Hot Tips For Increasing Podcast Downloads

Podcasts are continuing to take off – don’t get left behind.

Investment in this space is still surging. Podcasts are growing more popular by the day, with 37% of Australians in 2021 listening to a podcast at least once per month.

What does this mean for your business? Take some steps to make sure your company’s podcast gains some visibility, and you could change the fortunes of your business.

With a successful podcast to a dedicated audience, your brand’s content marketing can enhance sales and rapidly expand your customer base.

However, you can’t just push out an episode whenever you feel like it and expect listeners to care. 

Consider these tips to increase your podcast downloads and ensure your podcast is helping to grow the rest of your business. Leverage this new channel to drive visibility for your business.

Hot Tips For Increasing Podcast Downloads

Maximise Availability

Most listeners consume podcasts from their favourite podcast directory. 

Podcast directories are effectively online libraries where podcasters upload their content and make it as accessible to their audience as possible. 

There are several platforms to consider – which podcast fans love to spend their time arguing over which is the best one.

However, you can avoid this unnecessary segmentation of your audience. Simply upload your podcast episodes to as many podcast directories as possible. 

Whether your listeners prefer Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcasts or Apple Podcasts, make sure your content is available on each and every one.

Podcast directories
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Get Cross-Promoting

If you’re wondering how to boost podcast listeners, cross-promoting your content in various ways can help speed up the process. 

Naturally, your company’s social media profiles are a great place to start. 

Since your followers are already fans of your products and services, there’s a good chance they’d tune into your podcast as well. 

However, you can also achieve great cross-promotion by being strategic about the guests you feature in your episodes. Guests bring their own followers to tune in.

By attracting influential figures who share a target audience with your own company, having your guests share the episodes on their own social media can help bring in scores of new listeners.


Promote Your Podcast on Your Website

If your company’s website generates plenty of traffic, set up a dedicated landing page for your podcast. 

While keeping this section of your website is definitely more effort than simply uploading episodes to a podcast directory, you’ll be grateful you took this approach. 

If your podcast manages to attract regular listeners, this increased traffic to your website can translate to greater visibility on search engines. 

Plus, you can use these interactions on your website to drive email subscribers or promote news or products that your listeners might care about.

Podcast on Your Website

Craft Compelling Episode Descriptions

Don’t make the mistake of thinking episode descriptions are unnecessary for securing downloads. 

They are actually one of the best ways to market a podcast. With a compelling message detailing what’s in store for listeners, you have the power to convince someone to click play.

In addition, podcast descriptions are crucial for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). 

Supported by carefully placed keywords, you can climb the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and attract a relevant target market searching for a topic like yours.

When it comes to increasing podcast downloads, sharply written descriptions can get the dial moving in the right direction.

Craft Compelling Episode Descriptions
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Don’t Overlook Great Cover Art 

People say don’t judge a book by its cover – except, we all do. 

Your choice of cover art can influence whether people choose to listen to your podcasts. Those browsing online make split-second decisions when picking out a podcast. 

Choosing a design that expresses personality and rises above the rest might just give you the edge you need. Cover art should be eye-catching and give your audience an idea of what the content will cover.

Having a professional designer create your cover art is a great idea. But there are also free design platforms like Canva, which offer the templates you need to promote your podcast.

Don’t Overlook Great Cover Art
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Build Your Email List

Establishing an effective approach to email marketing will benefit your business in a myriad of ways. However, it’s also a stellar way to make sure your listeners always know when a new episode has been released. 

Growing a flourishing email list takes time and effort. But it’s undoubtedly worth the energy when you want to boost podcast downloads. There are countless techniques used to get people to sign up for your email marketing. 

For instance, you might add a pop-up window to your website or include a mention in your episode descriptions. You could even spruik on your social media that you’ll give followers a discount if they sign-up.

podcast_Build Your Email List

Be Consistent 

Growing a dedicated audience is the best way to skyrocket your podcast downloads. 

Except, you can’t expect your target listeners to establish a strong relationship with your content if you don’t upload consistently. 

It’ll certainly help your growth if you can produce new episodes every week. Having said that, the most important thing is to create a schedule and stick to it.

This way, your fans know exactly when to expect new uploads. Plus, this routine will help you develop a promotional strategy that optimises downloads.

Podcast_create a schedule

Audio Quality Matters

Even if your content and guests are insightful, your listeners aren’t going to hang around if the episode makes for painful listening.

Your audience will forgive a little background noise or an occasional microphone pop – but, having the right kind of recording equipment will improve your ability to retain listeners.

This doesn’t mean you have to go out and spend a fortune on audio gear. A couple of professional-quality microphones, a basic audio interface and pop filters are affordable at only a few hundred dollars.

In addition, don’t ignore the importance of soundproofing. Even if you’re recording from your bedroom, a few strategically placed sound dampeners can greatly improve the acoustics.

Quality podcast audio
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Capture Attention with Soundbites

Getting your followers excited for an upcoming episode is one of the best ways to market a podcast and increase downloads. 

A super effective way to achieve this is by capturing soundbites from your recordings and sharing them before the release date on your social media.

If a well-known guest makes an appearance, post a fascinating quote that drives interest. Maybe a hilarious moment is something that appeals to your audience!

By taking the time to share these audio snippets on social media and in your email marketing, your podcast advertising can have a bigger impact.

Capture Attention with Soundbites
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Ask for Customer Reviews 

Top-notch reviews for your podcast is an essential part of creating content and expanding your audience. 

Obviously, five-star reviews are what everyone strives for. However, the fact that people even spend time writing a review for your podcast signals to potential listeners that you have something important to say.

When you’re getting your podcast off the ground, there’s no shame in asking friends and family to leave a review of your work. 

But don’t be afraid to spend a moment in each episode explaining to your audience how leaving a review helps grow your platform and ensures you continue to release fresh content.

Podcast_Ask for Customer Reviews

Chat to the Experts

Almost every brand has a podcast these days. Yet, most businesses aren’t putting in the work required – which is why their episodes aren’t getting the downloads they need to make a difference to their bottom line. 

Want to go beyond these helpful tips for building a podcast audience? The talented team at First Page Australia knows exactly how this hugely popular channel of content marketing can help your brand achieve its objectives. 

Reach out to our experts and start making the most of your company’s content production today.