How to Write Killer Facebook Ads

Welcome to the 21st century and its ability to micro-target audiences. Facebook ads are a cost-effective solution for skyrocketing brand awareness, attracting a fresh target market or promoting your latest product.

No matter what kind of objective you want to achieve, a cleverly conceived Facebook advertising campaign can make it happen. With the right copy, your brand can increase its following and achieve its long-term goals.

Here, we outline some essential tips that’ll help you create top-notch Facebook ads that convert.

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Perfect Targeting Needs Perfect Copy

Facebook is a marketing powerhouse. It features a mind-boggling 2.8 billion active monthly users and an incredibly flexible advertising platform.

Facebook ads have proved remarkably useful for brands operating at every scale. Whatever your business, there’s no reason why a campaign based around your products and services can’t also deliver dramatically improved conversions.

You can target your Facebook campaigns to your ideal market, based on demographics such as age, gender, location, past behaviours and connections. Your business has the power to specifically reach and convert the ideal customer base. 

However, a Facebook ads campaign needs exceptional copy to be successful. The key lies in crafting a message that resonates with your specific customer base and makes the most of a few high-powered marketing techniques.

Step into Your Customers’ Shoes

Don’t waste your time writing Facebook ads that are simply too general to appeal to anyone in particular.

Facebook is a wonderfully in-depth social media platform that makes it easy to target your advertising campaign to specific customers. This means your target market has to be reflected in the copy you create. By stepping into the shoes of your customers to understand their problems and core values, your product can be positioned as a must-have solution.

Rather than creating ad copy that appeals to a broad audience, it helps to write as if you’re trying to convince a single person.

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Speak Your Customers’ Language

Similarly, make sure to speak the same kind of language as your customers. Your Facebook ads need to be engaging and relatable to those who matter the most.

Research your audience through surveys and questions posted to your social media profiles. This way, you can translate their needs and wants into highly effective ads. For instance, it makes sense for a fitness supplement company to use the same tone and lingo as their customer base, to foster a solid connection. 

With more customers wanting to understand the value of the businesses they purchase from, you want your social media presence to feel more like a friend rather than a brand.

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Add an Irresistible Offer

Your brand’s product or service might be the best on the market, but how does anyone know? You might need to include a compelling offer in your ad copy for consumers to discover that fact.

Creating an irresistible offer can be done in a myriad of ways. There’s everything from price drops to limited-time sales, all bound to seduce the right kind of customers.

However, never be lazy about convincing your audience. Succinctly describe the product’s core features and add a clear call-to-action that takes customers straight to the checkout page.

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Your Call-to-Action is Vital

The art of writing Facebook ads comes down to how well you can get consumers to take action on your words. Unsurprisingly, this is where the call-to-action (CTA) comes into play. 

The CTA is the powerful final message at the end of the copy. Its goal is to motivate customers and let them know what to do next. For example, simple CTAs like “sign-up today” or “click to buy now” offer a short and sharp way to round out a Facebook ad.

After you’ve described your product’s features and made customers an attention-grabbing offer, the CTA is intended to seal the deal.

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Understand the Pain Points

As you might expect, ads tend to be more effective when you provide an elegant solution to a problem faced by consumers. By addressing these so-called “pain points”, you won’t have to fight to capture attention as customers will inherently want to know what you have to say.

However, this means you have to identify the precise issues experienced by your target market, and craft a concise message that showcases how your product is the perfect answer.

For instance, do your customers see other options in the market as too expensive? In this case, explain how your product is a cheaper but equally effective solution that doesn’t compromise on quality.

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A/B Test All Your Ad Copy Variants

Although A/B testing isn’t strictly about how you write Facebook ads, it’s one of the best ways to ensure your campaign achieves the maximum amount of success possible.

This simple tip involves running multiple versions of your ad. Each version uses different combinations of text and images, to work out which one has the greatest impression on your audience.

You might be surprised to find that even extremely subtle changes count! A change in tone or phrasing can generate a remarkable uptick in performance.

With Facebook Ads Manager offering built-in features for A/B testing, make the most of these tools and increase your conversions.

Why Choose a Digital Marketing Agency?

Stay one step ahead of updates, not one step behind. The best Facebook ads come from digital marketing agencies that are in tune with the algorithms that drive social media platforms.

If you’re going to do something, do it right. And when it comes to your business, there’s a lot hanging on your successes. After all, there’s no point providing stellar services if no-one knows that you exist.

A Facebook Advertisement agency is the most effective partner to help your business grow. Want customers to find you? Want to turn them into sales and repeat sales? Do you plan to evolve your business so it’s always meeting the needs of your customers? It all depends on your digital marketing agency.

The best digital marketing agencies are fully certified, deeply experienced and widely networked. Agencies are the best-placed to keep up with the latest trends in the social media landscape. 

Facebook advertising is a highly technical skill. Qualifications and competence matters when it comes to bringing in customers who convert. You should only be entrusting your business and livelihood to someone who knows the ins and outs of Facebook advertising.

Partner with Facebook Advertising Experts

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