How to Create a Great Glassdoor Profile

Advertising a job at your company? Don’t forget your Glassdoor company profile. Obtaining and maintaining a positive image online is essential in the current job market and using reputation management software can greatly increase your chances of attracting quality candidates.

Glassdoor has 67 million unique monthly visitors, so there’s a good chance potential employees will check your Glassdoor company profile before diving into the recruitment process. Creating an engaging page is definitely in your best interests. 

To be successful in attracting the industry’s top talent, you need to showcase your organisation’s strengths. According to Glassdoor, 75% of active job seekers will likely apply to a position if the employer actively manages its online presence.

It takes around 40 days to fill a vacant position in Australia. Levelling up your recruitment with stellar Glassdoor company reviews can dramatically improve how your organisation grows.

How To Create a Great Glassdoor Profile
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Claim and Complete Your Profile

Want to join the conversation about what workers are saying about your business? Claim your profile by creating a Free Employer Profile. Then you can update company information, share news, respond to reviews and streamline your recruitment process.

Take the time to present your business in the ideal light. A dynamic Glassdoor profile should have each relevant section filled with helpful information – and ideally, have new updates every week.

By highlighting your company’s benefits, sharing your mission and discussing why you’re an industry leader, it’s possible to capture the attention of exceptional workers.

Claim and Complete Your Glassdoor Profile
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Promote Milestones

Social media platforms are one of the best ways for businesses to promote their milestones. Why should your Glassdoor profile be any different? By using your page to underline your success, attracting and recruiting the perfect team is simplified.

Whether you’ve achieved record profits or just invested in a new department, share messages like these on your Glassdoor company profile to emphasise why people should keep their eye on you.

Report New Updates

The people interested in working for your company are visiting your Glassdoor profile. It makes sense to keep them up-to-date on the latest changes to your business.

You can discuss updates to your company by sharing press releases from a new CEO, or spotlight an accomplished manager who’s critical to your operation.

Your Glassdoor profile is also an opportunity to showcase how your business looks after its people. You could share posts about a new office location or reveal how your employee benefits just got better.

Report New Updates

Enhance Your Profile

Glassdoor’s Enhanced Employer-Profile is how businesses get the most out of their recruitment on the platform. 

This paid upgrade allows users to create branded job posts that only appear on your profile. Plus, it blocks any competitor advertisements from appearing on your page.

Alongside the ability to upload company branding, photos, videos and links to your social media accounts, you can also access Glassdoor’s detailed analytics on the potential hires who are exploring your job posts and profile.

Highlight Awards

There’s every reason to brag if your business has received some celebrated industry awards. 

Glassdoor makes it easy to show off your company’s accolades, with a dedicated section for listing plaudits. 

The most ambitious workers want to join forces with the best in the business. Adding this section to your Glassdoor profile can help you stand out against your competitors. 

With this in mind, a talented prospect might decide you can lead them to even greater heights in the future.

Highlight Awards

Turn Employees into Ambassadors

Building up several Glassdoor company reviews can take a long time for a smaller business.

However, you can start today by asking your current workforce to contribute reviews. While these workers are ambassadors for your business, always encourage them to share honest feedback so you can learn how to improve your operation.

Glassdoor company reviews are anonymous, but workers could fear being reprimanded if they reveal negative opinions. Yet censoring what employees say about your business will be even more detrimental, so put faith in your team’s comments.

Address Feedback Expertly

Glassdoor company profiles are an incredible resource for job hunters, as they can quickly see how a business is perceived by those on the inside. 

Professionals are increasingly conscious about joining a company with a strong culture, career opportunities and fair conditions. Attracting the right feedback is essential to attracting top talent.

While your Glassdoor profile might feature numerous favourable reviews, every business is bound to receive negative feedback at some point. 

To make sure anyone reading these has their concerns alleviated, you must strike a professional, transparent tone that addresses issues with confidence.

Address Feedback Expertly

Get Prominent Employees to Reply

Once you’ve decided on a brand personality that’s appropriate for replying to both positive and negative Glassdoor company reviews, what’s next? Make sure to get your executive team on board. 

Having someone like the CEO or HR Director openly address feedback – even if it’s particularly harsh – shows the wider industry that your senior employees genuinely care what the rank and file employees have to say.

If your reply addresses each point of a negative review with a personalised response, professionals will be impressed by your transparency.

As Glassdoor points out, 89% of users find the employer perspective helpful when deciding where to work.

Get Prominent Employees to Reply

Tackle Misconceptions

Your tone should always remain professional and courteous when responding to a vicious Glassdoor company review. However, don’t be afraid to correct falsehoods and misleading statements.  

Potential employees place considerable weight on these review websites. Leaving a deceptive review on your Glassdoor profile without a reply could give someone the impression that it’s accurate. 

By sticking to the facts, avoiding a defensive tone and maintaining professionalism when responding to a comment, companies can showcase their values and establish trust with future candidates.

Suggest an Offline Chat

If a former employee has damaging things to say about your business, suggesting to address these concerns offline can be beneficial. 

Primarily, it shows candidates browsing your Glassdoor profile that you take problems seriously and wish to reach a satisfying solution.

Whether these discussions are conducted in-person or via email, giving the concerned party a clear way to get in touch helps resolve the problem swiftly. 

Plus, it may lead a past employee to edit their review if they are happy with your response.

An Offline Chat

Take Fair Criticism Seriously

Business owners might not like hearing it, but sometimes criticism is perfectly fair. Instead of getting annoyed that a former employee has said something negative about your business, take their views seriously.

If the same issue keeps appearing in numerous Glassdoor company reviews, it might signal an internal problem that needs fixing as a priority. 

Whether it’s concerns about poor training practises or a lack of workplace opportunities, use critical feedback to enhance how your business operates. This open-minded approach makes sure the future reviews on your Glassdoor profile will be more positive.

Take Fair Criticism Seriously

Spread the Word

Businesses with an Enhanced Company Profile can integrate their other social media platforms with Glassdoor. In fact, you can link up to six accounts on your profile, making it easier for candidates to explore the rest of your online presence. 

You can also create sections that display your Facebook and Twitter feeds, as well as featured videos taken from your company’s YouTube account. 

Don’t forget to promote your thriving Glassdoor profile to followers of your other social media accounts. This helps people see just how much your team loves working for you.

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