How to Keep Your Brand on Top of popular TikTok Trends

With so many different platforms and their own individual trends these days, it can be overwhelming trying to ensure your brand stays on top of them all. More recently, there has been a blow up in the latest TikTok trends since the platform has gained around 1 billion users worldwide.

Like content on the platform, the latest TikTok trends can be short lived and sweetly missed. Many are left trying to identify emerging trends and decided which of the most popular TikTok trends they should be utilising in their own content.

Out of creating a funny video, using trending sounds or a particular text overlay or recording lip sync performances… we can be left twiddling our thumbs not knowing of the most popular TikTok trends to jump in on.

Why is keeping up with new TikTok trends good for marketing?

We’re glad you asked. Keeping up with new trends on any social media platform is good for marketing for a number of reasons.

For one, viral trends are where people’s attention is drawn. It’s human nature to feel compelled to seek out videos trending on TikTok that other users are talking about. We don’t want to miss out. That’s the premise of the TikTok app, to feed off that human nature.

Second, keeping up to date with latest TikTok trends is going to make your brand seem more contemporary and ‘with it’.

Finally, with around 25% of TikTok users younger than 24 you’re tapping into a serious buyers’ market. Even without an original sound, you can capture the attention of the younger TikTok user.

Some of the latest TikTok trends and how your brand can use them

We know it can be overwhelming sifting through the latest TikTok trends and trying to decide which is right for your brand. What TikTok video should you be making next? Well, we’re here to help. Read on to hear the latest TikTok trends and how your brand could benefit from them.

1. ‘That’s not my name’

Source: Indy100

Have you ever called someone or something a different name by accident? This one is relatable for all TikTok users. Again, you’ll need to look up the ‘that’s not my name’ trending sound on TikTok. Many famous celebrities jump on this one to showcase all the names they’ve been called in the past for previous roles.

Do you have a product that is a newer version of something which had older names?

2. Interview style

Source: New York Post

Who’s to say your next TikTok video needs to be a dance or lip syncing to a song? Instead of video lip syncing your way to stardom, this TikTok trend is all about interviewing others. Simply create a video of you interviewing someone!

These are great TikTok videos to record in the office. Interview your employees, colleagues, or even customers to be part of this TikTok trend!

3. Re-create the object

This is a fun one. Essentially, users are creating a video of themselves to an instrumental beat trying to represent an object of some sort that is shown on the screen. It’s one of the funnier best TikTok trends.

You could use this TikTok trend by representing an object that is one of your products!

4. Daily vlog

This is one of the biggest trends on TikTok. Essentially it gives a forced perspective of what it’s like to be a part of your brand or an individual’s life. Whether you’re in portrait or landscape orientation doesn’t matter. It’s all about helping people learn more about your brand through your TikTok trend video content.

Use this TikTok trend to showcase small snippets of your daily brand operations!

5. Dance challenge

Source: Time

This is a TikTok trend that has been seen on many different social media platforms. Essentially find a viral song and get a video filmed of you or your colleagues dancing along to it together.

Not good with dance moves? Other creators have got you covered. Look at what TikTok creators have come up with and simply learn the same moves.

6. Inspirational quotes

This TikTok trend can be more melancholy or funny, you get to decide. It’s a viral TikTok trend where you simply take something someone else has said and transform it into philosophical quotes.

You could jump on this TikTok trend to transform things that employees have said into ‘inspirational’ quotes.

7. #ilikeitpicasso

This trending sound is being used by TikTok users to show off their unique creations, themselves, their homes, their cooking, or even workplaces. TikTok users can take anything that they’ve created and put it to this trending sound (simply search it on TikTok).

You could use this TikTok trend to record a short video clip showcasing your brand creations!

8. Transformation  

Another viral TikTok trend is the ‘transformation’. Many have used it with fast photos synced to music as a sort of flashback trend to showcase how they have changed over time. Perhaps they have a crazy story of a life they want to show. Or they’ve simply got a haircut recently.

Got a product transformation? Jump on this TikTok trend and share it!

9. ‘I’m addicted to this’

Many brands try to find TikTok trends that showcase their product. You don’t simply want you dancing to be trending on TikTok, we hear you. This TikTok trend could make the difference. It’s one of the latest trends where you share your own life hacks, possessions or favourite foods that you love.

You could use this TikTok trend to highlight an ‘addiction’ to your products!

10. Flashback

Ah, this one is wholesome af, and it’s been trending TikTok for a while now. Essentially, you post videos or photos of memorable moments from current times, and then flash back to old videos or photos of yourselves.

It’s the perfect trend to showcase the development of your best-selling products or how you’ve been frequently updating your business.

What TikTok trend is right for your brand?

Alright, so it’s obvious that there are many trends out there. There’s also the main character trend, the vogue challenge trend, the laptop presentation trend, the wanna kill trend and many more viral sound trends.

With a sprinkle of creativity, they’ll all help you get into users ‘for you page’ or discover tab on TikTok. Our key advice is simply get started. Pick a viral TikTok and simply start recording video.

Use your latest campaign photos where you can, make an original sound track if possible, but most importantly keep up with latest trends. To end up in the discover page or for you pages of your audience, you can’t upload any old video.

Who’s to say you can’t come up with the next trending sounds, video, or ideas trending on TikTok? Come up with an original sound or idea and you could find your brand is the next TikTok trend.