Attract your ideal
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Attract your ideal target market

Whether you’re looking to expand operations on the ground in China or simply want to attract international e-commerce customers, your business needs a comprehensive plan to climb Baidu’s search engine results pages.

Featuring an estimated 200 million daily users totalling up to 80% of the region’s search engine market, an eye-catching Baidu SEO campaign can deliver unparalleled results for budding brands.

As more companies from around the globe expand into China, your business is going to need professional help to stand out within Baidu’s search results.

First Page Australia’s award-winning team has made it our business to help companies expand into China and beyond, with our multilingual team able to implement a precise approach that achieves your business goals.

Understand Baidu
and grow

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Understand Baidu and grow

Although your business might have previously experienced success with a targeted Google, Bing or Yahoo campaign, taking the same approach to attract customers using Baidu would be a mistake.

Naturally, there are a myriad of norms brands need to abide by if they are going to successfully convert consumers, ranging from language and cultural nuances to customer habits and legal issues. With expert help from First Page Australia, we can accomplish your goals.

As Baidu is based entirely around Chinese content, ensuring your brand communicates in a way that Chinese consumers understand is imperative to success. Although foreign content is crawled by Baidu’s algorithms, with the vast majority of users based in China, this content typically ranks poorly.

Luckily, our dedicated team can create Chinese SEO content that dominates the SERP.

Make Baidu SEO work to your advantage

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Make Baidu SEO work to your advantage

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It’s no secret that China is now the world’s leading nation for e-commerce. With annual online shopping sales recently surpassing USD $2 trillion, developing a Baidu SEO campaign that captures your target market can be hugely profitable.

Our professional team has an in-depth understanding of SEO marketing techniques that produce exceptional results on Baidu, as we use the platform’s unique optimisation requirements to your brand’s advantage.

No matter what kind of product or service you offer, First Page Australia can generate a robust strategy that climbs Baidu’s SERP.

As our expert digital marketers build powerful campaigns around localised backlink profiles, optimised image results and regularly updated Chinese content, we can skyrocket your brand’s visibility, organic traffic and profits derived from Baidu.

Think globally with
Baidu SEO

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Think globally with
Baidu SEO

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As China’s domination of the global e-commerce marketplace isn’t going to stop anytime soon, expanding your reach on Baidu should be at the top of your priorities if you’re looking to attract Chinese customers.

But with the platform having plenty of challenges to overcome on your path to success, working alongside an experienced team is the best way to achieve your goals.

First Page Australia’s global SEO team knows what it takes to push your website up the rankings and ensure relevant Chinese customers become highly aware of your products and services.

With our ability to navigate Baidu’s unique requirements and our team’s high-quality Chinese content creation, we can deliver unparalleled results for your business. Contact us to find out how Baidu SEO will boost your reach in the Chinese marketplace.

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Baidu SEO Agency


Baidu is easily the most popular search engine for Chinese customers. Featuring over 200 million daily users, it functions in many of the same ways as Google, but offers a far greater understanding of China's language and culture. For companies who want to significantly expand their potential in the highly lucrative Chinese marketplace, growing your reach with extensive Baidu SEO services is essential.

The cost of a tailored Baidu SEO campaign will depend on a range of factors, including a company's objectives, target market, industry and budget. But implementing a successful Baidu SEO strategy has the power to skyrocket your company’s success to unimaginable heights. With the Chinese e-commerce marketplace reaching USD $2 trillion annually, attracting and converting this valuable audience is incredibly profitable.

As Baidu captures 80% of the Chinese search engine market, undertaking a strategy that boosts your SERP ranking attracts massive organic traffic and conversions from the region. But understanding this enormous marketplace is an incredibly complex process that requires expert help. As a leading Baidu SEO agency, our digital marketing company can plan and execute comprehensive campaigns featuring keyword research, localised content and link building techniques.

Choosing an agency to lead your Baidu SEO campaign isn’t a decision you should take lightly. With the Chinese e-commerce market having the ability to make or break your company’s ongoing success, having an experienced team guide your strategy is a smart choice. First Page Australia has led incredibly effective Baidu SEO strategies for many of Australia’s leading e-commerce brands, helping them expand into China and carve out a piece of the market for themselves.

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