Engage your target marketing with video advertising

As the second-most popular website on the internet, YouTube offers astonishing digital marketing potential. With more than 2 billion unique users consuming content uploaded to YouTube every month, this unparalleled platform plays an essential role in many company’s advertising strategies. Backed by one of First Page Australia’s data-driven campaigns, we can ensure your specific target market becomes keenly aware of your products and services.

Since 2011, our talented team has been working closely alongside YouTube and its extensive TrueView advertising platform. With our ability to create immersive content around product demos, client testimonials and rich snippets, we can make sure your budget is used effectively to build brand awareness and convert customers. Let First Page Australia craft your YouTube ad campaign to achieve your goals.

Stride ahead with TrueView

YouTube’s TrueView system is where the platform’s advertising is organised, with brands having an array of ad formats at their disposal. As these ads have a minimum of 30-second runtime, you have plenty of opportunities to highlight what makes your brand special. While YouTube allows users to skip these ads after five seconds, this can actually have a positive impact on your budget, as you don’t waste money on consumers who aren’t interested.

No matter what your brand’s goals are for your marketing campaign, First Page Australia has the skills to plan and implement a productive strategy. With compelling narratives and distinct call-to-actions that boost your conversion rates, we can ensure your target market becomes sharply aware of your business and can’t wait to find out more.

Our Recent Work catandthefiddle.com

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Cat & the Fiddle specialises in cheesecakes, with a diverse selection of 20 varieties of gourmet cheesecakes comprising of faithful classics, Asian and local-inspired creations.

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Find the TrueView format for your business

TrueView In-stream's skippable ads play before, during and after videos for up to three minutes. Alongside a handy link to your website, these can be used to boost brand awareness and sales. You’ll also have access to TrueView Discovery ads, which are displayed in the sidebar, search results and on the homepage. With these videos having no limits on duration, they are perfect for showcasing your products.

There are also advertising options outside the TrueView system. Non-skippable ads play for up to 20 seconds before or during content, while six-second Bumper Ads are especially potent for converting mobile customers with a memorable message. Supported by First Page Australia, we’ll identify the perfect YouTube ad format to engage your customers to lead a campaign that takes full advantage.

Get results from your marketing campaign

With YouTube offering localised versions of the platform in more than 100 countries, it’s the ideal place to reach customers situated around the globe. But as more than 500 hours of content is uploaded every single minute, it can be a difficult place to stand out. Partner with First Page Australia’s professional team to ensure your marketing campaign reaches its intended audience no matter what.

Alongside digital marketing pillars like clickable titles and convincing call-to-actions, we’ll dive into your brand’s analytics to determine the best way to reach your customers. This data-driven approach has served us well as we’ve delivered outstanding results for over 1,700 clients based all over the world. With First Page Australia by your company’s side, we can ensure your YouTube ads hit the mark every time.

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