How Content Marketing Can Help You Connect With Your Customers

There are many digital strategies that offer proven success for businesses, from smart search engine optimisation to engaging social media marketing.

Content marketing is a great addition to these tools because it’s about more than just generating search traffic. Content can communicate what makes your business unique and reach your customers in engaging ways.

There’s never a better time to tell the story of your business and the products and services you offer. So, here are 4 ways you can use content marketing to find new customers and grow your business.

Top Content Marketing Techniques

A customer watches a content marketing video online.

Blogs and Online Resources

Blogs are a great form of content because they can boost your search rankings whilst helping your audience.

Posts that are structured around a well-chosen topic, smart use of keywords, and a great selection of backlinks, will help your business rise in the SERP rankings.

Remember, top listing links on Google receive 33% of organic search traffic!

It pays to think about blogging as more than just an SEO strategy – but also an opportunity to connect with consumers and build relationships. Rather than just marketing material, audiences appreciate content that is genuinely useful and problem-solving.

A lot of organic search traffic comes from users asking questions and solving problems. Because you can research what your audience is searching for, it’s useful to consider how your site can gain traffic by answering these questions.

Useful blogs and online resources for your clients could include:

User Guides
Instruction Manuals
Video Tutorials
Consumer Reviews
Experiences and Anecdotes
User-Generated Content

Answer questions and share knowledge to help your customers and show your expertise. Update your content over time to stay relevant and post regularly to gain familiarity. And keep your copy clear and concise so audiences can find what they need.

These tips will help you develop your blogs from a simple SEO strategy to a way to build real relationships with your clients. 

Branded Content

A couple watch a branded content video on a laptop.

Many businesses are turning to branded content because it’s such an effective way to engage audiences. Branded content can be defined as any media – usually, video, text and audio – created to both advertise a business and entertain viewers.

Businesses and production teams work together to create a range of content, then post it to platforms with large, existing audiences.

Branded content is most effective when it dissolves the boundaries between advertising and editorial media. The content may be commissioned by a business – but it also offers real value and entertainment to audiences.

Here are some examples of great branded content:

Resident Advisor x Asahi Super Dry
i-D Magazine x Mac Cosmetics
Broadsheet x Mini

Each campaign was successful because it generated thousands of views for the business it partnered with. These brands might have struggled to gain such high engagement elsewhere. But by creating great content, they were able to reach a bigger and broader audience.

Content marketing is a great way to draw your consumers to your site in engaging and exciting ways. So, be creative with your content and how it can tell the story of your business.

Video For Mobile

A customer checks a business YouTube video whilst on the go.

Growing an active YouTube channel is an important way to gain organic search traffic and build your audience.

These days, YouTube is a search engine in its own right. In fact, it’s one of the most popular – accounting for 37% of all mobile web traffic.

Optimising your videos for a mobile audience is smart because it capitalises on this increasing shift to mobile. You need to reach your mobile audiences when they’re on the go and searching for the content they need.

Here are the top ways to make mobile video content stand out:

Test your page for mobile optimisation 
Design for a smaller screen
Encourage social media engagement
Add subtitles to your videos
Consider creating your own app 

You can make successful Youtube videos by providing useful information to your target audience. For example, a local mechanic might create a 60-second clip showing how to change a tire. Your aim should be to help your audience first, then advertise your services second. 


Many businesses are choosing to explore the world of podcasting – either producing their own shows or advertising on existing platforms. With so many shows available online, it’s almost always possible to find a platform that can reach your audience.

While it might not be the most obvious marketing strategy, audience numbers are increasing all the time. More than 50% of US consumers listen to podcasts – meaning this is one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience.

If you choose to partner with a podcast or platform, it’s important that they’re a trusted resource and achieve the engagement that can benefit your business.

A woman listens to a new podcast episode.


These are just some of the ways you can build a content marketing strategy to reach more consumers online. Social media, video, and mobile are all continuing to grow – so why not explore the opportunities they could offer your business. You can contact our digital marketing experts today to find out more.