How to Master Facebook Marketing

If you get it right, you can be rolling the cash in.

An estimated 17 million Australians are active on Facebook. But how to master Facebook marketing and skyrocket your company’s growth?

There are as many different ways to approach a Facebook marketing strategy as there are competitors in your niche. Developing a winning campaign that captures relevant eyeballs isn’t always easy. 

Fortunately, a raft of proven Facebook marketing techniques for small businesses can take your sales to the next level. 

Backed by a detailed understanding of your audience and what they love about your product, you can use the incredible reach of Facebook marketing to its maximum potential.

Create Your Facebook Page

To realise the greatest benefits of Facebook marketing, your company needs to create and optimise its Business Page. 

This process is entirely free. Your page can easily share your company’s contact information, link to your website, chat with followers and create a product catalogue, among many other helpful features. 

When you create a Business Page, you want to make sure it looks as appealing as possible. This means adding high-quality profile images and cover photos, plus writing a compelling description that showcases your brand’s personality. 

If you want to go the extra mile to increase your Facebook Page’s authority, make sure you complete the Page Verification process and get a checkmark next to your name.

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Set Precise Goals

Before launching into any marketing strategy, it helps to set realistic goals that direct your content creation and long-term plan. 

The three main goals that brands typically want to achieve from Facebook marketing are increased brand awareness, community engagement and lead generation.

If your company’s objective is brand awareness, your content creation must focus on reaching the widest possible audience. How do you achieve this? Naturally, it depends on your target market.

A fitness supplement brand could create in-depth health guides to increase social shares. At the same time, they can promote contests and share workout pics from customers to drive engagement on their Business Page.


Find Your Facebook Audience

Ready to attract likes on your company’s Facebook Business Page? Maximise your efforts by developing a detailed persona of the customers you’re trying to reach.

There’s always going to be some trial and error involved. But it helps if you ask yourself some broad questions. How old are your customers? Where do they live, and what problems do your products solve for them? 

If you need extra help, Facebook’s free Audience Insights tool aggregates information on people connected to your Facebook Page and those who can be reached across the platform. 

This way, you can shape your content towards people with the ideal age, gender, level of education, location, past purchase activity and more.


Plan Your Content

Now that you’ve established a solid understanding of your goals and target audience, planning out your content is how you work towards building your Business Page’s reach and overall effectiveness. 

Alongside a tone of voice that resonates with your customers, you want to develop a mix of content types that work towards your objectives. For example, some brands use the 80-20 Rule for social media marketing. 

This approach means 80% of posts are designed to educate or entertain your audience, while the remaining 20% are about promoting your brand and hard-selling its products. 

Experiment with your content mix and you might just discover a strategy that pushes your engagement and conversions into overdrive.


Use Images, Videos and Live Posts

If you want to master Facebook marketing, you need your advertising strategy to involve eye-catching images and video posts. 

These types of content have consistently resulted in higher engagement for brands, with many leading digital marketers believing that Facebook’s algorithm gives preference to these posts.

For a cutting-edge marketing strategy, Facebook Live is another avenue that provides remarkable results for countless brands.

Live content generates six times more engagement than standard video posts – so it’s far easier to build trust with your consumers if you jump in front of the camera. 

Although this won’t make sense for every brand, consider whether live content might suit your brand’s products, audience and goals. 


Promote Your Facebook Page

When looking to build your reach and Facebook following, you want your customer base to know you have an active Business Page.

This means cross-promoting your Facebook Page as much as possible. You can include social links on your website’s homepage or even place a “Follow Us!” sign inside your brick-and-mortar store.

If you’ve already established an active following across other social media platforms, or built up a solid email marketing list, reshare your best performing Facebook content via these mediums. 

Let people know you’re posting on Facebook. More customers will gravitate towards your business and remain up to date on your latest products and services.


Stick to a Schedule

Don’t create and share every post on the same day. You can schedule your content ahead of time, to smoothen out your calendar and map out your content for the greatest impact. 

You also want your brand to remain top of mind for your most dedicated audience. This means you should aim to create enough content that you can share at least one post per day. However, don’t go overboard, as you might end up annoying consumers.

Posting when most of your followers are using Facebook is also important. By using the Facebook Page Insights tool, you can see when the largest segment of your fans is online. 


Start a Conversation

Status posts might seem outdated compared to Stories and Live content types. 

But this approach can drive huge Facebook marketing returns when you find ways to kickstart interesting conversations. 

Part of the reason brands create a Facebook Page is that it allows them to get to know their customers, and vice versa. 

With this in mind, use status posts to pose questions to engaged consumers. For example, you might directly ask for feedback on a product or whether a promotional campaign was a success.

Even if you get some negative responses, customers will appreciate the transparency displayed by your business.

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Use Facebook Ads and Facebook Pixel

When you’re ready to invest more in your marketing campaign, Facebook Ads is the first place you should consider.

You can push targeted advertisements to your ideal customer base, boosting your followers and conversions.

However, an effective campaign needs to understand customer pain points and develop a compelling offer. Plus, you’ll need high-quality images and a powerful call-to-action to experience the best possible results from Facebook Ads.

You can also start using the Facebook Pixel. This easy-to-use website code enables you to track conversions, remarket to previous website visitors, and build custom audiences for future campaigns.

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Measure and Adjust Your Campaign

Facebook Insights gives every Business Page remarkably in-depth data on how their content is performing. 

Instead of simply posting your content and hoping for the best, measuring and adapting how you reach customers ensures you improve your results as time goes on.

This tool enables you to gain outstanding information on the trends impacting your strategy’s effectiveness. Meanwhile, you’ll get the latest data on who’s following your Facebook Page and what they like about your posts.

With a data-driven Facebook marketing campaign for small businesses, you can clearly see what’s working and what’s a waste of time. 

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Chat to the Experts

Your competitors may have established a strong Facebook following, but that doesn’t mean they’re generating the most benefit from their posts. 

If you implement the techniques highlighted in this post, you can master Facebook marketing and enjoy a highly relevant and engaged audience.

The experts at First Page Australia have helped thousands of companies around the globe achieve their goals with a personalised Facebook marketing strategy.

Let our team get to know your business and its objectives to surpass your rivals and establish your long-term future. Get in touch today to learn more.