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First Page Google Display Ads First Page Google Display Ads

Remarket your products to people who have previously visited your site to see a massive boost in sales

First Page Google Display Ads

Google Display Ads are criminally underrated.


Because few other ad platforms are so robust, so visual, and also offer powerful remarketing options the way that Google Display Ads do.

These ads allow you to tell your brand’s story, and create a customer journey that is fully optimised for leads and conversions.

The visual components of Google Display Ads are truly unique, and give you the ability to showcase your business around the world and transform random internet browsers into superfans of your brand.

Whether you are looking to advertise on YouTube, Gmail, mobile apps, games, or specific types of websites - Google Display Ads will shock you with how targeted, and effective, they can be.

Here are some shocking statistics about the Google Display Ads network

  • Your Google Display Ads will be able to reach 90% of global internet users
  • 84% of marketers use display ads
  • Google Display ads are most effective in the 25-44 age group
  • You can cross-target, allowing you to create a more effective funnel and reach more potential buyers

All of this makes it undeniable - Google Display Ads are a worthwhile investment for Ecommerce businesses, client-based businesses, and everything in between.

The Google Display network is the largest in the world, with a 90% reach across all internet users. Are you advertising? The Google Display network is the largest in the world, with a 90% reach across all internet users. Are you advertising?

The Google Display network is the largest in the world, with a 90% reach across all internet users. Are you advertising?

In our 10+ years running Google Display Ads, we have given our clients a ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) that few competitors can match.

What’s our secret?

Over a decade’s worth of experience. We have tested Google Display Ads relentlessly, which means that we know exactly what works, and what’s a waste of time (and money).

This means that we will be able to deliver you astonishing results, within your budget, in record time.

If you are ready to increase your sales, grow your brand, and work with the best Google Ads agency in the hemisphere, click the button below to speak with one of our Digital Strategists.

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Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
Joe and his team have been very helpful in managing our Facebook page - including the design of our logo, cover photo, content of posts and responses to followers. First Page is a professional and responsive team which I would recommend.
Whitney Tso
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
Good service and very responsible. A special thanks to Clarkson, our SEO Specialist. She is very helpful and always gives her full attention to our results. This means we can keep our high ranking on Google. Thanks so much.
Alexandro Chung
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
Thanks to First Page, our consultant business is becoming known by more and more customers. The team and the company are very professional and responsible. Most importantly, my SEO ranking has continuously improved since I joined the company.
Emet Sandy
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
First Page over delivered! We’ve seen a 230% increase in our website traffic and a 400% increase in our online enquirers. Now we are now aiming for a 500% increase in traffic by next year. Thanks!
Boris Tselniker
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
With a dedicated team, First Page has managed to increase exposure to our websites with their premier search engine optimisation services. Thank you!
Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars Five Stars
Carl and Bingming were professional, responsive and very knowledgeable. It's been a pleasure working with them. I would definitely recommend First Page to anyone who needs help with all things Digital Marketing!
Ricky Chandra

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Google Display Ads Agency


There are numerous ways to advertise using Google Ads, with Google Display being just one ad format that helps businesses reach and convert their target market. Based on the Google Display Network, which has the power to reach over two million websites and 90% of internet users, these highly visual ads can appear across everything from news websites and blogs to Gmail and YouTube. If your brand is looking to promote a wonderfully aesthetic product or service – like clothing, travel deals or adventure activities – display ads can capture unbelievable attention.

Businesses using online advertising for the first time often get confused about the differences between search vs display ads. The key distinction is that search ads will only appear on the search engine results page, while display ads can appear in millions of locations around the internet. In addition, search ads only appear to users searching for a specific type of product, while display ads capture attention based on diverse targeting parameters. Alongside powerful remarketing campaigns, Google display ads can be hugely productive for brands operating at every scale.

Google search ads and Google display ads have several significant differences that could make one option the better choice for your brand. This decision is largely based on your long-term goals, with a strong campaign looking to identify whether intent-driven vs awareness is the right way forward. With search advertising effective at reaching consumers further along the buyer journey, these ads are great for converting customers who want to buy shortly.

While display advertising can also convert these customers, this format is ideal for generating brand awareness. This is because the highly visual nature allows you to showcase the aesthetic qualities of your products or services. With display advertising aimed at customers towards the top of the marketing funnel, this kind of advertising can push consumers towards making a purchase as they get to know your brand and its credentials. When deciding between search advertising and display advertising, consider the push vs pull intention that sets these ad formats apart.

Online advertising has become critical for brands looking to reach their target market and generate sales. But with so much competition existing online, you need to ensure you develop an optimised campaign that achieves your goals. If your business wants to instantly get in front of your target market, Google display ads are a top-notch strategy as they can be carefully targeted to your precise customer base. By ensuring your ads appear when your audience hangs out online, you can drive more engagement with your business.

Google display ads are also particularly effective for brands that produce visual products that benefit from showcasing vibrant colours and dynamic imagery. By using photography and custom graphics to highlight how your clothes look on a model or the collaborative qualities of your software, you can build awareness and convince potential customers to take action. Meanwhile, Google Ads makes it easy to forecast the performance of your campaign, so you can keep close tabs on your success.

Google Ads is divided into two networks known as the Google Search Network and the Google Display Network (GDN). The latter has a truly staggering reach for where your display advertising can appear around the internet. Featuring more than two million websites that reach an estimated 90% of all internet users, your display ads have the potential to reach your consumers on any one of these sites. This also includes hugely popular Google search sites, such as YouTube, Gmail and Google Finance.

If you decide to launch a new Google display advertising campaign, the default ad format is responsive display ads. By uploading your advertisement in various sizes, this sees the GDN identify suitable spaces on websites around the internet that are visited by your customer base. Whether that’s a news website or a specific blogger, you can capture outstanding attention based on their interests. Meanwhile, the topic targeting feature sees the GDN expand your reach by placing ads on websites about related topics that your target market also cares about.

If you’re thinking about starting a display advertising campaign, it won’t take long to realise the variety of targeting options that allow you to reach your target market. In-market targeting is highly effective for brands looking to reach consumers interested in a specific topic, such as fitness, real estate or fashion. You can also target your campaign based on placement targeting, which lets you identify certain websites that your ideal customers use frequently.

By allowing the Google Display Network to target consumers based on related topics to your products and services, you can quickly expand your reach and attract fresh customers. Alongside these and several other methods, you can also use optimised targeting to focus your display advertising campaign on the right people. For instance, you can exclude specific categories and audience types to ensure your budget is only spent on people who have a distinct interest in your brand.

There are two ways to upload Google display ads to the platform that requires different things from your brand. The first is where you upload your own ads and take full responsibility for the design specifications. While this can be effective for companies with specific goals, this limits your ability to advertise on some websites due to size restrictions. If you decide to go this route, you must produce ads in a range of shapes and sizes, with the most common including:

  • Half-page or Large Skyscraper Ad: 300 x 600 pixels
  • Medium Rectangle Ad: 300 x 250 pixels
  • Large Mobile Banner: 320 x 100 pixels
  • Leaderboard Ad: 728 x 90 pixels

However, brands can also make the most of Google’s simplified approach, known as responsive display ads. This is where Google Ads takes your business name, logo, visual imagery and ad copy to produce several versions of your advertisement for you. As these ads automatically respond to the varied requirements of websites across the internet, your ads will appear in far wider locations than the standard upload option.

Starting a Google display advertising campaign is an exciting time, but you want to make sure you get everything organised correctly from the beginning. The first thing you have to do is select a goal for your campaign, ranging from sales and leads to website traffic. Then, you have to choose the ad format and decide which devices you want to show up on. Plus, brands can select a Google Smart Display Campaign to automate their targeting and bidding. However, it’s particularly important to identify the perfect target market from the outset of your strategy.

This involves understanding the kind of people who care most about your products and services, including age, gender, location and interests. Your Google display ad bid strategy is also critical to your success, with several options intended for different campaign goals. After you create responsive display ads or upload your own, set up conversion tracking to receive insightful data on how consumers interact with your marketing.

The cost of Google display ads will be different for every campaign, as there’s a myriad of factors that go into determining the best way to reach your target market. With customer demographics, different industries and keyword selection impacting how much a brand can expect to pay, the budget required to achieve your goals is constantly changing. However, Google display ads are consistently cost-effective, with the average cost-per-click estimated at less than $1.

One of the most defining features of your campaign’s cost is the bid strategy selected. You may choose to bid based on cost per impression (CPM), which will help your brand generate awareness and grow its reputation. However, a cost-per-conversion strategy is optimised to achieve a certain number of sales for a specific target price. Alongside First Page's detailed PPC management services, we can help your business reach its objectives for an outstanding ROI.

Although most display advertising campaigns are dedicated to achieving the most clicks possible, there are numerous other positive aspects to consider. This is where the impression reporting feature within the Google Display Network comes into play. By having the ability to measure the impact of unclicked display advertising, you can keep track of customers returning to your website after viewing an ad, even if that action doesn’t take place immediately. Before this feature was added, it was difficult to measure the influence that display advertising had on brand awareness.

As some consumers might not convert for weeks, impression reporting informs you about how many of your display advertisements buyers have come across previously, even if they never clicked on one. This helps brands develop a deeper understanding of their display advertising performance across several online channels. With the Multi-Channel Funnels report highlighting these conversion paths within Google Analytics, this data will fill in the gaps about how conversions were achieved and what steps will enhance your sales funnel.

Display advertising has the potential to be life-changing for your business. But you need to design effective display ads that communicate the unique qualities of your products and capitalise on the desires of your target market. If you’re ready to start creating your display ads, four key elements must be organised successfully, including company name, value proposition, visuals and a call-to-action button. These must be combined with eye-catching colours and sharp typography without leaving potential buyers confused. With the right approach, your carefully tailored creative will help drive your business goals.

Alongside the design of your display ads, you must also focus on generating optimised landing pages that reflect the same message. With your advertising increasing brand awareness and consumer interest, you can push customers further along the buyer journey when they arrive on your landing page. By aligning your ad copy and including high-quality imagery, you can convince people to complete their purchase. Use the ability to A/B test various versions of your display ads to analyse which ones best achieve your objectives.

How can Google Display Ads Benefit your Business?

Google display ads have become widespread across the internet, but they can still deliver exceptional results when targeted effectively. By having a detailed understanding of your customer base, you can drive brand awareness with display ads that respond to their needs and desires. Alongside cutting-edge techniques like dynamic creative to generate expressive brand stories and rich media that brings your ads to life, display advertising can deliver superior returns for your business.

A targeted Google Display campaign is also perfect for re-engaging consumers who care about your products and services. Even if they decide not to purchase immediately, you can use remarketing lists to reach out again and convince someone that you can provide what they need. Plus, brands can keep track of their impression reporting to see how their budget generates huge upsides outside of their click-through rate. Partner with a leading agency like First Page to discover just how powerful Google display ads can be.

Google display ads are remarkably effective for e-commerce businesses. As you’re naturally looking for customers browsing for products online, this highly visual ad format can help you showcase the best aspects of your products and convince users to check out your business. By reaching your target market in relevant online locations, ranging from industry-specific news websites to YouTube videos, you can ensure you communicate the perfect message to the right people.

Part of what makes Google display ads so rewarding is how they can be targeted at in-market audiences. This technique means you can attract consumers who are actively searching for a product or service that you offer. With the display advertising algorithm considering the actions of specific users, such as previous ads clicked, it can identify those who have the highest chance of caring about your message. By leveraging this system to your advantage, you can drive highly-qualified users straight to your online store.

Every business wants to generate the best possible click-through rate (CTR), but it’s important to have realistic expectations when establishing a new campaign. The optimal CTR varies by industry significantly, with the average benchmark ranging between 0.4 - 1%. So what industries deliver a superior CTR? The likes of real estate and dating are considered some of the top-performing sectors, with the emotional ad copy at the heart of these activities helping to produce huge returns.

However, it’s possible to experience a CTR that rises above and beyond the competition with the right approach. Audience targeting is perhaps the most essential factor. By understanding your target market and knowing how to reach them, you can attract engaged consumers and convince them to click. Alongside top-notch creative that resonates with your customer base and the clever exclusion of certain topics and audiences, you can ensure your campaign only reaches the most engaged people.

Every business wants to experience a world-class ROI when embarking on any kind of digital marketing campaign. This is especially true when it comes to Google display advertising as a personalised strategy has the potential to skyrocket your company’s success when planned and implemented properly. However, small businesses undoubtedly have less margin for error, so they must choose a team they trust to use their budget productively. Fortunately, the experts at First Page deliver unmatched ROI for display advertising campaigns daily.

Ultimately, brands must optimise campaign performance across every aspect of display advertising to ensure they hit their targets. Our expert team will get to know your ideal audience and craft compelling messages that capture their attention. Meanwhile, we know how to get the most out of Google Ads' most powerful features to ensure we outpace your competition. As we develop KPIs that enable you to analyse our ongoing performance, you'll quickly realise why we're recognised as Australia's top digital marketing agency.

Many companies believe they have to choose between search and display ads when kickstarting their online advertising strategy. But the reality is that these two approaches can work in unison to ensure you’re capturing the greatest amount of attention and conversions from your target market. While search ads are excellent for gaining clicks from customers further down the marketing funnel, brands that use this advertising method alone aren’t reaching a significant chunk of their target market.

However, display advertising based on the Google Display Network can appear on more than two million websites, including massive platforms like YouTube and Gmail. This means you can reach more potential customers in a wider variety of places around the internet. In fact, running search and display advertising simultaneously ensures your brand experiences the advantages of both campaigns, leading to a surge in website traffic and conversions from consumers at various stages of the buyer journey.

Google display advertisements start delivering brand awareness, leads and conversions from the moment you launch your campaign. But it often takes around three months for your display ads strategy to flourish into something special. Why? Because it takes time to collect the data needed to turn a trickle of leads into a full-blown flood. As Google is constantly assessing the performance of your campaign, over time, the algorithm will get to know your campaign and increase visibility as its quality and usefulness for users is confirmed.

If you partner with a leading digital marketing agency like First Page, we'll keep an incredibly close eye on your campaign’s performance around the clock. As we track and assess how your strategy is delivering impressions, clicks and conversions, we can fine-tune our approach on the fly to ensure your results are constantly improving. Alongside keyword research, audience targeting and bid strategy optimisations, achieving your strategy’s maximum potential is made possible when it's in our hands.

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