5 Mega-Successful Australian Instagrammers You Need To Know About

Instagram brand ambassadors and popular users with accounts of over 1 million followers mean big business. These successful social media entrepreneurs crush it when it comes to appealing to their target audience!

In fact, according to the Digital Marketing Institute and Influencer Marketing Hub:

  • 70% of teenagers put more trust in influencers than celebrities.
  • 86% of women make purchases due to the advice given in social media with Facebook and Instagram being the most popular platforms to use.
  • 49% of consumers are dependent on recommendations given by Influencers.
  • $6.50 is earned for every $1 spent on Influencer marketing campaigns.
  • 67% of marketers plan to expand their budgets over the next year, particularly on Instagram.
  • Influencer marketing is the quickest growing method of attaining customers online.
  • 7.57% of the beauty and fashion industry use influencer marketing.
  • Influencer marketing is expected to hit $13.8 billion in 2021.
  • 56% of brands use the same marketing influencers for different campaigns.
  • 67% of brands use Instagram for influencer marketing.

No wonder there are so many Australian influencers on Instagram. But, who are some of the most successful top earners that everybody follows? I’m about to tell you!

1. Kayla Itsines – 12.8 Million Instagram Followers

Kayla Itsines Instagram
Image Credit: Instagram

Kayla Itsines is a force to be reckoned with. She may look small but at 29 years old, she packs a whole lot of punch with her energetic workouts! She has already amassed a multi-million-dollar fortune off her fitness brand. Her Bikini Body Guide is very successful and her Sweat app has made her $100 million wealthier, as it is used by millions around the world. It offers a free trial and is only $19.99/per month. 

Many women relate to her as this Australian/Greek Fitness goddess is a mom too and has shown how to get back into shape after the birth of her child in April 2019. It was actually her 12-year-old cousin who suggested she post before-and-after pictures of girls she was training on Instagram

Thank goodness she listened because as it stands, she is the top Australian Instagram earner and has the biggest influence in the Australian digital marketing arena!

2. Lauren Bullen – 2 Million Instagram Followers

Lauren Bullen Instagram
Image Credit: Instagram

Lauren Bullen is a 28-year-old blonde that just wants to have fun – by travelling of course! Her images on Instagram are lush and pristine showing all the places in the world she travels to. Her partner Jack Morris travels with her, and has his own following on Instagram with 2.6 million followers. Together, they each take home at least $3,000 for every Instagram post but are able to ask up to $7,500. Bullen also has Instagram filler presets which go for $77. Her net worth is not confirmed but is estimated to be anywhere from $100K-$1 million. 

3. Reece Hawkins – 820,000 Instagram Followers

Reece Hawkins Instagram
Image Credit: Instagram

Reece Hawkins is a 26-year-old, good-looking, personal trainer and fitness fanatic who loves posting about trainers. He got noticed by the public when he started dating Instagram influencer and fitness model Tammy Hembrow. His followers consist of 58.4% females, and 41.6% males. The posts garner 3.30% engagement, and most posts receive just under 29,000 likes. There are usually around 89 comments per post.

His Instagram followers are mainly from Australia (16.28%), Germany (11.63%), Canada (6.98%), as well as people from the United Kingdom and France. His net worth is estimated to be between $1-5 million.

4. Tammy Hembrow – 12 Million Instagram Followers

Tammy Hembrow Instagram
Image Credit: Instagram

Tammy Hembrow is a 27-year-old fitness ambassador who got noticed when Khloé Kardashian used her as one of the models for her denim clothing brand – Good American. Today she has partnerships with many supplement businesses and has her own clothing label called Saski Collection. She can command up to $85,000 per post. Her net worth currently sits at $1 million. 

5. Nicole Warne – 1.8 Million Instagram Followers

Nicole Warne Instagram
Image Credit: Instagram

Nicole Warne is a 31-year-old fashion influencer. She started a fashion store online that sold vintage clothes called Gary Pepper Vintage in 2009. Today Gary Pepper showcases a gorgeous fashion blog and shop. Forbes mentioned her on their “30 Under 30” list of powerful people, and she is a creative director and brand consultant, as well as an ambassador of the chicest and most high-end labels you can think of, such as Chanel, Armani, Valentino, and Ralph Lauren.   


It certainly pays to be a social media influencer on Instagram and if you have products or services you want to showcase, it seems that Instagram influencer marketing is the way to go! If you want to attract more traffic for your products or services on Instagram, contact one of our professional Digital Strategists and they’ll help you with all your social media marketing needs!