Why we're marriage material


We pay VERY well

It’s simple! To work with the best, you have to pay for it! On top of all the perks, we pay extremely well.


Upskill yourself on us!

In our group of agencies, we offer everything from marketing, metaverse/nft consulting, reputation management, software development and more. We’ll teach you new skills that will change your life.


Unbeatable company culture

We are obsessed with creating an energetic, interesting, and fun, yet highly productive company culture.


Access the best in the biz

Gain access to the best digital minds globally through our global training program.


Perks galore

Who doesn’t have a great perk from international travel, working from home, health retreat vouchers, weekly grazing tables and gourmet lunches. Tip of the iceberg.


Global footprint = global opportunities

With offices around the world in Panama, Brazil, Dubai, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, USA and Australia, we’re one of the fastest-growing digital marketing agencies in the world, and with great growth comes great opportunity.

What kinds of candidates we look for


Love making a difference

Down to earth

Big on personal growth

Love learning & challenging yourself


Our open roles - we dare you to take a look

Our values

Whoever moves the fastest, wins

Do things today, not tomorrow.

Fanatical about the details

Consistently nailing the 1%’ers helps us change the game.

In the trenches together

We’re all working towards the one mission. We’re all here to get the job done.

It’s an open forum

Always speak your mind, just don’t be a d#%k when you do.

Specialists, not generalists

We don’t pretend to know everything, but what we do know we do exceptionally well.

Who loves a good perk? We do!

Here is a sample of just some of the perks First Page team members can access.

Huge array of events 🎉
Not going to lie, we love a good party!

Amazing gourmet grazing tables 🧀
and catered lunches

Health retreat holiday 🌿

Monthly training sessions
with our global leaders 🌟

Hybrid work environment 💼

Nintendo Switches 🎮 with all the latest and most popular games and a ping pong table 🏓

Extensive bar full of alcoholic
and nonalcoholic beverages 🍻

Plus a whole lot more!

Huge array of events
Not going to lie, we love a good party!

Amazing gourmet
grazing tables
and catered lunches

Health retreat holiday

Monthly training
sessions with our
global leaders

Hybrid Work

Nintendo Switches with all
the latest
most, popular games and a ping pong table

Extensive bar full of alcoholic
and non-alcoholic beverages

Plus a whole lot more!

What working with us looks like

First Page
First Page
First Page

Your global performance marketing partner that
answers to its clients, not its shareholders.

First Page First Page
First Page

From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, we work with brands to grow their revenue.

We work with great brands of all sizes We work with great brands of all sizes
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Don't fit into any role
and still want to

Submit your resume and
we will get back to you


    Wondering how to apply to become part of the awesome team at First Page? We make sure to be as upfront and transparent about absolutely everything we do here, so here’s the typical recruitment process at First Page laid out for you step by step:

    1. Find one of our job ads and start to feel a tingle of excitement and anticipation.
    2. Make sure your CV is up to date, write up a short but very sweet cover letter and send them both through to us.
    3. If our HR crew like your style and see potential, they’ll get in touch with you for an initial chat over a call.
    4. After impressing them on the phone, you’ll come into the office to catch up with a team leader and GM to learn more about you and what you can bring to the table at First Page.
    5. We’ll invite you in for a (PAID) trial day where you’ll meet your potential future team, do a little bit of work and experience the day-to-day of the office for yourself.
    6. As soon as it becomes obvious we’re a match made in heaven - for both parties - we’ll offer you the position!

    Whether it’s a job applicant, a client or someone who’s sent through an online enquiry requesting a call back, we hate keeping people waiting and strive to respond as fast as we possibly can.

    Having said that, we do receive a substantial number of applications every day and as such, we’re only able to get back to the candidates we’d like to take to the next stage of the application process.

    Which means if we’ve not provided you with a response 2-3 days after sending through your CV and cover letter, unfortunately you’ve likely not been selected to move to the next step.

    If this happens to you, don’t let it stop you from re-applying down the track. At First Page we’re constantly evolving and growing, and you may find that while you might’ve not been right at one stage, you are in the future.

    We also have a wide variety of roles available, so while one role might not work another will! From account managers and CRO specialists to content writers, graphic designers, digital sales strategists and more, you can find the perfect job to suit your skill set.



    We understand that it’s pretty ridiculous to have people write out a long-winded cover letter that basically just mirrors all of the information that can be easily found in your CV.

    Which is why we’re not expecting a novella-length cover letter. Instead, put something relatively short in length together that’s attention-grabbing - something that will pique our interest and make us go ‘Holy crap, we gotta call this person!’.

    We’ve had a few fun examples here so far:

    Because he was sending his application through just before International Talk Like A Pirate Day, one of our SEO specialists actually wrote his entire cover letter as if he were a pirate.

    A prospective account manager wrote her cover letter in the form of a recipe, with ingredients including ‘1 ½ cups of fantastic communication skills’ and ‘3 heaped tablespoons of hilarity’.

    The bottom line here, folks, is to make it interesting - let your imagination lead the way and create something unique for us.

    Again, BUT…

    If you don’t fancy yourself as a ‘creative’, that’s absolutely fine too - just put something together that highlights your biggest wins. We love to read about how people have changed things for the better when working in previous roles, too!

    Direct mental telepathy is absolutely far and away the fastest method of contacting our recruitment crew.

    If you don’t have that ability, that’s alright, alright, alright (though it’d be a lot cooler if you did). Instead, you can just call First Page on 1300 479 226 and ask our very awesome receptionist to be put through to the also very awesome careers team here.

    But if you’re pressed for time and would like one of the careers team to call you back at a time that’s suitable for you (especially if you’re at the job you’re planning to leave to join us!), you can send us an online enquiry. Just remember to write when the best time to phone you would be and we’ll do our darndest to hit you up at the time you’ve requested.

    You’re bound to love working at First Page. We pride ourselves in offering heaps of massive perks to our staff, including some of the hottest salaries going around, ongoing upskilling opportunities and a global training program for your professional development, WFH arrangements and much, much more.

    So don’t hesitate - check out our latest job opportunities today and if you find something that’s suitable put in your application!

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