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With pay-per-click (PPC) advertising serving as one of the most common techniques brands use to reach their ideal target market, Google Ads is the platform choice to achieve outstanding results. With Google Ads encompassing a range of digital marketing techniques, ranging from search and display ads to remarketing campaigns, your brand will have a wealth of tools at its disposal to achieve its goals.

First Page Australia’s leading team has unmatched experience building productive Google Ads campaigns. As a successful approach utilises precise customer data to target your campaign, we have the skills to reach your audience when they conduct a relevant search. Best of all, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, ensuring your business benefits from a first-rate ROI.

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If your business is looking to kickstart a powerful display advertising plan, it has to be using Google Ads to achieve the best results. With the Google Display Network reaching approximately 90% of global internet users, your business will showcase its products and services across the full spectrum of websites, including Gmail, YouTube and other popular services.

While you can attempt to lead your own display marketing campaign, it can be a time-consuming and costly mistake if you don’t understand how to effectively target your ads. Our expert team will delve into your brand’s analytics to pinpoint users based on their age, gender, location and salary, alongside a host of other factors. By attracting consumers who are most interested in your brand, you can skyrocket your conversion rate.

Capitalise on Google shopping and remarketing

In recent years, Google Shopping has emerged as a top-notch advertising avenue for e-commerce businesses. With brands able to display ads and have customers directed to their own external websites, Google Shopping has become a great resource for businesses looking to boost traffic and conversions. Backed by plenty of options to control your return on ad spend, we can help you develop a rewarding Google Shopping strategy.

Remarketing is used by digital marketing experts to keep track of potential customers who visit your website but fail to buy anything. By monitoring this information, you can present ads to this segmented audience as they move around the internet in an effort to encourage them to complete their purchase. With retargeted ads offering up to 70% higher conversions compared to standard ads, these campaigns can be hugely profitable.

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Ready to take the performance of your PPC campaign to the next level? Let First Page Australia’s renowned team take charge of your Google Ads strategy and achieve a remarkable ROI. Having partnered with over 1,700 clients around the world, we know what it takes to lead a productive campaign from start-to-finish whether you’re looking to drive impressions, traffic or sales.

Don’t waste valuable time and money by attempting to lead an ineffective campaign on your own. Choose to work alongside a highly respected agency like First Page Australia to see results as fast as 24 hours. With our data-driven approach to targeted advertising and a picture-perfect understanding of your ideal customer base, we can deliver an exceptional Google Ads campaign.

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