What is PPC & How Does it Work?

If your business is looking to drive high-quality website traffic and level up conversions, a carefully tailored pay-per-click (PPC) is one of the most effective ways to achieve your goals. 

With this broad digital marketing strategy encompassing a range of Google Ads formats, including Search Ads, Shopping Ads, Display Ads and Video Ads, reaching your audience where they exist online is easier than ever. 

But with your competitors also attempting to convert your target market using PPC strategies, ensuring your campaign far exceeds their approach is essential to your success.

Here, we’ll help you understand the basics of PPC ads and highlight how you can establish an effective campaign that drives traffic to your website.

How Do PPC Ads Work? 

Although launching a pay-per-click campaign is easy, many businesses develop their own poorly conceived strategies that only lead to wasted cash.

As your business must pay the advertising platform – such as Google or Bing – every time someone clicks on your advertisement, you must ensure you only reach consumers with a clear interest in your products and services. 

By targeting your campaign to the specific demographics of your target market and understanding what keywords they use to search, you can attract an engaged audience with a higher chance of buying.

As the appearance of your ads depends on PPC auctions, knowing the ideal bid strategy for your company’s needs also ensures you benefit from a top-notch ROI.

The Benefits of Pay-Per-Click Ads for Businesses

As companies around the globe have recognised the value of pay-per-click advertising, this approach has become one of the most common ways to reach and convert a customer base. Consider these advantages and decide whether launching a fresh PPC strategy will help your business grow.

Experience Immediate Results

The goal of a search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy is much the same as pay-per-click, with brands hoping to level up their visibility and increase their sales. 

While SEO is hugely powerful in its own right, it takes a degree of patience as several techniques gradually expand your reach and reputation. To this end, PPC advertising is preferred by companies looking to generate immediate results. 

As long as your PPC strategies are targeted accurately, you can start a new campaign and appear in places across the internet that your target market is bound to notice. 

PPC Advertising is Highly Measurable

If your business has a large advertising budget to spend, it might be tempting to sink it into traditional channels like newspaper or television ads. 

While these outlets will help you reach an enormous number of people, this scattergun approach often leaves brands in the dark about whether their campaign reaches engaged consumers. 

Instead, detailed PPC strategies are remarkably trackable, with leading platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads providing a myriad of metrics that help you assess your results. 

Across click-through rates, conversions and the average cost per visit, this informative data can be used to adjust your campaign to achieve even better results.

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You Control Your Budget

PPC advertising is often chosen by small businesses because they can control how they use their budget. 

For example, if you discover your strategy isn’t achieving your desired results, you can simply press pause, make adjustments and restart without needing to reinvest.

Personalised PPC strategies also mean you control when your ads run. By delving into your analytics, you might determine the day or week when your ads generate huge returns.

With this information, you can limit your spending to these periods to ensure you derive the most benefit possible from your PPC advertising.

Building a Successful PPC Strategy in 2021

If your business is ready to kickstart its PPC advertising strategy in 2021, these techniques are designed to push your budget to the limit and ensure you achieve your goals. 

Craft Compelling Copy

Targeting your PPC advertising to your precise customer base ensures they see the message. But if you want them to take action, you have to craft engaging ad copy that inspires a response.

Ideally, you want to pay close attention to the benefits of your products and services. Although the features are important, people need to understand how something makes their life easier. 

You also need to capture the key highlights of your deal, including why your business is better than the competition. For example, you might promote a price matching service or free shipping.

Finally, conclude your message with a relevant call to action that drives home the importance of your promotion.


Enhance ROI with Remarketing

Remarketing has consistently proven to be a highly effective digital marketing technique that delivers enhanced returns throughout PPC strategies.

These campaigns are targeted towards customers who have previously interacted with your website but decided not to purchase. This means these consumers already know the basics about your brand and its products. 

By re-engaging these customers through PPC advertising, you can gain their attention and convince them that completing their purchase is the ideal move.

With remarketing campaigns increasing ad engagement by 400%, this strategy can generate outstanding profits for your business.

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Reach Lookalike Audiences

If you already have a solid understanding of your target market’s demographics, you can utilise a lookalike audience campaign to attract similar consumers. 

As this type of pay-per-click advertising can run on the likes of Google Ads and Facebook Ads, reaching qualified customers from the very beginning ensures you generate outstanding results. 

With lookalike audience strategies designed to deliver more clicks and conversions, you can quickly expand your brand’s reach and benefit from extra efficient targeting.

By having greater certainty in how your budget is allocated, your business will feel confident that its PPC advertising will deliver a massive ROI.

Optimise Your Landing Pages

Capturing attention with the right consumers is the biggest challenge when developing a powerful pay-per-click advertising campaign. But this is only part of the equation. 

When you successfully convince users to click on your advertisement, they are linked to your website or product pages. If this destination isn’t carefully considered to maximise sales, you can’t expect to generate big profits.

This means your landing pages must be optimised and aligned with your ad copy. Across super-fast loading times, high-quality imagery, engaging product descriptions and a seamless checkout process, don’t ignore this aspect of your PPC strategy.

Test on Numerous Devices

A/B Testing Boosts Results

Many companies simply decide on a single message that makes sense for their needs and press go with their PPC advertising. 

Even if this solitary advertisement generates some conversions, there’s no way of knowing if you’ve achieved the pinnacle of success without A/B testing different versions.

By altering the headline, body text, call-to-action and image of your PPC advertising, you might discover that another combination resonates particularly loudly with your audience.

As you track and analyse these results to determine which PPC ad copy delivers the best performance, this is a surefire way to significantly improve your return on ad spend.

Chat to the PPC Experts

PPC advertising can achieve remarkable things for your business. By reaching engaged consumers that need your products and services, you can quickly boost your sales figures. 

However, planning and implementing a Google Ads campaign that ensures your budget is used to its maximum potential is easier said than done. 

By working with a talented marketing agency like First Page Australia, you’ll benefit from a highly experienced PPC advertising agency that manages world-class campaigns every day.

With our work delivering millions in profit for our clients, get in touch with our expert digital marketers to learn how we can generate insane profit for your business too.