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As the internet and social media has given everyone the ability to share their opinion with a wide audience, businesses must be incredibly in-tune with what people are saying about them online. Although some people believe they are powerless to remove false, misleading or otherwise negative online reviews, Removify gives business owners a chance to defend themselves against malicious content.

Removify’s robust service puts more power back in the hands of businesses. Across Google Reviews, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Yelp and any other hugely popular review website, we can ensure your brand’s reputation remains intact as we take down harmful content that could impact your long-term success. For effective content removal services, make the most of Removify to protect your brand’s reputation.

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It’s no secret that online reviews have become one of the main ways modern customers choose who to shop with. In fact, 90% of customers read reviews about a business before committing to a purchase, while 86% will hesitate if a business has negative online reviews. Considering these dramatic statistics, having the ability to take down false and misleading reviews is essential to success.

While it’s important to allow genuine customers to speak their minds about your products and customer service, many businesses struggle to combat reviews that are deliberately vindictive or unfair. As potential customers clearly take note of online reviews, these damaging reviews can quickly undo your stellar reputation. Fortunately, Removify has the power to eliminate these comments when they appear.

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In the internet age, some people go to incredible lengths to harm a business they perceive has done them wrong. While negative online reviews are undoubtedly damaging to the average online operation, an entire website dedicated to hurting your business is something that many companies have faced. With these websites potentially climbing Google’s search results and gaining visibility, Removify can make sure they are removed from the internet.

Research has found that a single negative review can cost a business up to 30 customers. Now imagine how much damage an entire website can do if it manages to hit the first page of Google. Luckily, Removify’s experienced team can ensure these pages are quickly de-indexed from search engines, saving your revenue and reputation in the process.

Only pay when we succeed

Don’t let your business be impacted by misinformed consumers, trolls and keyboard warriors. Factoring a critical service like Removify into your digital marketing plan means that you won’t have to worry about negative opinions causing long-term damage to your business. If you do happen to experience a series of damaging reviews that have no basis, we can quickly take care of them to secure your customers’ loyalty.

For those that encounter a situation requiring Removify’s help, we always keep our clients involved in the process. Rather than constantly worrying about how much damage a negative situation is going to do to your business, we remain in constant communication to ensure you know how we’re solving the problem. And because we have complete faith in our process, if we encounter a problem we can’t solve, you don’t have to pay.

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