Why Do We Need an eCommerce Content Marketing Strategy?

If your e-commerce store is looking to maximise its sales, developing a sharp approach to content marketing will help you achieve your goals. 

By having a strategic mindset when producing blogs, videos and social media posts, you can deliver a message that resonates with your most desired target market. 

If paired with several other highly effective digital marketing techniques, like SEO and Google Ads for business, this content will give you a much-needed edge over your competition. 

Need more convincing? Here, we’ll dive into the reasons for planning a comprehensive content marketing strategy and highlight eCommerce trends in businesses that boost your operation.

What is a content marketing strategy? 

Simply uploading a few posts to your blog every couple of months won’t drive the results you need to change the future of your business for the better.

A detailed content marketing strategy is intended to reach, engage and maintain an audience of highly motivated consumers who have a clear interest in your products and services. 

By defining your marketing objectives, creating precise customer personas and producing exceptional content, these pillars ensure customers think of you when deciding it’s time to purchase.

With the help of a highly experienced eCommerce agency like First Page Australia, we can drive your content marketing and online advertising to the next level.

What is a content marketing strategy?

Top Reasons for Starting a Content Marketing Strategy

Every online business wants to attract its ideal audience and generate a massive amount of eCommerce sales. But a comprehensive content marketing strategy can help shape your business into an industry powerhouse when planned and executed correctly. Below, we consider how an informed campaign will benefit your eCommerce operation.

Develop Clear Guidelines

To establish a thriving eCommerce business, you need to know the answers to a lot of questions. For instance, what makes your products appealing? And who are the people most likely looking to purchase? 

By taking a strategic approach to your content marketing campaign, your business will develop clear guidelines around some of the most critical concerns regarding its short- and long-term success.

As modern customers expect more from the businesses they purchase from, missing out on this opportunity to reach your target market and improve your authority could be a costly mistake.

Portrait of a young copywriter adding a keyword to his copy.

Strategically Overcome Competitors

You can be almost certain that your eCommerce rivals are putting time and effort into their content marketing strategies. But the reality is that many campaigns are bound to be poorly optimised for reaching and converting customers.

Part of what makes content marketing so powerful is how it enables businesses to showcase just how much they know about their industry, enhancing its reputation with consumers.

If a company selling specialty coffee can demonstrate it knows everything about what makes the best possible roast, it’ll be a little eaiser to attract eCommerce sales over a competitor that hasn’t proved its specialist edge.

Strategically Overcome Competitors

Highlight What’s Special

Your company’s products might be the best in the industry, but your target market might not realise it without high-performance content marketing. 

By developing detailed blogs, guides, videos and podcasts centred on what makes your product special, you can help consumers to understand why their cash is best spent on your operation.

If you pour your heart and soul into developing an incredible innovation that outperforms the competition, you don’t want to get overlooked because another brand has superior marketing.

Instead, smash your company’s eCommerce sales by ensuring a robust content marketing strategy is a top priority.

Get to Know Your Audience

A content marketing strategy is critical to understanding what your target audience cares about most. While you might have some ideas, measuring the success of your content ensures you see what topics deliver a huge response. 

For example, an eCommerce business selling headphones might find customers will spend hours watching detailed product reviews on each model’s best features. This might tell you that customers care more about technical details than you previously assumed. 

By producing a wide range of content marketing types and measuring the success of different ideas, you can develop a strategy that customers will instantly click when they see a new post appear.

Get to Know Your Audience

Expand Your Reach

If your eCommerce business has big aspirations, there’s a good chance you want to expand beyond your horizons in the future. Yet reaching a largely unfamiliar target market can be a daunting prospect. 

A dedicated content marketing strategy can help your business establish a strong foothold in a new marketplace and outgrow the competition. But you need to be careful about how you present your business, as you might accidentally leave yourself in a public relations disaster.

Alongside a highly experienced team, you can produce top-notch content for international audiences with precise translations that showcase your commitment to understanding the marketplace.

Expand Your Reach

Attract Better Leads

Your eCommerce business can’t be a success if it fails to attract engaged leads. But with SEO-driven content marketing, it’s possible to climb Google’s results page for keywords that your target market uses when they search.

By achieving far greater visibility amongst your most desired audience, there’s an increased opportunity to get them to visit your website and load up their shopping cart.

The same can be said for your approach to social media. As you produce content with hashtags, keywords and optimised imagery to generate the most attention possible, getting these users to explore your eCommerce website is within reach.

Set Measurable Targets

While you might be generating some website traffic and sales already, you can’t maximise your eCommerce store’s potential without having measurable targets. 

Tracking the ROI of each content type against your brand’s goals is a great way to determine whether your campaign is delivering success. If not, it might be time to head back to the drawing board to figure out where you’ve missed the mark. 

So what should you measure? Set reasonable targets when it comes to pageviews, backlinks, click-through rates and time on page. Our eCommerce experts will fine-tune your approach to achieve your objectives.

Set Measurable Targets

Plan for the Future

By planning, posting and measuring the performance of your content marketing strategy, it won’t take long for trends to emerge in your data that might help shape the future of your brand. 

If you notice that customers are increasingly focused on a topic or style of content marketing, you might want to lean into these areas even further to generate more traffic and sales. 

As you gain a deeper understanding of audience intent and discover fresh content ideas via on-site search, you can revise and improve your strategy for the future. This way, you can stay ahead of the game and outpace your rivals.

Plan for the Future

Powerful Content Marketing Methods to Boost Growth

There are virtually endless ways to design and implement an effective content marketing strategy. While every campaign must be targeted to your company’s exact target market, products and objectives, the following eCommerce marketing tips are guaranteed to reach more customers.

Educational Blogs 

Just because blogging has been around since the early days of the internet doesn’t mean you should overlook it. In fact, this content marketing medium has enjoyed such remarkable longevity because it remains so highly effective.

According to Semrush, brands with a blog on their website generate 97% more backlinks and experience 434% more indexed pages on search engines like Google. Ultimately, this means you can’t convert your customer base effectively if you don’t have a productive blog.

By figuring out what subjects your audience cares about and delivering genuinely insightful content writing, you can boost your SEO standards and generate more sales.

Product Guides

It doesn’t matter what products your eCommerce store stocks, producing comprehensive product guides is a smart way to convert your target market. 

As these long-form guides are designed around a specific theme, you can focus on the pros and cons of numerous products while highlighting the range of options available to customers. 

For example, you might create a product guide on numerous dishwashing machines to showcase the differences and provide an informative overview that your target market will appreciate.

These guides can be highly optimised for SEO when crafted by a content writing expert, plus they’re also perfect for displaying your industry knowledge.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos can be amazing for your content marketing strategy, depending on the products you sell. 

As these short-form videos provide a brief overview of how a product works, a sharply written script can highlight key features and make sure consumers trust your authority on the subject. 

If a potential customer is considering buying a camping stove from your eCommerce store, you can quickly demonstrate how to safely operate the product alongside a series of quick tips. 

With these explainer videos uploaded to your branded YouTube channel and shared across social media, this content format can drive outstanding engagement across your online presence.

Explainer Videos

Influencer Marketing

Every eCommerce brand needs to be using social media to drive attention to products, spread brand awareness and boost sales. But you can improve your results even further by partnering with much-loved influencers.

As these admired social media users have developed a close and trusting relationship with their followers over a long period, you can leverage this connection with a strong sponsored content marketing strategy. 

By working alongside an influencer who shares a significant overlap in target market with your business, you can benefit massively from enhanced brand awareness and sales. 

For example, an eCommerce store selling running shoes might partner with an admired athlete to promote its products and help send more leads in your direction.

Australia’s Top Instagram Influencers


Infographics are a long-standing content marketing method perfect for establishing your brand’s reputation and skyrocketing its reach across the internet. 

With a little bit of creativity, you can produce engaging infographics that encourage customers to engage with the products available in your store. A simple approach involves taking several products from a specific category to compare and contrast their features in a compelling format. 

As this helps your target market visualise why they might choose one product over another, this helpful piece of information will motivate someone to purchase from your brand. Share these as social media posts to generate even more reach.

FAQ Pages

Do you have a frequently asked question (FAQ) section on your website? If not, you haven’t fully optimised your eCommerce store’s user experience potential.

Adding these educational pages to your website ensures customers can easily find snippets of information that helps push them closer to a sale. Typically, FAQs should include critical questions about shipping, discount codes, size guides, cancelling orders and much more.

FAQ pages are also one of the best ways for eCommerce sites to improve SEO. As the questions you answer are often long-tail keywords customers use to search, you can drive targeted traffic straight to your website.

FAQ Pages

User-Generated Content

Now that consumers are constantly engaging with brands via social media and online review sites, user-generated content has become a key element of content marketing strategies.

This is because comments, images, videos and reviews about your products and overall business can be used to showcase to other customers what people think about your service. For example, you might reshare a glowing Facebook review that says your eCommerce store went above and beyond to meet someone’s needs.

User-generated content is also beloved by digital marketers because it happens organically and often without you needing to lift a finger. Use these opportunities to your advantage and spread positive interactions.


Podcasts are a dime a dozen these days, but they still have enormous potential if you’re willing to deliver a superior product. 

This means you must invest in the right kind of audio equipment before getting started, as customers won’t care what you have to say if the production quality is simply too poor.

Once this has been achieved, develop a clever concept that showcases your brand’s unique personality and industry expertise. 

If successful, you’ll be able to drive listeners to your eCommerce store while also attracting sponsors who wish to advertise on your platform.


Chat to the Experts

The eCommerce marketplace is only growing larger due to rapidly improving technology and changing consumer behaviour. But your eCommerce store can only be a success if your target market knows that it exists. 

By working alongside the eCommerce experts at First Page Australia, we can deliver a personalised content marketing strategy that generates outstanding website traffic and sales. 

Across premium content writing, social media marketing, YouTube videos and much more, we’ve produced millions in revenue for some of Australia’s top eCommerce operations. 

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