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What NFTs are

What NFTs are

What NFTs are

If you’re a little in the dark as to what NFTs actually are, let’s break things down to clarify it all before we get into what goes into successful NFT marketing strategies. Short for Non-Fungible Token, an NFT is a one-of-a-kind (aka non-fungible) digital asset which often represents something else.

For example, buying a real-world piece of art may now come with its NFT equivalent to prove ownership. There may also be exclusive benefits for the NFT owner, such as access to private concerts or events, early access to purchase new real-world products, and much more.

NFTs can come in a wide variety of different formats, including:

Digital artwork

This format is far and away the most popular of all file types, and includes super-famous collections such as CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) avatars, many of which well-known celebrities own.


A lot of musical artists have realised how much more money they can make marketing their art as NFTs, as opposed to the very low percentages they make via music streaming.

In-game items

There are more and more in-game items, characters and skins entering the fold as NFTs these days.


The original creators of popular memes have jumped on the NFT bandwagon, and some are seeing incredible sales figures.

One example is Nyan Cat which went for just under USD$600k.

Domain names

Registering a sought-after domain name and selling it used to mean the requirement of a third party (who took a commission), but this is no longer the case when selling it as an NFT.

Fashion items

You can now buy virtual, one-off fashion items which your digital avatar can wear.

Just one example is the virtual Gucci bag which sold for USD$4k – more than the real-life bag of the same design!

Sporting moments

The rise and rise of NBA Top Shot is sure to pave the way for several other sports to take the same route – offering collectors ownership of stills and short clips of game-winning shots, historical moments and more.

These are just a few of the formats that can be found in the world of NFTs, and because you can mint (create) NFTs from basically any digital file, the sky's the limit.

How NFT's work

How NFTs work

How NFT's work

Similar to cryptocurrency, NFTs are stored on what’s known as the blockchain. This blockchain technology is essentially a digital ledger that records information about every buy, sell and swap of both NFTs and crypto.

Instead of being in one central location, this information is stored on the computers of everyone who is involved in that particular blockchain, which makes it next to impossible to forge or fudge the numbers.

More often than not, the preferred blockchain for NFTs is Ethereum. However, in recent times there have been a number of other blockchains that have obviously recognised the importance of NFTs and as a result have developed their own support for them.

Where and how to buy and sell NFTs

Where and how to buy and sell NFTs

Where and how to buy and sell NFTs

There are several marketplaces available for marketing NFT art, however each has their own parameters and not all will accept every file type or blockchain variant.

Additionally, not every marketplace allows minting (the process of converting your digital file into a digital NFT asset). Plus, because there may be fees involved when signing up for an account, you shouldn’t just jump into the first marketplace you land on.

Deciding on the right marketplace involves spending time researching and reviewing each of the potential candidates. Because if you don’t do this, you may end up wasting some of your money on a marketplace that doesn’t work for you.

Once you’ve chosen a marketplace, you’ll need to get an NFT wallet and add some funds to cover any fees involved. Then it’s as “simple” as connecting your wallet with the marketplace, uploading your digital file(s) and creating your listing!

If you need help with this, a top NFT marketing company (like us!) will let you know how to make an NFT and where to sell it.

An expert NFT marketing firm makes all the difference

An expert NFT marketing firm makes all the difference

An expert NFT marketing firm makes all the difference

When you’ve taken an extensive amount of time and effort to create an incredible collection of NFTs, a marketing agency who has plenty of experience working within the space is absolutely vital.

Marketing NFT art is a completely different beast and, as such, requires a completely different approach.

When you engage with an expert NFT marketing firm like First Page, you can rest assured that the people who create your campaign have assisted many other artists just like you with NFT marketing and promotion.

And backed by that knowledge and experience, you can bet your bottom dollar that we’ll not just achieve but absolutely demolish the goals we’re set.

The best NFT marketing agency offering a full suite of services

The best NFT marketing agency offering a full suite of services

The best NFT marketing agency offering a full suite of services

As a leader of digital marketing agencies for NFT promotion, we know every collection and project is different. That’s why we offer a fully comprehensive suite of NFT marketing services, covering everything such as:

… And every other area of marketing for NFT art you could think of!

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NFT Marketing FAQs

There are almost an endless amount of possibilities for using NFTs within your brand’s marketing strategy. Just some of the stand-out ways include:

Increasing brand awareness

By becoming involved in Web3 and NFTs specifically before any of your competitors, you’ll have much more exposure than you would if you sat and waited like the rest of them. Provided you back your drop with a killer NFT marketing strategy, a lot of people will be talking about your brand – many of whom may never have heard of it before.

Increased awareness has always been a key focus within most marketing strategies as – more often than not – the more people are aware of your brand, the higher the amount of sales you’ll see.

Growing your social media communities

Whichever social media channels you’re currently using, you can utilise NFTs in a few different ways to help grow your following. One such way is to provide your followers with regular updates on how your NFT project is going and when they should expect it to drop.

You can even run promotions for your fans where the winner(s) get first dibs to buy your NFTs or even where you give an NFT away to someone.

Through careful strategic social media planning, this can help create a real sense of belonging within your community which increases consumer engagement with your brand.

Enhancing the customer experience

An essential piece of the marketing puzzle these days is creating as much of a personalised consumer experience as possible.

Introducing NFTs into your marketing strategy enables you to tell your brand’s story through yet another channel, which will help to enhance the experience of your audience and promote brand equity.

Remember to keep your messaging, tone and feel consistent across your multichannel approach, though, otherwise the experience can end up feeling disjointed and rather clunky.

Offering exclusive content/products

There are many brands that are currently using NFTs as a way to offer the buyers early access to content and real-world products that haven’t yet hit the shelves. They can also be used as a digital ticket to things like virtual events and concerts.

If you have any major product or content launches coming up, creating a collection of NFTs which provide purchasers exclusive access will help to create a massive buzz around the launch itself.

It’ll also show you who your biggest fans are, which may very well come in handy if and when you’re looking to move into influencer marketing.

Raising capital funding

Before NFTs, people who wanted to find money to finance their startups turned to crowdfunding sites to raise capital. And while this is still an option, NFTs are fast becoming the capital funding alternative that many innovative entrepreneurs are turning to.

But dropping an NFT project to raise capital isn’t just for startups. There are many established businesses that are getting on board with this latest trend, too.

Utilising an NFT drop as a capital source generally means putting several NFTs up for auction and offering buyers either something digital or real-world in return for their investment, also including information where the funds will be used and how.

Promoting loyalty

A huge part of marketing – digital and traditional – includes a push for repeat customers. And using NFTs to promote loyalty may be exactly what your brand needs.

For example, let’s say a customer makes a purchase and they’re rewarded for their purchase with a branded NFT from your shop. As the owner of this NFT, they’ll be able to access promotions such as:

  • Discounts and offers
  • Member competitions
  • Early access to pre-launched products
  • Access to events and exclusive content
  • Private community access (e.g. Discord, Telegram)

Just like marketing anything else, NFT marketing is a multifaceted, multi-channel process and will include different platforms depending on the NFT itself.

You probably wouldn’t promote Beeple’s latest digital art NFT via a localised SEO campaign, nor would you use email marketing directed at Kpop fans to advertise an upcoming Slipknot music NFT collection.

Well, you could. But it’d likely be a bit of a waste of money.

Each NFT project should be approached individually and the channels within the marketing strategy considered carefully. These channels may include:

Social media marketing

The more “buzz” there is around your NFT drop, the better the chance you’ll see fantastic results. And one of the best ways to create this buzz is to first grow your social media following, then develop, schedule and promote a range of highly engaging posts leading up to the drop date.

However, building successful NFT social media marketing campaigns takes careful planning and strategising, and should be left to the experts.


A strong PR campaign can be a great way to help build awareness and reputation for your brand’s NFT project provided you’re targeting the appropriate publications at the right time.

Utilising PR marketing to increase the visibility of your project will complement the other facts of your digital marketing campaign perfectly.

Influencer marketing

It’s no secret that good influencers can make a huge difference in how much interest there is for something. Engaging with the right influencer means they’ll help to spread the word about your NFT project, promote interest in it, and help to drive up the final sale prices.

Email marketing

If you already have a database of customer emails, why not utilise it to promote your NFT drop!?

This is a great way to reach an already-engaged audience and let them know about when they can officially put a bid on one of the assets in your upcoming NFT collection.


There are countless searches being made about NFTs every single day. If you’re able to get your brand ranking well on the SERPs for these queries, this is a fantastic way to raise awareness and interest in your NFT project.

You can also achieve a heck of a lot using SEM, targeting specific keywords and putting your brand front and centre to the ideal demographic you’re looking to target. Not only that, but through SEM you can even remarket to users who have previously visited your website to learn more about your NFT project!


The listings you create to sell your NFTs are an absolutely integral part of the overall marketing strategy. It needs to jump off the page and stick out from the crowd of other assets that are on the page!

Content marketing

Expanding your messaging into blogs, videos, infographics, memes and other elements within the content marketing space means a consistent message across a multitude of platforms and formats.

What helps to increase the overall awareness of your NFT collection while also growing the number of potential touchpoints (increased frequency) of your message.

If you’re not experienced with marketing, it may be a bit difficult to plan and execute an effective NFT marketing strategy.

To ensure your NFT collection gets as much exposure and interest as possible, it’s important to speak with a specialist NFT marketing agency like First Page.

Marketing and promoting one NFT will look wildly different to another. Building a successful NFT promotional campaign involves a lot of careful planning and research, and several factors will come into play including:

  • The type of NFT it is (song, artwork, etc.)
  • Its style/genre
  • Who the target audience is
  • What the promotional budget is

Even if you create the most incredible NFT in the history of NFTs, if nobody knows about it and there’s no buzz around it, it’s not going to sell (or if it does, it’ll go for next to nothing).

Implementing solid NFT marketing strategies that lead up to your drops means creating real energy around the projects, which will effectively drive demand and push sale prices sky-high.

Although there are a few characteristics that are shared between cryptocurrency and NFTs – both are stored on the blockchain, for example – they’re really quite different.

NFTs are non-fungible (unique) and have their own value, which means they can’t be swapped “like for like”.

Conversely, cryptocurrency is fungible; 2 Bitcoins can be swapped for 2 Bitcoins because their value is exactly the same.

There are a multitude of ways in which to promote an NFT collection, from PR and social media marketing to SEO, SEM, content marketing and much more.

But because each NFT collection is unique, the approach to marketing needs to be tailored individually. Depending on your NFT project, you may want to incorporate as many channels as possible or keep it at just two or three.

Bottom line, there’s no “cookie-cutter” approach to marketing an NFT collection.

If you want to create your own NFTs and sell them, these are the steps you’ll need to take to get the job done:

  • Decide on the type of digital file you want to eventually convert into an NFT (artwork, video, meme, song, etc.) and get creating!
  • Choose the marketplace you’d like to sell it on. Remember to make sure it supports your file type and actually enables minting.
  • Find out which cryptocurrency the marketplace accepts, and get yourself a crypto wallet that allows that coin type. Add enough funds to cover any fees involved and attach your wallet to the marketplace.
  • Follow prompts on the marketplace for minting (uploading/converting your digital file into an NFT asset).
  • Engage with an experienced NFT marketing company like First Page for expert NFT marketing strategies that will give you the best chance to sell at the highest possible price.
  • Create a listing for your new digital asset.
  • Wait for someone to buy it.

There are so many different ways to build an effective marketing strategy for NFT projects. It all boils down to a few key factors such as the type of NFTs involved and desired target audience as well as timeline and budget constraints.

Speak with First Page on 1300 479 226 to find out what we can do for your NFT project.

What is an NFT marketing service?

There are a few mediocre NFT marketing firms out there offering “meh” services.

There’s also First Page – the best NFT marketing agency that provides top-rated services.

Choosing the right one (ahem… First Page) will be the difference between your NFT selling for peanuts vs an absolutely outstanding sale price that calls for champagne – no matter what time of day it is!

Unless you have a wealth of experience creating NFT marketing strategies, it can be really tricky to develop a campaign that’s as effective as you want it to be.

At First Page, we have a track record of not just meeting but absolutely smashing our clients’ expectations and will do the same for your NFT collection.

We’ve worked with several brands and artists to deliver campaigns for a wide range of different target audiences, seeing incredible results time and time again.

So if you’re looking to achieve nothing but outstanding results, be sure to get in touch with our team on 1300 479 226 today. If you’d prefer, you can message us online.

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