How to Choose the Right SEO Agency

As businesses work hard to find their feet in the wake of COVID-19, SEO is proving to be a super useful tool. Business owners are quickly discovering that a smart digital marketing agency can use SEO to generate a huge spike in traffic, conversions and sales. 

But the SEO process requires heavy involvement to ensure your business rockets up the search engine results page. So choosing an SEO agency with the skill and dedication to design and implement a productive campaign is vital to your success. 

You don’t want to simply choose the first SEO agency you come across. Instead, take a considered approach that ensures you identify the best team for your needs.


Here, we outline some of the most important factors to consider when you want to use the power of SEO to boost engagement and surpass your sales targets!

1. Determine Your SEO Objectives

No two campaigns are the same when it comes to developing an effective approach to SEO. This is why your organisation needs to have a detailed understanding of what it hopes to achieve from an optimisation strategy. 

While you don’t have to be an expert on the ins and outs of SEO, it will undoubtedly streamline the process if you point an SEO agency directly to parts of your web presence that lack optimisation.

With your precise SEO goals impacting whether an SEO team can satisfy your demands, approaching an agency with a clear objective in mind is a quick way to cross names off your list of potential partners. 

For example, you can find out whether an agency can get your business ranking for specific keywords or how they’ll go about reducing your bounce rate by attracting increasingly relevant customers to your website.

While it might be daunting to discuss your demands with a team of experts, having a reasonably accurate set of expectations is the ideal way to embark on a new campaign with a flying start.

2. Ask About Techniques and Reporting Frequency

Depending on your goals, SEO specialists will generate a campaign based on the services they believe will achieve your objective. 

This could be a wide-ranging strategy or involve some select techniques, but you should always query an agency about how they will use your budget to reach your target and generate a first-class ROI. 


Whether your SEO campaign requires keyword-driven content marketing, a personalised backlink strategy or technical adjustments like faster loading times, ensuring your agency uses the right techniques is essential.

At the same time, you also want to make sure that your SEO partner isn’t using any so-called ‘blackhat’ techniques. Ranging from keyword stuffing and article spinning to low-quality content, these can potentially lead to incredibly damaging Google penalties.

Google’s penalties can see your website deindexed from the search engine entirely. While these unethical strategies aren’t as common as they once were, it pays to check that an SEO agency isn’t setting your business up for a costly mistake before signing the contract.

Alongside the strategies used to generate success for your organisation, it’s also useful to know how and when an agency will report its progress to you. Unless you already have the complex knowledge and tools to keep tabs on yourself, there’s a good chance you won’t understand how your campaign is advancing unless the agency provides regular updates themselves. 

The metrics that matter most to your business will depend on your goals, but you can ask for analytical reports that explain how your rank is improving and whether your campaign is sufficiently on track for success.

3. Research Their Experience and Reputation

SEO services can quickly become hugely complicated, so working alongside an agency with a vast amount of experience in the industry is the best possible choice. 

It’s always a smart idea to partner with a team that has worked with clients from a similar background to your own. This means the agency already understands what makes your sector different from everything else. As they get to know your business, this should ensure your campaign is targeted more accurately from the beginning. 

With new SEO agencies constantly appearing, it can be hard to know who to trust. This is why you should always consider the reputation of a business before confirming your partnership on paper. Testimonials are always a great place to start, as they provide clear insight into the strengths of an agency that will hopefully translate into your campaign.

There’s also the likes of Google Reviews and industry-specific outlets like Clutch, which is dedicated to reviewing digital marketing agencies across the spectrum.

4. Establish Clear Communication

Like most things in life, clear communication is hugely beneficial when working alongside an SEO agency. 

With a team that’s willing to work closely with your organisation to listen to your concerns and shoot towards your goals, you will have more confidence that they are putting your investment to good use.

Rather than signing up with the first agency that claims they can achieve your targets, spend the time and energy researching your options, asking for recommendations and taking an initial meeting with your top choices.


With an SEO agency that is happy to chat about your concerns and outline how they will spend your cash, you won’t be spending your days thinking about whether your money would have been better used elsewhere.

If you discover an agency is difficult to contact or unwilling to address questions, you might want to look elsewhere rather than getting involved with a disinterested organisation.

Conclusion: First Page – the SEO Agency to Trust

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