Capture more attention with Instagram

If your business isn’t using Instagram effectively, it’s undoubtedly missing out on opportunities. With the average user spending 28 minutes per day on the platform, Instagram is a remarkable place to capture your audience’s attention and showcase the strengths of your products and services. Backed by an array of useful analytics and advertising possibilities, an eye-catching Instagram campaign led by an expert team is one of the best ways to grow your reach and convert customers.

Make Facebook work for your business

Facebook’s authority as a household name means it’s ideally positioned for a carefully conceived marketing campaign. With the platform used widely amongst every demographic, there’s no better place to attract and convert a broad audience. Considering Facebook Ad impressions increased by 37% in 2019, the world’s leading social media platform is bound to remain powerful for businesses long into the future.

Attract YouTube’s massive audience

As the second-largest website on the internet, YouTube’s digital marketing potential is enormous. By developing a smart video advertising campaign that introduces your brand and its products to a precise target market, it’s possible to skyrocket your company’s success. With 90% of shoppers reporting they’ve discovered a new business or product through YouTube, it’s clear that this hugely popular platform directly influences how people learn about and engage with modern brands.

Smash your sales targets with LinkedIn ads

The importance of LinkedIn is often underestimated by brands and digital marketers alike, even though the platform is only going from strength-to-strength. With 690 million active users, it’s the ideal place to reach professionals who have the spending power to engage with your B2B or B2C company. Through targeted ad campaigns and compelling thought leadership, LinkedIn is perfect for establishing brand awareness and reaching influential corporate decision-makers.

Generate an engaged Twitter following

Twitter is another world leader in social media, but the platform’s unique format requires a tailored strategy to generate significant growth. With Twitter ad engagement increasing by 23% in Q3 2019 and cost-per-engagement dropping by 12%, the platform has proven to be incredibly cost-effective compared to other social media networks. First Page Australia’s talented team can work alongside your brand to develop a robust ad campaign that gets results.

Engage global audiences WeChat

Reaching the lucrative Chinese market is made easy with WeChat. Featuring over a billion users situated around the globe, Chinese consumers spend as much as one-third of their online time using WeChat. With this outstanding platform helping brands expand their reach across international borders, our expert team works with WeChat every day to deliver our clients enormous success. We can create an extensive ad campaign to drive more website traffic and sales.

Take charge of your
brands future

Don’t underestimate the power of social media marketing. For the vast majority of brands looking to boost engagement amongst modern consumers, you can’t go wrong with investing your marketing budget in these platforms. With 90% of all marketers believing their social media advertising efforts significantly increase visibility for their clients, First Page Australia has the skills to reach a highly specific audience and convince them to choose your brand over the competition.

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