Clubhouse: The Audio-Chat App Shaking Up the Social Networking World

Perhaps you’ve already come across Clubhouse, the new audio-based social networking app. Or maybe you’re still waiting to receive an exclusive invite! Whatever the case may be, the hype is real, and it’s shaking up the social networking world!

Launched in March of 2020, Clubhouserisen through the ranks and recently reached new heights in popularity. After all, not many social networking platforms are lauded by the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Kevin Hart, and Elon Musk!!

Despite its superstar status in the social media realm, this exclusive app’s users are relatively small compared to heavy-hitters like Facebook and Instagram. Read on if you’d like to discover what all the buzz is about…

What Exactly is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a new audio-based social networking platform. You can only join by receiving an exclusive invite from an existing member, a secret “club” so to speak, in the world of social networking.

Users can explore different chat rooms and talk about various topics, from business and entertainment to sports and current events. 

This gives users the ability to learn in real-time and be exposed to the brilliant minds of some of today’s biggest influencers, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and celebrities. This isn’t just a platform to share thought-provoking discussions. It also serves to help businesses expand and provides exclusive networking opportunities.

In the short time since its launch, it has already hit the elusive “Unicorn Status” that all start-ups dream of. It recently raised a cool $100 million, skyrocketing its valuation to a whopping $1 billion. It’s safe to say founders Paul Davidson and Rohan Seth won’t need to worry about its growth slowing anytime soon.

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How Does It Work?

The app itself is user-friendly. All you need to do is register with your real name and become either ‘Listener’ or a ‘Moderator’. The difference between these two is that moderators can open rooms that allow audiences of up to 5000 users. If you’d like to chip in your two cents, simply raise your hand, and the moderator can allow you vocalise your thoughts.

You become a more exclusive member if the host or moderator follows you. In this particular case, you get the opportunity to sit above the audience members, allowing you to contribute to the conversation easily.

The app also allows for locked and private chat rooms. They’re hosted by moderators who only want a select audience to listen. During discussions, you can choose to be “silent” or “vocal”. It’s a flexible way to make connections with other users and grow at a pace you’re comfortable with. 

An essential feature of this social app and where it differs vastly from social media apps like Facebook is that the conversations listened to are not recorded. You can’t go back and listen to them. This means that you need to be present and listen in real-time.

* It’s important to note that Clubhouse is only available on the App Store for iPhone and requires iOS 13.0 and up. Be sure to update your iPhone with the latest version of iOS before downloading the app. 

Let’s face it: Clubhouse’s international popularity is undisputed, and only time will tell regarding the sheer number of users the app will amass. You’re probably excited to download it yourself right about now. It’s exclusivity and audio-based chat formula is a far cry from the social media today that is all about anonymity and visual appeal. The following are the reasons it attracts so much traffic:

1. Voice-Only Chat

Clubhouse is a fresh take on social media, pulling away from the visual nature of all the other platforms out there like FacebookInstagram and Twitter. People are not checking into rooms to listen to content based on what the host looks like and what they have to talk about. Plus, its real-time verbal communication makes it very inviting and personal. It draws users in, in a way that other social media apps don’t. 

2. Authenticity is Key

In social media today, it’s easy to be connected to hundreds, if not thousands, of “friends” who may not even be real. With Clubhouse, it’s different. Its exclusivity means that everybody who is connected knows exactly who they’re connected t. This means both parties had to select and verify the invite at some point personally. In essence, anonymity disappears, and authenticity claims its place.

3. Quick & Easy Content

Podcasts, webinars, and even TED Talks require scriptwriting, recording, and editing, which is exceptionally time-consuming, and not always easy to fit in between busy schedules. Clubhouse allows things to be more instantaneous. You just need to decide on a selected topic and then open a room – with the power to control engagement and moderate the discussion. 

4. The Floor’s Yours

With any topic on the table, the sky’s the limit. Topics can include health, culture, tech, lifestyle, and even faith – anything goes. It’s an incredibly versatile platform. Listeners choose what they want to listen to, as moderators talk about whatever they’re passionate about. It’s also a fantastic tool to grow your business following and let people know all about the services you offer.    

5. There’s No Time Like the Present

Unlike social media apps like Facebook, where you can always go back and watch live videos or revisit texts, Clubhouse doesn’t allow for that opportunity. This makes tuning in more special. Once the discussion ends, it’s over forever. It mirrors the social situations where you need to prioritise your time to attend a lecture or networking event and lends the conversations to becoming that much more exclusive. 

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Would it Benefit My Business to Open a Clubhouse Account?

One of the most desirable benefits of being part of Clubhouse is that you’re engaging with real people who have a genuine interest in your topic. The exclusivity of it gives you the ability to gain authority and be seen as a thought leader in your specific industry. 

If you or any of your employees have charisma and knows how to hold the public’s attention, opening an official Clubhouse account is a fantastic way to garner exposure, engage with your target consumers, and become a voice of trusted authority.

B2C and B2B companies that deal with food, health, environmental conservation, educational products, consultation services are all contenders for this flexible platform.

Key Points

Refreshing and original, Clubhouse is a dynamic route to gaining top information from thought leaders and industry experts – even allowing you to become one in your field.

If you’re hoping to capture new customers, more traffic, and reputability in your business in a way that traditional testimonials can’t, Clubhouse offers you the perfect opportunity to do so.

However, as it is a relatively young app, problems with moderation guidelines, a growing number of trolls, and ethical considerations follow its trail. 

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