What is the Purpose of an Email Marketing Campaign?

Many business owners focus all of their digital marketing attention on social media. And there’s nothing wrong with that, considering how an optimised campaign delivers enormous brand awareness, website traffic and sales. 

However, you might be surprised to learn that email marketing can deliver results that go above and beyond even the top-performing social media platforms. For instance, a mind-blowing 4.03 billion people use email in 2023, far surpassing the reach of platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Plus, the fact that email has been around since the early days of the internet means it remains a popular channel for users across virtually every age group. 

Ready to find out why email outreach remains one of the most popular marketing strategies in 2023? Consider these email marketing tips to maximise your progress.

Email Marketing Campaign

Why Every Brand Needs Email Marketing

You might be under the impression that email marketing is on the way out. But the truth is quite the opposite, as advancements in artificial intelligence and personalisation mean reaching and converting customers is more accessible than ever. Check out the following benefits of email marketing and skyrocket your brand’s growth with a comprehensive campaign.

Why Every Brand Needs Email Marketing

Reach More Customers

The incredible longevity of email in the ever-changing online world means that almost everyone has their own account. Although there’s no doubt about the popularity of social media, there’s even more incentive to have an email address to make our way through the world.

For instance, you need an email address to get involved with basically every eCommerce business, as they all send confirmation messages and tracking information using this medium. Meanwhile, everyday services like banking, utilities and government departments are also increasingly reliant on email to reach customers. 

So how does this involve your business? The fact that almost everyone needs an email address to navigate society means your company knows that most consumers are reachable via their inbox.

Reach More Customers

Deliver Your Message Effectively

The goal behind every digital marketing method is to get your message in front of engaged customers. While brands across every industry experience success building relationships with consumers via social media, email marketing can potentially deliver even more growth.

It’s estimated that 90% of email gets delivered to the intended recipient. This figure rises well and truly above other mediums like social media, where opaque algorithms impact whether your audience is exposed to your message or not.

Email marketing is also highly productive because you know customers want to receive your message. As subscribers must take the initiative to sign up to your contact list, your brand is less likely to become an annoyance in their inbox.

Deliver Your Message Effectively

Boost Conversions

Every business engaging in digital marketing wants to experience the highest possible conversion rate. Whether your company is looking to enhance leads, sales or in-store visits, email marketing has consistently outperformed other digital marketing techniques.

By knowing that most people on your email list want to receive your brand’s message, getting them to take action becomes so much easier. With expertly crafted messages that respond to your audience’s needs and highlight the value of your proposition, achieving a stellar conversion rate is within reach.

As the click-through rate from targeted email campaigns exceeds other online marketing methods, this technique helps your brand achieve its goals faster and with unmatched precision.


Achieve Superior ROI 

As B2B email marketing is considered one of the top-performing outreach methods, it’s no surprise that brands can attain a superior ROI with an optimised strategy. In fact, research has found that email achieves an ROI of $42 for every $1 spent.

But how do you drive the cost-effective nature of these email marketing tips even further? You must develop an in-depth understanding of your customers and research offers that resonate with their needs.

By segmenting your audience into carefully defined groups with different expectations, you can reach the right people with the ideal message. If successful, you can drive more people to take action.

Consumers Love Email

Part of what makes email marketing so productive is that most consumers don’t mind receiving your messages at all. 

While some users grow frustrated at brands that flood their personal social media feeds with new content every day, consumers have a higher tolerance for email as they opt-in for your newsletter.

However, the frequency of your emails depends on your target market. For instance, you might notice large-scale retail companies and news organisations sending updates every day, while some businesses only reach out once per month.

According to one study, the average customer prefers email communication from brands once a week. But always review your metrics to determine whether you should be reaching out more or less.

Consumers Love Email

You Control Your Channel

Email might be one of the oldest forms of digital marketing, but it remains hugely popular with brands because they retain complete control. How does that work?

As social media platforms are based around algorithms that determine how and when your followers receive your posts, there’s no guarantee that even your most dedicated customers will receive your message.

Meanwhile, these algorithms are constantly being updated. This means that the strategy that generates top-notch engagement for your business today might not be as effective tomorrow. 

However, email marketing enables brands to communicate directly with potential customers via their inboxes.

Attract Leads in Real-Time

Got a flash sale idea that will send your customers crazy? Posting on social media is a great place to attract attention. But failing to appear at the top of the feed means your concept might not receive the attention it deserves. 

If you decide to deliver an email campaign around the same promotion, customers checking their inbox will immediately receive the message and choose to take action. Considering an estimated 81% of emails are opened on mobile devices, reaching customers in the optimal moment is simplified.

In addition, segmenting email subscribers to receive tailored messages is hugely beneficial. For example, you might provide a discount code on someone’s birthday that drives more loyalty and interest in your brand.

Attract Leads in Real-Time

Highly Measurable Marketing

Keeping a close eye on metrics is key to every form of B2C and B2B marketing, but especially when it comes to email campaigns. As these strategies can drive immense traffic directly to your website, having an in-depth understanding of how your messages are received is critical to your growth.

So what metrics are essential to attaining your goals? The open rate of your email campaigns is definitely one that must be measured analytically, as it’s impossible to generate conversions if no one decides to read your messages.

Similarly, closely evaluate the click-through rate of links within your email. If you manage to convince people to open your email, but can’t get people to commit to visiting your website, there’s a problem with your targeting and messaging.

Highly Measurable Marketing

Best Practices for Email Marketing

After catching up on the best reasons to include email campaigns within your digital marketing strategy, you might be wondering about the best practices for email marketing. As these strategies can help take your business to the next level, consider the following techniques and give yourself the best chance of achieving your objectives. 

Grow Trust with Welcome Emails 

When someone decides to sign up to your company’s email list, they’re basically letting you get in touch whenever you want. However, it’s a great idea to repay this trust with a welcome email. 

These targeted emails are known to deliver vastly improved metrics over regular email campaigns, with a 91% open rate and a 27% click-through rate. Meanwhile, the inclusion of targeted offers within welcome emails skyrockets the revenue per email over any other type of campaign.

If you’re looking to generate immediate success from email subscribers, ensure your business develops a sharp approach to its welcome emails.

Grow Trust with Welcome Emails 

Drive Personalisation

Technology like artificial intelligence and machine learning have made personalisation one of the fastest-growing areas in the entire digital marketing field. 

As this tech empowers you to deliver messages that cater to individual customers, capturing attention for your brand becomes much easier.

By collecting information on the subscriber during the signup process, you can deliver a message that includes their name in the subject line and body copy. In fact, emails with personalised subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened.

If you want to take things to the next level, dynamic email campaigns can change recommended products depending on previous user behaviour, helping your brand drive more customers to engage.

Automation Drives Success

Email is beloved by B2B marketing specialists across every sector because many aspects can be intricately automated. Naturally, this can help save your company a load of time, money and energy. 

This takes some organisation in the beginning, but once these ‘triggered campaigns’ are established, the benefits of email marketing can be massive. But how do you know what triggers to use? 

The decision is different for every brand, but typically triggers are designed to capitalise on specific customer actions. For example, an automatic email might be sent when a customer makes a purchase or views a certain product.

Alternatively, you can trigger emails for customer birthdays, loyalty discounts, feedback and much more, helping to enhance your relationship with the consumers that matter most.

Segment Your Audience

Email marketing works best when you’re sending messages to the most relevant people. Known as audience segmentation, dividing your subscribers into selective groups increases your open and click-through rates.

Considering 42% of consumers say that non-personalised emails are a source of frustration, avoiding a one-size-fits-all strategy is definitely within your best interests. However, brands researching email marketing tips for the first time might be confused about where to start.

Although your options are basically limitless, some common audience segmentation ideas include geolocation, gender, inactivity and past purchase history. Using these concepts and many more to your advantage, your brand can level up its website traffic and sales.

Customer segmentation concept. Color figurines and charts as symbol of market.

Schedule Your Campaign

While segmentation helps brands optimise their email campaigns, developing a schedule that automatically sends your messages at the ideal time is also useful. 

Rather than needing to log in to the dashboard ahead of time to send your message, you won’t need to worry about forgetting when your campaign is scheduled ahead of time. Popular email marketing tools like Campaign Monitor also make it possible for emails to be automatically sent at the optimal time for each recipient. 

This feature tracks when your subscribers are most likely to read your message, meaning every email delivered drives more engagement and conversions.

Schedule Your Campaign

Avoid Spam

The worst possible outcome for an email campaign is landing in the spam box. While you might put a massive amount of time into crafting the perfect message, this effort goes totally wasted if it gets stuck in the spam filter.

So how can you avoid this annoying outcome? Using a reputable email marketing tool like Campaign Monitor or Mailchimp reduces your chances of getting stung. Plus, you must always avoid spammy subject lines, add unsubscribe links and use a valid mailing address.

By following these tips, subscribers to your email list are less likely to mark you as spam. Plus, built-in spam filters won’t decide to nuke your message before it reaches the customer’s inbox.

A/B Test Your Messages

The companies that succeed most at digital marketing campaigns are willing to test and retest their ideas. By A/B testing your email marketing, you might just crack the code that generates a vastly improved open rate and click-through rate.

If you send similar but slightly different versions of an email to distinct portions of your subscribers, you can dive into the resulting analytics to determine which one performed best. 

Across various subject lines, word counts, images and tones of voice, this tinkering might reveal the best way forward. As consumer behaviour is constantly evolving, regularly testing your emails helps your brand see the biggest benefits of email marketing.

Chat with the Experts

Once you understand the basics of email marketing, it quickly becomes clear that this communication method is incredibly valuable for brands looking to reach and convert their customers.

By using the best practices for email marketing to your company’s advantage, you can conceive exceptional ideas and deliver an optimised message that surpasses your objectives. However, there’s no doubt that email marketing features a significant learning curve that most companies simply don’t have time to master.

Instead, the experts at First Page Australia can take charge of your strategy to ensure you benefit from the latest email marketing tips and tools. As one of the leading digital marketing companies in Melbourne, we’ve delivered outstanding results for thousands of clients, get in touch to discover how we’ll help your business hit its targets.