How to Grow Your LinkedIn Connections Quickly

How can you become recognised as a voice for your industry niche?

You don’t have to be a CEO to develop a reputation as a thought-leader. You simply need an audience on LinkedIn. Do your followers trust your opinion and draw inspiration from your content?

To take full advantage of LinkedIn, you have to put time and effort into establishing your audience. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of techniques that allow LinkedIn users to swiftly grow their following.

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Be a Voice for Your Niche

LinkedIn is a truly incredible social media platform, where individuals can take their careers to the next level.

With LinkedIn’s 300 million active monthly users, building an audience who respects your opinion can skyrocket your career progression. 

Not only will you establish new and potentially lucrative connections in your field, but you’ll be in the inside lane on what’s shaping the business world as we know it.

91% of executives consider LinkedIn as their top choice for professional content. Carefully managing the image you present and the content you post can ensure you’re regarded as the next big thing in your sector. 

If you’re ready to skyrocket the reach of your LinkedIn presence in record time, read on to find out some helpful tips!

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Optimise Your Profile

First things first: Optimising your LinkedIn profile is one of the best ways to get discovered. Make sure the relevant people can find you and want to connect with you. 

This means having a high-quality profile picture, an appealing banner image, and a well-written description that captures what’s special about you. 

Meanwhile, you can use keyword-driven techniques to drive more people to your profile. Embed keywords when you list your skills and interests in the headline section. 

Plus, you should always ask relevant clients, colleagues and friends to endorse your talents. Reaching out to people can even be a way to turn LinkedIn connections into clients.

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Connect with Colleagues

Now that your profile is looking tip-top, kickstart your audience growth. 

How to turn LinkedIn connections into clients? Start by building your networks. Connect with everyone from former colleagues to friends to family members.

However, remember that you want the connections you share content with to genuinely care about your content. Ideally, they’ll even have the power to positively influence your business in the future.

How LinkedIn connections work is that you want to focus your attention on connecting with industry-relevant people. Who could put you in touch with key decision-makers? Who is connected to like-minded individuals, who might benefit from what you have to share?

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Schedule and Research

The secret of how to increase your LinkedIn connections? Before getting started on your LinkedIn content creation, it pays to get organised in advance. 

Even if you don’t stick to it all the time, it helps to have a regular posting schedule. This will help keep you top-of-mind for your connections, as well as ensure you remain committed to your long-term goals.

How to get LinkedIn connections fast is with content that’s highly informative, but showcases your personality at the same time. 

You should carefully research these ideas to find statistics and other resources, to add the maximum value to your posts. 

Backed by relevant and educational content, you can quickly build a valuable audience. From there, it’s time to discover how to grow your LinkedIn connections into clients.

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Thoughtful Text Posts

There’s a lot of self-promotion taking place within every LinkedIn user’s feed. This creates opportunities for your content to stand out from the feed. 

One of the best ways to make an impression? Spend less time talking about yourself, and more time educating your connections. 

You want to make sure they understand that you’re one of the best in the business. This can be achieved by sharing genuinely insightful content that highlights your talent rather than centring on it. 

This will make it easier for your audience to like, comment and share your posts with their own networks. Have timely posts that tell a story, to generate a recipe for success.

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Make the Most of Hashtags

Don’t underestimate the importance of hashtags on LinkedIn. They can be an effective way for how to get legitimate LinkedIn connections, fast.

Hashtags function essentially the same way on LinkedIn as other social media platforms. They signal what the conversation is about to connections and a wider audience. At the same time, they enhance the discoverability of your content. 

Make sure you only use hashtags relevant to the discussion. Don’t go overboard with how many you include – unless you want to look like a spammer. Aim for around 3-5 highly relevant hashtags to help foster connections and grow your audience.

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LinkedIn Users Love Video

If you know a thing or two about digital marketing, you know that video content is rapidly surging in popularity across the board. 

This is because modern tech like smartphones and rapid internet ensure this kind of content is more accessible than ever. Audiences increasingly prefer to consume content in video form, rather than reading through long-winded articles. 

Produce short and informative videos around topics that matter to your connections and broader target audience. This way, you can share heaps of useful information and develop a close relationship within the same content.

Paired with a personalised hashtag and subtitles, you’ve got a winning combination.

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People Love to See Photos

Images can play a key part in how to grow LinkedIn connections. Many experts believe the LinkedIn algorithm favours those who post a variety of content types. 

So when you’ve already shared your text- and video-based posts for the week, don’t be afraid to throw in a couple of images relevant to your audience. 

For instance, you might share a few photos from your most recent office party, or a freshly created infographic that elegantly summarises the latest industry report. 

Either way, image-based posts perform wonderfully with LinkedIn connections.

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Boost Your Content

Wondering how to hack LinkedIn connections? You can skip the wait and ensure you get eyeballs on your posts – and your profile – ASAP. 

Similarly with other social media platforms, there are a couple of different ways to achieve this on LinkedIn. 

The Boost button lets users promote any posts with a specific objective, selective audience and budget in mind. 

Alternatively, Follower Ads drive more traffic to your profile and swiftly capture attention from relevant people. 
By combining LinkedIn ads and boosted content with regular posts, your audience is virtually guaranteed to soar.

Chat with the Digital Marketing Experts

Building your following on another social media platform might sound pretty unappealing. 

However, making it happen on LinkedIn has the power to change your career’s direction for the better. 

This hinges on a carefully considered approach that combines compelling content, sharp optimisations and paid advertising. You can expand your audience from your inner circle to the industry’s leading figures in no time at all. 
If you’re ready to find out more, get in touch with the experts at First Page Australia.