Take Your Social Media To The Next Level With These 7 Content Apps

There’s an art to creating great social media content for your business. It’s all about capturing your brand in a way that cuts through the noise and excites your clients. 

Whilst there’s no shortage of apps that allow you to edit your content – how to decide which one is right for you? 

The following are some of the best apps for business owners because they give you the freedom and creativity you need – whilst being quick, simple and easy to use.

So, check out the list below to find 7 of the smartest photo and video editing apps available right now. Plus, learn some quick tips that will help you find all the features you need!

Top 7 Content Editing Apps

A content creator works with an editing app.

1. Filmm

Filmm features an unbeatable selection of filters and effects for your videos.

The app offers a range of packs that include templates, colour grading, and text, that are ideally suited to Instagram stories and branded video posts.

While plenty of apps offer these kinds of features, Filmm achieves quality and richness that is difficult to find elsewhere. Plus, the interface is intuitive, easy to use, and looks great on screen.

If you’re searching for a way to style your clips and develop your brand, then this app is a perfect choice.


2. Template

Social media templates don’t always suit your business – and sometimes you need greater control to make your content shine. Template is an app that makes layouts simple, offering over 200 preloaded designs. 

Whether it’s for a story, feed, or gallery, you’re able to choose from design layouts that are unique and eye-catching. They’re also fully customisable, meaning you can start with a given template, then continue to work with the layout until your photos and videos look perfect.

It’s the ideal app to move beyond standard templates and stand out from the competition. 

3. Grids

Individual images and galleries may look great on their own, but you also need to consider the layout of your entire Instagram feed. How many posts sit together gives an overall experience of your brand.

This is why apps like Grids give you the ability to edit your feed as a whole. You can make large, panoramic images pop by spreading them over multiple posts or experiment with collage effects and stylish layouts.

The app also has a good range of templates for posts and stories. They’re fully customisable, with a complete selection of styles, stickers and vectors.  

4. Giphy 

GIFs are an eye-catching way to bring your site and socials to life. Whether it’s a carefully curated clip of a new product or something silly to brighten a viewer’s day, it pays to be able to quickly cut a video clip into a looping GIF file.

Giphy is one of the most fun and effective ways to do this. In addition to creating your own custom GIFs, there are plenty of galleries of pre-made content for you to explore and use. 

5. VHS Camcorder

Some brands stand out from the competition by developing a unique online presence. Apps like VHS Camcorder from Rarevision make your video feel analogue and old-school. It’s a different approach to digital content – and this blend of old and new can look great when used effectively. This particular app comes with a selection of visual and audio effects for the most authentic retro feel.

6. Snapseed

Brushes, healing, cropping and rotating may feel too time-consuming – particularly when you’re creating a quick snap or story.

But Snapseed makes editing easy with a selection of features that have previously been available only through professional editing software. If you’re searching for comprehensive photo editing whilst remaining within the app format – Snapseed is a perfect choice.

7. Adobe Lightroom

Photoshop has been the editor of choice for professional photographers for decades. But this level of detail and demand for expertise isn’t always right for quick social media posts from business owners on the go.

In comparison, Adobe Lightroom is designed specifically for managing photos from your phone. It offers all the core editing abilities you need – including colour correction, image enhancement and batch editing.

A user takes a photo of a coastline for her social media.

What To Look For In an Editing App

There are scores of apps on the market that allow you to transform a simple snap into a post that advertises your business.

So, how to decide which is right for you? When checking out their specs – ensure the app you choose has the following features…

Colours and Filters

Many editing apps allow you to add filters to your photos and videos. If you’re considering choosing an app, then why not check out their selection of colours. Make sure the palettes offered are right for your brand and suit the style you want to create.

Trimming and Clipping

Instagram has a range of rules regarding video length. Stories must be below 15 seconds and videos posted to your feed must be below 60 seconds. So, it’s important to be able to choose your content wisely and have the ability to cut a selection of clips together.

Texts and Fonts

Adding a punchy header or catchy copy to your images and video is an invaluable resource. This feature gives you the ability to develop simple social posts into effective advertising and marketing material. Now all you need to do is hone your micro-copy abilities to achieve SMM mastery!

Exporting to Socials

Once you’ve created your content, you need to be able to directly post this to your platform of choice, without having to worry about specifications. The size, shape and format of your video file matter – so a good app will have these settings pre-loaded. This also gives you the ability to post straight from the editor to your socials with no fuss. 

A blogger uses an app to edit her social media content.


Developing your online presence and the style of your brand can be one of the best parts of growing your business. When you find the apps that allow you to create great content in just a few seconds, then you’re on the right track!

If you’re looking to develop your SMM and create outstanding digital advertising, then why now contact our team for a chat about how we can help you.