What are the Factors Behind Successful PPC Advertising?

Investing in a personalised pay-per-click (PPC) campaign is one of the best ways to outpace the competition. As this type of digital advertising enables brands to reach potential users with a high chance of converting, skyrocketing website traffic and conversions is made possible.

But considering PPC advertising services can involve significant spending, tailoring your campaign to your precise target market, products and goals is essential to generating a superior return on investment.

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What Is PPC?

If you’re new to the world of pay-per-click, you might still be learning what it’s all about. To give you a brief rundown, brands use PPC advertising to spread brand awareness and market their products to targeted customers across the internet.

Every time a customer clicks on one of these advertisements to visit your website, product page or app, your brand is charged a fee. If your campaign has been optimised to reach the right people, this small fee is typically outweighed massively by the sales that come flowing in.

With different forms of PPC available on the Google Search Network, Google Display Network and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, pay-per-click is outstanding for attracting and converting your ideal customers wherever they are found online.

Does Your Brand Need PPC Advertising?

There’s no doubt that the online world is becoming more crowded by the day. As your rivals realise the potential of search engine optimisation and pay-per-click advertising, you should know that they are launching campaigns to benefit their bottom lines.

This means you have to get strategic about your PPC marketing to ensure you outperform their approach and develop a loyal customer base. 

Whether you’re an eCommerce business looking to boost sales or a B2B operation needing to grow your reputation amongst key decision-makers, PPC advertising has massive upsides for virtually every kind of business.

Tips for the Best PPC Campaign

An effective pay-per-click strategy can generate huge sales and brand awareness for a business. But developing a productive campaign that achieves your business objectives takes far more planning than you might expect. Here, we cover how to ensure PPC advertising benefits your company and its long-term goals.

Increase Quality Score

As you delve into PPC advertising, you’re bound to read about the importance of Quality Score. So why does it matter? This metric is Google’s rating of how your ad quality stacks up against other advertisers. 

As this rating is used by Google to determine how relevant an advertisement is for users conducting a search, the platform wants to avoid showing the wrong content to disinterested people. 

This means you have to closely align the message in your ad to the keywords you want to target. Meanwhile, you can also improve your Quality Score by improving the landing page experience to maximise conversions and time spent on page.

Adapt with the Market-1

Undertake Keyword Management

As high-quality PPC advertising relies on the keywords you choose to target, developing a top-notch approach to your keyword management is essential to success. As poorly targeted campaigns reach the wrong people, achieving your ideal conversion rate becomes virtually impossible.

Therefore, you need to spend considerable time undertaking detailed keyword research. By identifying the precise terms your target market uses to search for products like yours, you can generate short- and long-tail keywords that capture their attention.

Keyword grouping is another technique that will enhance your PPC performance. As you sort your keywords into closely related groups, you can develop campaigns around these collections to generate increasingly precise leads and boost your click-through rate.


Develop Compelling USPs

Even if you manage to nail your PPC campaign’s targeting from the beginning, reaching the right people won’t matter unless you have a compelling message that gets them to click. 

Known as the Unique Selling Proposition (USP), this is where you highlight what makes your offer better than the rest. So what makes a good USP? It depends on the nature of your business and the goals of your campaign, but you should stress what’s special about your brand and why someone should choose you over the competition. 

By understanding what matters most to your target audience and how your product addresses their concerns, discovering the perfect USP should come to you naturally.

Grab Attention with a Call-to-Action

The call-to-action (CTA) is another essential part of online advertising that encourages potential customers to complete the desired action. For example, a PPC campaign promoting a flash sale might use “Click now to save!” to round out their enticing advertisement.

Although this might seem like a small step, online advertisements that fail to include a CTA perform significantly worse than those that encourage users to take that final step.

As most brands are looking to make the best impression on their target market, concluding your personalised message with an emphatic snippet ensures the user experiences a sense of urgency that convinces them to get involved.

Include External Links

Always Conduct A/B Testing

Once you’ve launched your pay-per-click campaign and analysed the results, you might be wondering whether you can do better. However, it’s impossible to know unless you undertake comprehensive A/B testing.

What’s that? This process involves running side-by-side tests of similar but slightly different PPC ads, to see which one generates the best results. You might be surprised to discover that a tiny change to your CTA or messaging can deliver vastly improved clicks. 

Before conducting an A/B test, carefully define the metrics you want to examine and what changes you think might achieve your goal. However, you should only alter one aspect at a time to ensure you can easily measure your results.

Optimise Landing Pages

Generating a pay-per-click strategy that delivers a stellar click-through rate is a hugely rewarding experience. However, you won’t notice the difference in your sales figures unless your landing pages are optimised in line with your advertisements. 

For example, promoting a specific product or price in your PPC campaign might get someone to click. But if leads can’t see the same promotion when they arrive on your landing page, they’re bound to feel confused and disappointed as they quickly click away. 

This means you must ensure your landing pages are always highly relevant to your advertising campaign. Alongside an appropriate call-to-action, plus the use of tracking tools to measure your performance, you can quickly level up your success. 

Level Up Your Landing Pages

Add Negative Keywords

Keywords are always imperative to PPC campaigns – even the negative ones. What does that mean? Where standard keywords target people who search with a specific term, negative keywords achieve the opposite effect by excluding users irrelevant to your objectives. 

Negative keywords are incredible for focusing your campaign on the users that matter most to your business. Rather than having your budget wasted on users who never wanted your products in the first place, you can invest time and effort on people with a great chance of committing to a purchase.

By analysing your metrics for keywords that don’t suit your goals, you can create a comprehensive list of negative keywords that maximise your campaign’s performance.

Always Track Conversions

Getting customers to engage with your PPC ads is a great first step. But it’s just as important to understand what happens after someone decides to click. This is why every successful PPC campaign must also involve comprehensive conversion tracking. 

By installing a small piece of Google’s code on your website, you can keep close tabs on purchases, email sign-ups and a host of other insightful actions. 

Meanwhile, there are also different types of conversion tracking for phone numbers, app installs and local actions. By regularly assessing this information, you can develop a detailed understanding of your strategy’s overall performance.

Research Your Competitors

You might be fighting hard to overcome the competition, but there’s certainly no shame in learning from their approach. By keeping one eye on your biggest rivals, you can determine whether their approach to PPC advertising offers some clear benefits over your own. 

Rather than trying to generate the most unique campaign possible, involving yourself in detailed competitor analysis can help stop you from falling behind. As you learn from their strategies and implement your own ideas, you can develop an even more effective PPC campaign. 

Consider the messages they craft to connect with customers via their pay-per-click ads, landing pages and social media posts. You might just discover a sharp way to enhance your own brand’s advertising performance.

Find the Perfect Reporting Tools

It’s important to understand what you’re signing up for when you launch into PPC advertising. 

Although it’d be great if you could simply input the details once and watch the sales roll in, the reality is that this digital marketing method requires constant adjustment to stay ahead of the competition. 

With this in mind, finding the ideal reporting tool for your workflow is a great way to stay on top of your campaign and implement changes that make a significant difference. 

Instead of letting the competition catch up and overtake your strategy, comprehensive reporting tools like Swydo and Octoboard will massively improve your data analytics.

Swydo.com – SEO Reporting Tool

Make the Most of Google’s Reach

The Google Search Network is awesome for achieving enormous reach and converting consumers at the bottom of the sales funnel. But if you’re looking to add another dimension to your campaign, utilising Google Display Network ads is a fantastic choice. 

As this network showcases your PPC display advertisements to over 90% of all internet users, these ads can be upgraded with visual and rich media compared to the plain text ads on the Search Network.

Plus, using Google’s Discovery Ads format means you can reach consumers on hugely popular platforms like YouTube and Gmail. First Page’s talented team will use the latest YouTube PPC advertising practices to increase your reach, generate clicks and grow brand awareness. 

Google Adwords Marketing Plan

Drive More Sales with PPC Remarketing

Pay-per-click advertising can deliver a fantastic click-through rate when optimised correctly. But you can take this success to even greater heights when you initiate a remarketing campaign. 

Also known as retargeting, this type of PPC advertising is where you reach out to consumers who have previously engaged with your platform but ultimately decided not to purchase.

Whether they simply got distracted or decided it wasn’t the right time to buy, segmenting this category of website traffic into a remarketing campaign ensures you can attempt to convince them to convert in the future.

As these consumers are already familiar with your brand and its products, remarketing is known to have a superior conversion rate compared to other types of online advertising.

Optimise for Location

If you operate an eCommerce or brick-and-mortar business that relies on customers within close proximity, there’s no point reaching people who live on the other side of the country. 

To ensure you’re attracting consumers that have a chance of visiting your business in person, you can focus your PPC advertising on consumer segments that live in a specific radius. 

By optimising your campaign settings with location-specific keywords and geolocation data, encouraging someone to walk down the street and make a purchase is within your grasp.

You can boost interest engagement with your PPC ads even further by pushing a message and call-to-action that only customers who live in the area will find relatable.

Chat to the Experts

Looking to reach targeted, sales-ready customers? A carefully conceived pay-per-click campaign for Google Ads and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn can deliver incredible returns. 

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