How AI is Changing Digital Marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) might seem like something that belongs in the future. But even if you don’t realise it, AI is already an everyday part of life.

For instance, AI is responsible for Face ID on your phone, while Netflix serves personalised recommendations using its own machine learning algorithms. With this in mind, it’s hardly surprising that digital marketing has also adopted a range of AI-powered services.

By using computing power to identify patterns in data, AI marketing technology can make faster and more accurate decisions than any human can. 

In turn, generating an informed AI marketing strategy for your business will help you overtake your rivals and achieve your goals.

What is AI Marketing? 

Artificial intelligence is incredible for solving complex problems and deriving meaning from large-scale data sets. As digital marketing is all about finding new ways to appeal to customers, AI digital marketing campaigns are a match made in heaven. 

So how does it work? AI-powered services give companies the ability to analyse data and make better decisions. Rather than making broad assumptions about what customers like, AI can help businesses develop precise campaigns with razor-sharp goals.

Artificial intelligence is already used across digital marketing for communicating with customers, recommending products and advertising. Together, this means you can hit your targets with greater effectiveness than ever before.

What is AI Marketing

How AI is Changing Marketing

AI digital marketing technology continues to surge in popularity as more businesses become aware of its remarkable potential. But it’s important to understand that AI hasn’t quite developed into an all-knowing tool just yet.

While this might change in the future, using AI-driven services to complement your company’s established digital marketing methods can deliver results that outperform your biggest rivals.

Here, we’ve highlighted some of the areas where your business can benefit most from adopting AI digital marketing techniques.

How AI is Changing Marketing

Email Marketing

Over the last few years, consumer behaviour has trended greatly towards personalisation. In fact, marketers report a 760% increase in email revenue when these campaigns are segmented and personalised to specific customers.

How do you achieve this kind of benefit? AI can consider vast data points to identify which customers are most likely receptive to certain products. Using purchase history, previously visited pages and habits, AI-based email marketing can be perfectly tailored towards generating sales.

AI can also determine the best time to send your emails to subscribers. By maximising the likelihood that customers will read your message, AI-based email marketing can level up your website traffic and conversions.

Email Marketing


The growth of chatbots has been staggering, with around 80% of businesses expected to be using one by 2022. Considering it’s estimated that chatbots save companies around 30% in customer service costs, you must ensure your business is also reaping the rewards. 

Based on AI-powered features, the most effective chatbots can seamlessly handle a range of tasks for customers. For instance, chatbots deliver instant responses to customer queries around the clock, while also resolving customer complaints and learning about their expectations.

By helping your business generate leads and gathering insightful feedback from customers, chatbots are an effective AI digital marketing tool that delivers vastly improved results.


Product Recommendations

As artificial intelligence has improved, serving customers with precise product recommendations has helped countless companies boost their sales. By providing customers with real-time suggestions, you might just convince someone to make multiple purchases instead of just one.

For instance, AI helps companies segment their customers to promote certain products. Using data about what people have previously bought or considered, this step can dramatically improve conversions.

In addition, AI can recommend products based on similarities or complementary features. For instance, someone checking out with a pair of running shoes might also like new shorts. Alternatively, you can send last-minute reminders about previously viewed products.

Product Recommendations

Display Advertising

As much as 88% of online display advertising is expected to be driven by artificial intelligence by the end of 2021. 

By massively streamlining the process of buying and selling advertising space, so-called “programmatic advertising” has rapidly improved how businesses can reach and convert their ideal target markets.

Although it’s still possible to drive results using traditional methods, programmatic advertising is a reliable way to generate an exceptional return on ad spend.

By using data-based targeting and automated bidding, brands can save heaps of time, money and energy on their display advertising campaigns.

Display Advertising

The power of voice search has been incorporated into countless forms of technology in recent years, with the potential to have widespread implications for digital marketing. While almost everyone knows Siri and Alexa, voice search is available in many other digital products too.

With an estimated 13% of all searches on Google now made with voice, AI and machine learning are critical for ensuring users receive the information they want. 

As artificial intelligence has become increasingly adept at understanding human speech, powering up your website with voice search could be a highly effective change that appeals to modern customers.

voice search-seo

The Best AI Tools for Marketing

There are hundreds of AI digital marketing tools to choose from, with more being released every day. But to help you get started with some easily accessible services, we’ve selected some of the best AI tools for marketing to enhance your next campaign.


Grammarly is a much-loved tool for crafting any kind of text with top-notch grammar and engagement. Although word processors have had built-in spellcheck for years, this AI-driven marketing tool goes above and beyond anything you’ve used before. 

While it highlights any spelling errors you make, there are also insightful tips for engagement delivery and clarity. Meanwhile, you can set specific goals for your writing – including tone, formality, intent and audience – to ensure your message appeals to your customers.

Image credit: Grammerly


Frase is a standout product for creating content that resonates with your target market. Using AI marketing technology to assess top-performing posts in any search results, Frase automatically generates a brief that gives you an enormous headstart.

Alongside keyword selection, headers and concept ideas, Frase can also be used to improve the SEO standards of your work to ensure it reaches your ideal customer base. 

Supported by AI digital marketing to generate blog intros, FAQ sections and more, you can ensure your articles and guides appeal to search engine algorithms and climb the rankings.

Image Credit: Frase


Chatbots are an incredible digital marketing tool, but they require significant work to set up and manage across multiple platforms. 

However, ManyChat makes it easy to build a powerful communication flowchart across platforms like Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Shopify and more. For example, this service can automatically respond to comments and trigger specific messages based on certain keywords. 

ManyChat also helps customers book appointments, answer questions and even recover abandoned shopping carts. By connecting with customers, you can enhance brand awareness and skyrocket conversions. 

Image credit: ManyChat

Chat to the Experts

Looking to boost your growth with AI digital marketing services? A full-service marketing agency like First Page Australia can ensure your business uses this technology to its fullest extent. 

No matter what your brand’s ultimate objectives involve, we have the expertise to ensure your business boosts its brand awareness, conversions, search rankings and more.

With our digital marketers living on the cutting-edge of the industry, we know which AI digital marketing tools will deliver the best results for your business. 

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