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Reviews are the foundation of reputation. Reviews are the foundation of reputation.

Reviews are the Foundation of Reputation

Online customer reviews are essential for crafting a strong reputation. With online feedback featuring prominently in search results for businesses across the spectrum, it's paramount that yours mirror the unique strengths of your company. An impressive 70% of customers are willing to review a business when asked. How do you achieve this? With AMPLIFY, it's straightforward.

You'll have a unified platform at your disposal, designed to streamline the process of garnering and managing genuine customer reviews. Customised to your exact requirements, AMPLIFY can be integrated seamlessly to automatically forward review requests to your customers. Without any unnecessary steps, you'll offer your customers a simplified review system that's user-friendly, accessible, and straightforward.

Reviews are the foundation of reputation.

How it works

Amplify - How it works: Stage 1
Dispatch review invitations

Dispatch review invites through email, text messages, or utilise your system with the exclusive AMPLIFY page option.

Amplify - How it works: Stage 2
Solicit a rating

Invitees are directed to a page where they can assign a star rating to your business.

Amplify - How it works: Stage 3
Divert negative ratings

Ratings that fall below your chosen star cut-off will receive a confidential feedback form.

Amplify - How it works: Stage 4å
Prompt positive ratings for public testimonials

Ratings that exceed your chosen star cut-off are invited to leave a public review on your feedback platform.

Amplify Testimonials Amplify Testimonials
The more 5 star reviews, the more business The more 5 star reviews, the more business

The more 5-star reviews, the more business.

With AMPLIFY, you can enhance your business's reputation and draw in more customers. 93% of local consumers depend on online reviews to assess local businesses, making the gathering of positive feedback essential. AMPLIFY not only encourages customers to leave reviews but also provides you with a detailed snapshot of your brand's overall standing via a white-labelled monthly report. Armed with crucial statistics and supplementary data, you can devise a strategy tailored to your business's specific needs. Don't wait for extreme experiences to generate reviews; utilise AMPLIFY to collect superior reviews more regularly.
Highly adapatable Highly adapatable

Highly adaptable

Customising the AMPLIFY platform to meet your business requirements is key to its efficacy and success. Research reveals that personalised and pertinent communication is vital for enhancing online reputation. By adjusting the branding, text messages and email messages, email templates, timing, review rating cut-offs, and review platforms, businesses can ensure their feedback campaign aligns with their unique requirements and preferences. This can lead to increased response rates, more positive reviews, and bolstered customer loyalty. Furthermore, customising the platform enables businesses to concentrate on the review platforms most relevant to their sector, enhancing campaign effectiveness.

Highly adapatable
of online shoppers rely on reviews
to inform their buying decisions.
of consumers will specifically investigate Google reviews
prior to visiting a business.
of searchers will steer clear of
businesses with negative reviews.

Everything you need to accrue more positive reviews

Supported Platforms

AMPLIFY is compatible with platforms such as Google My Business, Google Maps, Tripadvisor, Glassdoor, Product Review and many others. You can also add custom platforms or request additional review platforms from us.

Managing Complaints

Divert negative feedback and rectify issues before they go public on your review platform from within the AMPLIFY platform.

Email Modification

Tailor your email according to your brand, your desired message and the timing of its dispatch. You can also customise your follow-up email.

Insightful Dashboard

Monitor your campaign's performance in real-time. You can view the number of page views, number of ratings, average ratings, complaints intercepted, performance over time, and much more.

Contact Administration

Add contacts via CSV, add them individually, or utilise our BCC email feature to add them automatically. Manage, control and observe contact interaction.

Responses and Reviews

Create a dialogue with your customers and manage responses to reviews, creating a positive interaction and encouraging future engagement.

Start securing the ratings your
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