9 Fashion Influencers You Should be Following on Instagram

Instagram has brought many a creative outlet into the limelight. From video creators to artists, to the lifestyle influencer, celebrity stylist or fashion influencer. If you’re a creative wanting to connect with other creatives or have your creative expression witnessed, then Instagram is a must.

The rise of fashion influencers

In particular, Instagram has brought on a meteoric rise in fashion influencers. It’s brought the world of fashion into our palms and allowed fashion bloggers to more effectively engage with their audience via photos and video content.

Whether it’s street style, an eclectic style or high fashion you’re interested in, there are Instagram fashion influencers for everyone. Those at the top are known to work with the top beauty brands or clothing lines such as Marc Jacobs, Giorgio Armani Beauty, Louis Vuitton, or Karen Wazen eyewear. They gain exclusive invites to fashion shows for global brands and fashion lines.

So, just who are these top fashion Influencers on Instagram?

The 9 top fashion influencers Instagram has to offer

  1. Naomi Shimada

Naomi Shimada in New York. Photograph: Mike McGregor for the Observer

Naomi Shimada is a fashion blogger, model and fashion influencer. Through her Instagram she showcases her lifestyle brand and personal style. As a model, she highlights the latest fashion trends in what she wears and by partnering with famous brands.

The stunning images she posts inspire women all around the world, hence why she is one of the top on our fashion influencers list. In the fashion world, Naomi Shimada’s Instagram account seriously stands out.

  1. Claire Hoornbeek

Source: Pinterest

Claire Hoornbeek is another of the top social media influencers in the world of fashion. She is a 90’s fashion icon, showcasing neon colours and fun in the accessories department. Claire is one of those fashion Instagram influencers whose account really pops and catches the eye.

She works with some of the top fashion brands and collaborates with well-known fashion blogs. As an emerging style icon, she’s one to keep an eye on if you’re looking for 90’s inspiration in the fashion space.

  1. Amanda Sinishtaj

model Amanda Sinishtaj | Fashion, Slip dress, Style Source: Pinterest

Amanda Sinishtaj is a style influencer who creates top fashion and lifestyle content for her followers. As a lifestyle blogger who collaborates with top style influencers, she is known to work with well known fashion brands in her content creation.

She’s one of those top fashion Instagram influencers who showcase a classical style, as well as her interior design, food content, book recommendations and daily life updates. Amanda sits high amongst the leading fashion influencers and is a must follow for inspiration!

  1. Emma Rose

Leather Shirt & Denim on Emma Rose Style Source: https://emmarosestyle.com/

Emma Rose is a top fashion influencer based in LA who runs a Youtube channel and her own popular fashion blog alongside her Instagram account. It wouldn’t surprise us to see her own clothing line one day!

Emma is a fashion writer whose Instagram is also a sort of lifestyle blog, keeping her followers up to date with her new life. She is focused on fairly affordable fashion that her follower base might be able to purchase.

Her social media presence is one of a kind. It’s no surprise she’s one of the top fashion icons on Instagram!

  1. Brit Harvey

Source: Instagram

Brit Harvey is one of the top fashion influencers due to her colourful looks, including many pastels, cardigans and colour coordinated outfits.

The high-quality images on her Instagram are definitely inspiration for those wanting to build their own collection of perfectly matching outfits, colourful items and funky sweaters.

Her fashion ‘brand’ is sought out by countless followers who adore her top fashion sense. Make sure you add Brit to the list of top fashion influencers you start following as of today.

  1. Sasha Meneghel

Girl Crush: Sasha Meneghel » STEAL THE LOOK | Ideias fashion, Vestido  casual, Estilos Source: Pinterest

Sasha Meneghel is another of the top fashion influencers that Instagram has to offer. Her style is simple and classic with an emphasis on accessories.

Currently, she focuses her efforts on being the creative director for her Instagram without fashion blogging, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t one of the most influential women when it comes to style and fashion.

Her unique style alone is enough to make her stand out on social media amongst all other fashion influencers.

  1. Riley Ticotin

Source: https://www.pinterest.com.au/

Riley Ticotin is a PlayBoy playmate, fashion icon and model. She often showcases a ‘cool girl’ look or street style in her fashion.

It’s clear from the content on her Instagram that she’d make a great fashion designer or fashion editor for some top fashion magazine. Scroll through her Instagram and you’ll find carefully curated photos of her in lingerie, bathing suits, and more for inspiration!

  1. Tory Burch

Tony Burch Source: https://www.vogue.com/fashion-shows/spring-2022-ready-to-wear/tory-burch/slideshow/collection#1

Tory Burch is a top fashion influencer and designer who has taken the reigns of the industry and built something of her own within it!

You can explore her range on her website, follow her blog or be inspired by her Instagram. Her style could be described as glamorous and fancy, with lots of gold and deep blacks. If you’re searching for inspiration for that next ball dress or dinner party fit, Tory needs to be your go to.

She’ll help you stand out amongst the crowd!

  1. Emma Hill

Emma Hill style, tan mac coat, stripe t shirt, white jeans, Veja V-10 trainers, Celine Box Bag, chic Spring outfit Source: https://emmajhill.com/im-back/

Emma Hill’s Instagram is full of street style galleries that take us out into the leafy streets of the city. She’s one of the top fashion influencers due to her showcasing of some of the smartest, most put together outfits you can find.

Her style is smart casual, the kind of thing you could wear to get a coffee or to work. If you’re looking for inspiration in these departments, give this top fashion influencer a follow!

Want to join the fashion industry and be a fashion influencer or fashion designer?

What’s holding you back?! Get out there. Following these 9 top fashion influencers is a great place to start.

The fashion industry is a land of opportunity!

There are countless positions in the world of fashion that you could fill, such as fashion designer, blogger, beauty editor and more! Or you could run makeup tutorials, share your daily fits and keep followers up to date with your lifestyle on Instagram just like these guys.

Give us a wave from the top!

Who’s to say you couldn’t end up one of the top fashion influencers working with the likes of NET-A-PORTER or other well-known brands? If being a fashion influencer is your dream, or you’re simply looking for inspiration, give these top 9 influencers a follow.