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When it comes to reaching the broadest possible audience, there’s no better outlet than the Google Display Network (GDN). With the ability to showcase banner ads to over 90% of internet users across more than two million websites, using this platform to your advantage should be at the top of your digital marketing priorities. Partner with our expert team to ensure your business benefits from targeted, eye-catching display ads.

However, using display ads to convert your audience across a wealth of digital touchpoints is easier said than done. You need a precise, data-driven campaign that attracts the ideal target market and convinces them to choose you over the competition. With our renowned agency having generated 1.2 million qualified leads for both local and international clients, we know what it takes to achieve your goals.

Pinpoint your ideal
target market

If your brand is looking to boost traffic and conversions, the GDN should be your first port of call. By delving into the platform’s extensive targeting tools, it’s possible to reach an incredibly specific audience no matter how niche your product is. First Page Australia’s expert team can target your customers based on a range of demographics, including age, gender, location, salary and interests.

Alongside our experienced team, your brand will benefit from a host of proven digital marketing techniques. This includes the remarkably powerful method of remarketing, which re-engages an audience segment that visited your website but failed to make a purchase. With retargeting increasing conversion rates by up to 150%, implementing a thoughtful campaign could make a huge difference to your long-term success.

Design the perfect
display ads

There are a myriad of productive ways to approach the GDN. Fortunately, our knowledgeable team has a wealth of experience developing rewarding campaigns for more than 1,700 clients based around the globe. Whether you need text-based ads or vibrant rich media content, we can produce a range of options that are geared towards converting your specific customer base.

To do so, we’ll delve into the inner workings of your business to determine an approach that’s going to reach and convert your audience. With a targeted plan based on your website and customer analytics, we can set in motion a display advertising campaign that achieves a first-rate ROI. No matter what, we’ll identify an ad format and style that enhances your visibility and sales.

Partner with the
GDN experts

While an extensive SEO campaign will slowly but surely boost organic growth, a comprehensive PPC strategy using the GDN is a rapid way to get customers to pay attention to your brand. As we combine a range of research-driven methods with detailed competitor analysis, we can swiftly reach your target market to enhance the position of your business within your industry.

Like most aspects of digital marketing, using data to reflect upon and adapt your strategy is essential to success. Our talented team will continuously assess your campaign as it progresses, making small adjustments to bring about big improvements. Plus, we provide our clients with transparent reports so you understand how your budget is being used to convert customers. Contact First Page Australia to find out more.

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