how you are viewed by your existing and soon-to-be clientele.

Our social media service will prove to be an important tool in the building and establishment of your brand as an authority in your chosen industry. And after that, our campaigns become a useful tool in marketing to your target audience.

Although when using socials it is important to maintain a “conversational” approach, as studies show that socials are used for intimate interaction, rather than looking for products or services.

The short answer is - because everyone else is doing it! Imagine for a moment that there are no social media services, and business is carried out exclusively through storefronts.

How would you make sure your business stood out amongst the other storefronts on your street? You’d make it as big and bright as possible, right? Well, so would your neighbours.

Where the analogy ends is that on a street you might have only tens of businesses to stand out against, maybe hundreds at most. But in this digital age, the world of business is a vast ocean, filled with billions of websites promoting products, start-up companies, and existing businesses.

If you’re not willing to jump aboard the social media marketing boat, it’s very likely – in fact, it’s fairly certain – that your business will drown in that ocean. If you’re a business owner, social media marketing isn’t a choice anymore, it’s a must.

There are many ways to start social media marketing. The simplest and most cost-effective is to look at the myriad articles and guides online, learn as much as you can, and then launch it yourself!

The strategies around marketing this way aren’t a secret, and many people are only too willing to share their knowledge so that small businesses and their owners can benefit from the “secrets” of social media marketing.

If, however, you don’t have the time to teach yourself the ins and outs of the world of social media marketing - don’t fret! There are multitudes of companies and freelance marketers that specialise in social media marketing strategy.

They know exactly how to market your business, and how to get your foot in the door of the world that is the internet of things. First Page is one such company - and we have the pleasure of being one of Australia’s leading digital marketing agencies.

Social media marketing works as well as you do. It’s one of those things that you’ll get out as much as you put in.

If you do your research - work out when your target audience is active, what kind of content they want to see, what age demographic your audience consists of, what elicits a positive or a negative reaction within them - then there’s no reason why a well-put-together social media marketing campaign can’t give you all the success you need or want.

Of course, there are those who have a negative opinion of social media marketing. This generally happens because they didn’t understand the work involved or thought that they could afford to neglect their socials.

This really couldn’t be further from the truth though. And like all ventures, the more preparatory work done (or the better guidance given from a killer social agency like First Page), the more successful a social media campaign will be.

We have an expanded article about this topic at our learning center, but essentially – social media marketing can do pretty much everything you’d want it to do for your business!

Social media pages are an incredibly versatile tool when used correctly, and can be used to build a brand, humanise your business, and get up-to-date metrics on what people think of your business, brand, products, and services.

It can be used to give your brand an image and align with a cause, advertise, communicate directly to your consumers, and manage any mishaps that may occur in a public setting.

All-in-all social media marketing is capable of doing pretty much anything for your business, short of running it and making the products or engaging the services your sell. Especially when you consider the possibilities that are present through influencer partnerships, and the lasting benefits these may reap for your business due to celebrity endorsement.

Social media marketing isn’t a black-and-white thing. Marketers in this sphere act both alone, and in companies. You will find specialists and generalists, and some will charge more than others. Social media marketing is equal parts art and science – in this case market research, campaign strategy, social media management, and content creation.

There is a myriad of freelance social managers, and their prices depend on how much of a comprehensive service they offer. Likewise, freelance content creators are likely to charge their own rates that they deem acceptable for their work. Even then, some may charge hourly, while others charge monthly, while some charge a flat rate.

It’s not uncommon to spend several hundred dollars per month when engaging agencies like First Page, but they typically offer a full scope of marketing services that will help your business in a more efficient manner. If you’re interested, contact our experts online and get a quote here.

If you’re not quite sure which social media management agency to go with, there are a few things to keep an eye out for that should sway your eventual decision.

First, it’s important that your digital agency has an extensive amount of experience with all social media networks. Because every business is different, the right social media platform selection to suit one brand will differ greatly from another. So you want to know whichever lineup will work best for yours, your team knows each like the backs of their hands.

Also, you’ll want to know that you’re never going to be left in the dark. Transparency is a key characteristic of a top-tier digital agency, and when your social ad campaigns are running you should receive constant updates on its progress and success.

It’s also a good idea to choose an agency that works with a variety of businesses from all kinds of industries. This is a good indicator that whether it’s a mainstream or niche market, they’ve got the experience to get the job done well.

And should your business goals ever shift and you want to increase your marketing efforts, it’s nice to know the agency you’re with offers a range of other services like email marketing, content marketing, SEO and the like.

First Page Australia offers all of this and so much more, and we have a proven track record of consistent outcomes where the campaign achieved fantastic results. Call our friendly team today on 1300 479 226 and find out how we can take your social media presence to the next level.

If you want to survive - and thrive - in a highly competitive market, you need to be sure you’re doing everything you can with your digital marketing. And one integral part of any digital strategy is social media marketing.

Just some of the benefits a better social media presence include:

  • Growing awareness and recognition of your brand

    Perhaps the most important goal for most businesses when it comes to marketing is to build brand awareness and overall recognition. Because, put simply, the more people that know and recall your brand, the more opportunities you have to convert.

    But while you may think this means utilising every single social media platform out there, this is not the case as it can and will lead to time, money and resource wastage. By carefully selecting the platforms that align with your brand and target audience best, this helps minimise time spent while maximising ROI.

  • Increasing website traffic

    When you decide to bring social media marketing into your digital strategy, provided it’s executed correctly it will begin to pay off almost immediately.

    Highly targeted social ad campaigns are a hugely effective way to drive substantially more traffic to your website, and every unique visitor is a potential customer. This means as long as you’re offering something they want, you’ll in turn see a massive increase in conversions.

    Additionally, organic social media marketing traffic clicking through unpaid posts you publish are often highly qualified and engaged with your brand.

  • Boosting engagement

    As it’s a two-way communication marketing channel, you can use social media management to build up meaningful relationships with your customers. Not only can this help improve brand loyalty, but also attract new consumers because they see you legitimately care about your customer base. Engaging directly with your audience personifies your brand, and people react positively to that.

    This might be in the form of responding well to customers’ concerns, answering questions consistently and in a timely manner, sharing jokes and banter or a mixture of all three.

  • Providing great ROI

    Provided you go with a first-class social media marketing company (like us, for example!) who has the expertise to drill down your audience segments and offer precision targeting, you’ll see an amazing ROI.

    Unlike traditional paid advertising like radio, TV and print, digital marketing as a rule is much more effective in its approach, and social media advertising is no exception. So as long as your social media campaign has been crafted by experts, it’s truly incredible how cost-effective it can be.

  • Offering valuable insights

    Data is vital for any business that wants to ensure their marketing efforts have not been in vain. With social media marketing, everything is there in black and white to see exactly which aspects of the campaign succeeded and which didn’t. This data is highly useful to optimise your digital strategy moving forward.

    Further to that, you also have a wonderful access point to qualitative data tracking tools and custom reporting by simply reviewing what your followers are talking about and their interests. And once you’ve amassed a high number of followers, you can use analytic tools to gain insights into your most highly-engaged consumers.

The social media advertising platform that is right for one business' marketing strategy is going to be very different from the next. Long story short, every brand has its own story to tell, its own social media marketing goals and its own budget.

Plus, some social media channels can take a long time to create content for. Like YouTube marketing videos, for example. So if you want to tackle your social media advertising yourself and are already short on time, it’s difficult to get everything done well. And if you don’t have the skill set to plan, create and publish great posts, it’s all for nothing anyway.

Social media strategy is best left to the pros if you want to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck. A quality marketing manager will conduct research to determine exactly which social marketing network(s) enables you to meet the goals you wish to achieve for the ad spend you have.

Not only that, but when you engage with a full service marketing agency like First Page, we’ll take care of everything from video ads and influencer marketing to finding online trends, performance marketing and all of your other online marketing needs.

So if you want to experience fantastic brand development and be able to target your most ideal customers so you see the best ROI and boost your online revenue exponentially, call us on 1300 479 226 today.

The budget that you decide on to go towards your overarching digital marketing strategy and, more specifically, social media advertising will be entirely dependent on a few different factors.

  • What goals you want to achieve

    If you’re keen to grow your following from a few to tens or hundreds of thousands (maybe even millions?) your budget will need to be a lot higher than if you’re interested in just running a few social ads to your existing fan base. If you’re unsure of exactly what you want, a marketing manager at First Page can help steer you in the right direction.

  • How long you want the campaign to run for

    For example, do you want an Instagram or Facebook advertising digital strategy that’s live for just a few days? Or are you after an always-on solution to keep your brand ahead of your competitors at all times?

  • How targeted you want to be

    Wide-reaching campaigns that are purely for maximum awareness purposes means you’ll have more wastage, whereas a highly targeted digital marketing strategy on socials will deliver a much better ROI and cost a lot less to boot.

  • Whether you need add-on services

    If there’s massive potential to see an even better outcome with the supplementation of one or two other digital services, a great marketing agency like ours will explain this to you. Of course, there is never any requirement to move ahead, but our marketing manager team knows how important that the client is fully aware of all possible angles.

Any marketing agency worth their weight knows that every one of their clients’ businesses is completely unique.

That means there’s no one size fits all digital marketing strategy for social networks. So if a marketing manager at an agency is offering you a cookie-cutter social digital strategy package you should consider a quick exit.

Instead, the social advertising digital strategy for your business should be personalised from the ground up, and involve social media specialists who have plenty of experience delivering great results. It might include anything from a LinkedIn company page, TikTok or Facebook advertising or other elements, but at the end of the day must be unique to align with your brand and goals.

Social media marketing should be a major contributor in any digital strategy, whether it’s B2B or B2C.

The difference in how they’re used will be quite significant, including suitable platforms and post and ad types used, however it’s incredibly important across both markets.

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