Use Pinterest’s in-depth advertising platform to your brand’s advantage

Pinterest might not be the first social media platform that comes to mind when planning your online advertising campaign. But Pinterest conversions ads have the power to deliver incredible results for e-commerce brands across the spectrum.

Featuring over 400 million active users every month, the platform is beloved by customers looking for new products and creative inspiration that will take their lives to the next level. With Pinterest operating as a visual search engine, Pinterest search ads can capture the imagination of consumers and drive them directly to your website.

Making the most of Pinterest’s visual-first format, a leading Pinterest Ads agency like First Page can design and implement a campaign that converts your ideal target market. Whether you want to spread brand awareness, drive online sales or boost subscriptions, making your Pinterest search ads reach your customer base is what we do best.

In fact, a sharply executed Pinterest search ads campaign has a 2.3x more efficient cost per conversion compared to other social media platforms. Let the talented team at First Page become your Pinterest Ads manager and we’ll skyrocket your success.

Grow your reach and sales with great imagery and even better targeting

Now is the perfect time to start advertising on Pinterest. Why? Because the platform has undergone extraordinary growth over the last couple of years, with a 37% increase in new users in 2020 alone.

In addition, the way people use Pinterest makes it particularly lucrative if your website or ecommerce brand has exceptional products to sell. For instance, 97% of the top Pinterest searches are unbranded.

What does that mean? The customers your Pinterest Ads reach haven’t made up their minds on the products they want. Therefore, a compelling strategy that hits the ideal audience with the right message has a high chance of converting.

As Pinterest users are interested in finding products for the future, users don’t find ads intrusive as long as they are relevant to their needs. With carefully planned Pinterest Ads for ecommerce, you have the power to convince millions of users that your products are what they need.

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Level up your strategy and capture the attention of your ideal customers

Considering a comprehensive Pinterest search ads campaign can take your business to new heights, don’t leave your strategy up to an inexperienced team. That’s why so many leading businesses from Australia and around the globe choose First Page as their Pinterest Ads company.

With hundreds of highly profitable campaigns under our belt, our superior Pinterest Ads managers work closely with your brand to determine a strategy that achieves your precise goals. As we learn what makes your products unique, we’ll also research your target market and develop an in-depth understanding of their needs.

Once we put our data-driven Pinterest conversion ads to work, we don’t just sit back and hope for the best. Instead, we meticulously monitor your campaign’s performance to identify opportunities to deliver an even better ROI.

Ready to use Pinterest to drive your sales? Chat with the team at First Page to discover how our Pinterest Ads consultancy will boost conversions and spread brand awareness.

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Pinterest Ads FAQs

Pinterest search ads are super effective for countless businesses around the world. But like every social media marketing campaign, your pins must resonate with your target market to achieve your goals. That means you have to carefully define the demographics of your customer base, including age, gender, interest, income, location and more.

Next, you have to determine which type of Pinterest Ads makes sense for your goal. There are five different formats intended for specific objectives, including brand awareness, website traffic and conversions. Alongside visually stunning Pins and razor-sharp SEO, measuring your campaign’s performance also helps achieve striking results.

Pinterest Ads for e-commerce drive incredible outcomes for brands of all shapes and sizes. Considering weekly conversions from Pinterest increased by 300% in 2020, now is the ideal time to work with a talented Pinterest Ads company. But you don’t want to rush into a campaign without understanding what makes each and every Pin productive.

Keep in mind that 82% of Pinterest users browse the platform on their smartphone. That means you have to create stunning imagery in a vertical format to have the biggest impact. Meanwhile, a sharply written and SEO-friendly description helps boost the discoverability of your Pins dramatically.

There are five types of Pinterest search ads to consider:

  • Standard:
  • Standard Pins allow brands to highlight their products with vertical and square images or videos. When users click on these pins, they are led directly to your website.

  • Video:
  • Video Pins run for 4 to 15 seconds in two different formats – Standard and Max Width. While the latter is the same size as a regular Pin, the former spreads across the feed to reduce the number of Pins from competitors.

  • Shopping:
  • Upload products directly from your Pinterest catalogue and drive conversions with Shopping Ads. As this format allows brands to add extra information like price, availability, condition and more, this might just convince someone to purchase.

  • Carousel:
  • Carousel Ads are a great way to showcase the best aspects of a single product or multiple products at the same time. As you can upload 2 to 5 images – each with a title, description and website link – increasing traffic is simple.

  • Collections:
  • Collections Ads feature a single main image and three secondary images, helping you highlight what's great about your product. You might use the hero image to highlight the product in use while letting the smaller images showcase its finer details.

Pinterest and Instagram seem similar on the surface due to their highly visual nature, but the comparisons stop there. Instagram is designed to share your own content, while Pinterest is dedicated to exploring and saving what other people are fascinated by.

While getting potential customers to visit your website takes a huge amount of work on Instagram, Pinterest uses links as one of its main features. Although you can’t go wrong with either platform, if you’re looking to skyrocket product sales, Pinterest is undoubtedly a conversion powerhouse.

Depending on your target market and business objectives, there’s a high chance that Pinterest conversion ads will drive incredible success for your brand. If you have eye-catching products or services that speak to a customer’s inspirational side, it’s possible to attract endless leads directly to your website.

However, taking charge of your own campaign without the proper experience might see your investment wasted. By choosing to work alongside a leading Pinterest Ads company like First Page, we can change your brand’s prospects forever.

The cost of every digital marketing campaign varies considerably depending on the target market, business objective and niche. However, Pinterest conversions ads are remarkably cost-effective for businesses operating at every level. In fact, it’s estimated that Pinterest search ads offer double the return on ad spend compared to other social media platforms.

When you partner with an expert team like First Page, we ensure that your budget – big or small – is pushed to its maximum limit. By getting to know your target market and developing a superior understanding of your products, we’ll deliver a top-notch ROI.

Pinterest search ads are outstanding for improving the sales potential of your products and services. First, you have to decide your campaign goal and the most appropriate ad format. Then you must determine a suitable budget for your objectives.

In addition, your brand must develop high-quality imagery and maximise the SEO of its Pins to reach a highly engaged customer base. While you can handle these tasks on your own, an experienced Pinterest Ads agency like First Page ensures your campaign surpasses your expectations.

Like every social media platform, Pinterest has advertising guidelines that must be followed if you want your campaign to get off the starting line. For example, there are numerous types of prohibited content that brands simply aren’t allowed to promote products for. Meanwhile, Pinterest also has guidelines around clickbait and misleading ads.

The best way to ensure your Pinterest search ads don’t break any important rules is by working with First Page. Our Pinterest Ads consultancy has in-depth knowledge of the platform, so your strategy never encounters a problem. Instead of having your Pins rejected or even getting your business banned, let our team take control.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for how much your brand should spend on its Pinterest marketing campaign. But as Pinterest search ads for ecommerce brands are known to be especially effective, it might make sense to invest more of your digital marketing budget into this platform.

If you’re unsure how to decide, the hugely experienced marketers at First Page can help you make the right decision for your company’s objectives. As we’ve partnered with thousands of businesses across virtually every niche, we know what it takes to achieve your goals and grow your brand.

Driving product sales is one of the key benefits of advertising on Pinterest. With the platform’s wonderfully visual nature and streamlined approach to sending potential customers directly to your website, Pinterest conversion ads continue to showcase their effectiveness.

If you want your campaign to make the biggest splash with your target market, a world-class Pinterest search ads agency like First Page will achieve your goals. We know what it takes to attract your customer base and generate first-rate conversions, ensuring your product sales explode with unbeatable growth.

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