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As one of the fastest growing consumer markets in the world, capturing Chinese audiences is essential for any business looking to drive rapid expansion.

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With 730 million users and counting, China is the largest online market in the world. In e-commerce around a decade ago, China accounted for less than 1 percent of worldwide transaction values. Today, it sits at over 40 percent.

Our in-house SEO team are experts when it comes to tapping into the Chinese market. Whether you're local or international, we're confident that we can get you results that last.

Dramatically improve your visibility

For brands that truly want to dominate the globe, finding a way to reach the Chinese marketplace is hugely important. With the nation’s combined annual e-commerce sales amounting to almost USD $2 trillion – more than three times greater than the American market – it’s no wonder so many brands are focusing their digital marketing efforts on this part of the world.

But for companies that are unfamiliar with the region, it can be a complicated process to establish your operation and successfully compete in this hotly contested marketplace. First Page Australia’s renowned team has a wealth of experience when it comes to reaching the Chinese market, with our targeted SEO campaigns helping both local and international companies reach this highly prized customer base.

Dominate your local marketplace

As Australia is home to more than 650,000 Chinese-born people, if your products and services appeal to this specific target market, First Page Australia can develop a robust campaign that gains their attention. Supported by our detailed approach to SEO, our carefully researched local search phrases and location-based keywords ensure your local business climbs the search engine results pages and overtakes your key competitors.

As part of this process, we ensure our clients benefit from a highly optimised Google My Business listing. This verification method means your customers won’t have any problem finding your business when they conduct a relevant search. Alongside your precise address and contact details, potential customers will also be presented with high-quality images and Google Reviews that highlight what makes your business special.

Speak your customers’ language

With Chinese customers representing over half of global e-commerce sales, your brand must communicate in a way that’s understood by this lucrative target market. As research tells us that 75% of online shoppers prefer to purchase products that have descriptions in their native language, following suit with your own product range is one way to significantly improve your market penetration and conversion rate.

Fortunately, First Page Australia has a highly experienced multilingual team that can deliver engaging campaigns across English, Mandarin and Cantonese. Whether you’re looking to produce compelling storytelling or want to communicate the nitty-gritty details of your complex products, our team members can craft a comprehensive strategy that native Chinese customers will fully understand and appreciate.

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Chinese Marketing FAQ's

🇨🇳 What Is Chinese SEO?
Launching overseas revenue streams is almost always going to be a profitable decision for companies based in Australia. But this is especially true if your company’s products and services can breakthrough into the Chinese marketplace. A personalised Chinese SEO campaign from First Page Australia will ensure your business reaches its ideal customers and communicates effectively.
💭 How Can Companies Use SEO To Reach Chinese Customers?
Research has shown that converting customers is much easier when you communicate in their native language. A professional Chinese SEO agency like First Page Australia will produce precise, culturally sensitive translations of your product and service pages to ensure your company resonates with Chinese customers. Using data-driven and location-based SEO techniques, we specialise in reaching international consumers, as well as the 650,000 Chinese-born people living in Australia.
🐼 What Are The Benefits of Chinese SEO?
There are no two ways about it – the Chinese market is incredibly lucrative for basically every kind of business. With the nation’s annual e-commerce sales totalling an estimated USD $2 trillion, finding a way to attract even a tiny percentage could skyrocket your company’s success. By teaming up with First Page Australia, you’ll have a highly experienced Chinese SEO agency guiding your marketing campaign.
🏦 How Do I Choose A Chinese SEO Agency?
Joining forces with the perfect Chinese SEO agency is incredibly important. You need a trustworthy team that’s not only exceedingly familiar with the Chinese e-commerce landscape, but also has a proven track record of leading SEO campaigns that achieve their clients’ goals. First Page Australia offers all these attributes and more as we’ve helped our clients lead remarkably successful SEO campaigns in both Mandarin and Cantonese.

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