Learn How to Design Christmas Content for Clients

Considering the increase in commerce during the festive season, ensuring your brand appeals to its most valued customers is imperative to your success. But how do you stand out against the hundreds of other businesses attempting to capture your target audience’s attention this Christmas? 

The answer is an exceptional content strategy that showcases your brand’s enthusiasm for the holiday season. Alongside search engine optimisation and paid advertising campaigns, levelling up your production this December is the ideal way to reach and convert your target market. 

Backed by an effective strategy that appeals to your precise audience and highlights your company’s superior products and services, delivering a Christmas marketing strategy that resonates with your customers is bound to deliver results.

Why Do Companies Need Content Strategies? 

Establishing branded social media channels and a website blog is a good start for every business. But these destinations will only deliver the goods for your company if you take a strategic approach to your content.

Why? Because reaching and converting consumers relies on serving relevant information at the opportune moment. By creating a high-quality content strategy, you enable your business to grow its reputation and inform targeted customers about what makes your products and services special. 

As this helps develop trust and loyalty in your business, enhancing your visibility and convincing customers to put their faith in your operation becomes so much easier.

Marketing Tips to Generate Huge Success this Holiday Season

Ready to take your digital marketing to the next level? There’s no shortage of incredible digital marketing channels that ensure you capture the attention of your target market. Here, we explore fresh marketing tips that make attaining your objectives this festive season a reality. 

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing remains one of the most popular ways to engage your audience all year round. Consider these ideas to enhance your content on the leading channels today.

Facebook Marketing

There’s a huge variety of ways to use Facebook to your brand’s advantage this Christmas. Although you must generate a written message that creates an emotional reaction, this response is greatly enhanced when you feature striking images and videos.

Over the last few years, Facebook has continued to implement tools that enhance eCommerce content. Consider using Facebook Stories this festive season to showcase to followers how you’re getting in the Christmas spirit. 

From revealing price drops to behind-the-scenes clips, Facebook Stories are awesome for connecting with your most loyal fans. Meanwhile, a virtual event on Facebook Live that promotes a contest or presents a tutorial can be hugely rewarding. 


Instagram Marketing

Brands with highly visual products are most likely focusing their attention on Instagram. And for good reason, given the platform is wonderfully effective for demonstrating the aesthetic qualities of products, ranging from fashion and homewares to travel experiences.

Instagram is all about eye-catching visuals, so you want to ensure your images and videos feature an undeniable holiday season charm that encourages followers to engage. Alongside the clever use of hashtags and influencer partnerships, attracting attention to your posts is distinctly possible.

In addition, Instagram is the ideal platform for promoting exclusive offers and creating a buzz about your upcoming sales. Think about what bargains matter most to your audience and strike with a highly visual campaign.

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LinkedIn Marketing

If your company is looking to convert B2B customers now and in the future, LinkedIn is the ideal platform. Home to millions of corporate decision-makers, a sharply designed Christmas campaign can create a memorable experience that sees them turn to your business for their business needs.

By incorporating a festive twist into your brand’s marketing strategy, you might just discover that your text or video posts become even more engaging. Like-minded users want to know how you’re ringing in the New Year, so including information on any upcoming deals has the power to deliver lucrative leads to your inbox.

Alongside exclusive content and hashtags that drive greater reach and engagement, don’t ignore your LinkedIn marketing campaign this holiday season.

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TikTok Marketing

There’s no doubt that TikTok has been the standout social media platform over the last couple of years. If your business is interested in converting Millennials and Gen Z customers, developing a precise digital marketing strategy around TikTok this holiday season is crucial. 

However, the unique nature of TikTok means you can’t simply share heavily branded content and expect to seize anyone’s attention. Authenticity is a huge part of achieving success on the platform, with young people disinterested in brands that come across as too uptight.

If you’re unsure how to approach TikTok, the best place to start is to see what’s trending. By hopping onboard the latest viral posts and sharing your own version, it shows that you’re engaged with what’s shaping the platform — day in, day out.

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Video Marketing

As the access to rapid-fast internet and smartphones has grown internationally, video marketing has quickly become the main way consumers want to engage with the brands they know and love. In fact, 90% of consumers want to see more video marketing from their favourite brands. Check out these concepts to increase your performance.

Educational Content

Educational content is one of the top-performing formats for video marketing. Also known as how-to videos, this content is typically used to answer common user questions and establish trust in your brand.

If your business offers products and services that require extra explanation, educational videos are a great way to give consumers what they need to make an informed purchasing decision. However, keep your script short and aim to describe complex ideas in the most digestible terms.

In the lead up to Christmas, consumers are increasingly concerned about buying the perfect gift. Give them quick-and-easy information about your products to ensure they feel comfortable heading straight to the checkout page.


Product Videos

If your business is looking to enhance its revenue this Christmas, your customers must know how your products will make their lives easier. Fortunately, a carefully considered product video is a great way to show off each product’s best upsides.

Although it’s tempting to pore over every possible feature, it’s always a good idea to focus on the key elements that make a particular product great. By sticking to the most critical information and highlighting what makes it awesome value, generating interest and sales is made simple.

Supported by an engaging script, interesting visuals and a powerful call-to-action, you can convince consumers that your specific product makes the perfect gift this holiday season.

High-Quality Photos and Videos

Behind the Scenes

Consumers rely on businesses to make their Christmas shopping experience as least painful as possible. This means you should produce behind-the-scenes content that shows how hard your team is working to make this festive season a huge success.

This time of year also represents a great opportunity to showcase your brand’s personality. To do so, provide a fun and insightful glimpse into the daily operations of your business.

By generating Christmas videos that highlight how your team is celebrating the big day, you’ll humanise your brand and spread Christmas cheer. With more customers commenting on and sharing these feel-good videos, you can boost brand awareness and visibility.

Corporate Holiday Videos

The last couple of years have been incredibly difficult for everyone. But you can ensure the year ends on a positive note with a corporate holiday video that says ‘thank you’ to your most valued customers. 

Depending on the nature of your business, you might decide to produce a comedic sketch or stick with a sincere tone. Either way, customers that have stuck with your business through the ups and downs will appreciate this thoughtful message as the New Year approaches. 

With a genuine touch that highlights both your successes and difficulties throughout this tumultuous time, this video marketing tip will help personify your business moving forward.

Website Content

Producing stellar eCommerce content for your brand’s website can attract a massive amount of traffic. Considering businesses with a blog generate 97% more backlinks and 434% more indexed pages on Google, enhancing content aimed at your target audience is vital this holiday season.

Gift Guides

Comprehensive gift guides have become a staple of every top-notch festive marketing strategy. As the average customer is incredibly busy in the days before Christmas, producing engaging content that streamlines their choices is often appreciated. 

However, you must think carefully about the products your target audience will find most interesting throughout their shopping spree. Once you’ve selected a handful of must-have items, craft compelling subtitles and feature eye-catching imagery that gets users to click through to your product pages.

Alongside the exceptional SEO benefits provided by gift guides targeted at specific customer bases, this content is also shown to be highly shareable on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Recipe Ideas

Not every piece of content in the run-up to Christmas has to promote your products and services, directly. Sharing your team’s favourite recipe ideas on your blog and social media channels also highlights your brand’s fun-loving personality, enhancing its reputation and spreading awareness.

As Christmas Day approaches, customers are looking for cooking inspiration to ensure they impress their loved ones with a delicious dish. By providing some tasty guides accompanied by vivid imagery, you can help cement your brand name in your audience’s mind.

With recipe ideas perfect for sharing on social media, you can also ask your followers what crafty cooking ideas they plan to make for Christmas. This interaction will help drive more engagement and grow your supportive community.

DIY Tips

Just like sharing recipes is a great way to help your customers have the biggest Christmas ever, it’s always nice to create a few DIY guides that reduce the worries of your target audience. 

Alternatively, these posts might provide a great activity to complete with the kids when the big day arrives. For example, you might explore the easiest way to nail gift-wrapping or what special additions you can include on a Christmas tree to make it truly sing.

With a series of thoughtful blog posts focused on DIY posts, you can highlight how your business is excited about the holiday season and wants everyone to have the best possible time.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing

As friends and family look to create the most festive atmosphere, it’s hardly surprising that many people remain in close contact to share helpful tips. Leveraging this word-of-mouth marketing can be hugely powerful for achieving your objectives.

Contests and Giveaways

As everyone knows, Christmas is the time for giving, so ensure your business gets in the mood this holiday season. With a persuasive contest or giveaway that attracts the attention of customers new and old, you can quickly get more eyes on your content.

There are endless ways to structure these marketing campaigns. For instance, you might decide to add a small free gift to every purchase throughout the holiday season, ensuring customers know you’re wishing them the very best Christmas. 

Alternatively, you might market an attention-grabbing 12 Days of Christmas campaign that instinctively builds hype and drives more customers to pay attention. Experiment with these marketing tips to produce outstanding revenue this holiday season.

UGC Content

User-generated content (UGC) engages customers throughout the year as people are exposed to how real buyers benefit from your products. However, this strategy could be even more productive over Christmas, with potential customers wanting to ensure their gifts generate the ideal reaction. 

When customers post positive experiences with your products on social media, review websites or community forums, ensure you reshare these genuine posts on your own channels. 

UGC helps grow trust and credibility in your brand as this form of content marketing isn’t self-promotional in nature. In fact, research has found that 84% of consumers say they trust peer recommendations over all other sources of information.

Referral Campaigns

If you’re looking to skyrocket brand awareness and sales this Christmas period, including referral marketing campaigns in your brand’s digital strategy, will deliver insane results.

With friends and family constantly chatting about brands offering standout deals, tempting consumers with a referral campaign that sees both parties receive a great discount might be highly persuasive. 

For example, you might give 10% off promo codes to customers that get a friend to make a purchase or 25% off for people who sign up ten people to your newsletter. A concept that appeals to your exact target audience will undoubtedly drive more sales and engagement.

Chat to the Experts

Christmas is just around the corner, but it’s not too late to implement a content strategy that generates massive revenue for your business this holiday season. 

If you’re really looking to boost your bottom line, partner with the leading marketing agency in Australia. As we’ve delivered hugely profitable campaigns for businesses operating across virtually every industry, we know what it takes to reach and convert your target audience. 

Start a conversation with our talented team to discover how we’ll get to know your products and deliver a strategy that excites your most valued customer base.