10 Reasons Why Your Website Must Include an FAQ Page

An FAQ page is found on all leading websites for good reason. Many of your customers will be visiting your website to answer Frequently Asked Questions – so what not give them exactly what they’re searching for!

The following article breaks down how your business website can benefit from answering frequently asked questions. Check out these top tips to develop your site and the effectiveness of your digital marketing strategy overall.

What Is An FAQ Page?

An FAQ page is a great tool for telling users what your products and services are all about. A classic FAQ page will contain a list of top questions along with expert and informed answers.

The questions most commonly asked by your customers show what they’re looking for. Answering their queries clearly and succinctly shows that you can provide exactly what they need.

So, what are the further benefits of a frequently asked questions page and how can one help your business?

1. Enhance Your SEO

The reason people use search engines like Google is to find answers to their questions. By having an FAQ page, you will have the opportunity to place questions on your page that your customers are literally asking on Google. 

You can look for the most popular searches simply by typing questions into the Google search bar, or you can use tools or SEO services that can help you find the most frequently asked questions. 

All the copy on your FAQ page helps search engines such as Google to understand your services, business, and products, which will result in the boosting of your SEO, and it will also drive traffic to your website. 

It’s important to note that it is best to design your questions using long-tail keywords.

2. Establish Yourself As An Industry Expert

When providing users with a perfectly presented FAQ page, you show that you are an authority in the industry. This gives your business more transparency and users will trust your brand more. 

Your customers will know they can count on you when they have complex questions. This can grow your consumer base and increases your expertise. 

You could even land yourself a Google Featured Snippet to maximise your reach and enhance your SEO!

3. Reduce Customer Service Enquiries

Having a detailed FAQ page could allow you to cut down on resources required to answer emails, phone calls and instant chat messages. This will help you save on costs in the long run and develop an optimised way to field customer enquiries. 

Additionally, your customers often won’t have time to call a customer service hotline and don’t have the patience to wait for customer support via email. 

In fact, when it comes to millennials, 34% won’t call the same customer support service again, 60% put down the phone after 60 seconds, and a massive 57% of calls are placed on hold. They prefer self-service. 

Today’s consumers need answers quickly – and that’s exactly what your frequently asked questions page will provide.

4. Provide a Great User Experience

A detailed FAQ page creates a better user experience. If visitors to your site are curious about your brand and what it has to offer, then all they have to do is navigate to your FAQ page to find everything they need.

The ability to easily navigate a website can result in higher conversions and more visits to your website overall.

5. Drive Customers To Your Products & Services

Your products and services pages are some of the most important parts of your website. They drive sales and clearly outline the features and benefits of your business.

The answers you provide on your FAQ page must entice customers to find out more about what you offer. This can be accomplished with premium copy and useful links.

6. Increase Your Engagement

When you offer an effective FAQ page that answers common questions, you set up a roadmap for potential clients to follow.

A fluid online experience will encourage engagement with your website and can lead to more conversions and sales overall.

This kind of experience builds trust, meaning that when it comes time to ask a customer to enter their contact details or pay for a product, a positive relationship has already been built.

7. Google Snippets For Maximum Visibility

Google often uses FAQ copy as Featured Snippets to answer the top questions searched by users. This means your website’s copy could be listed as a snippet at the top of the search engine results page. This visibility will deliver an extraordinary boost for your organic search traffic!

According to recent research, featured snippets receive 8.6 % of all clicks – meaning creating snippet-worthy content is a key SEO strategy that converts big time!

It’s also important to note that most featured snippets get triggered by the usage of long-tail keywords. Smart copy and optimised content drive traffic for businesses – plain and simple.

8. An Engine For Content Ideas

Your FAQ page needs to provide clear and succinct information to your customers. Your copy must succeed in…

  • Solving Problems
  • Answering Questions
  • Improving User’s Lives in Specific Ways

Every single question commonly posed by your clients will have a valuable answer. And every one of these answers can be expanded into a blog!

This is a content strategy that provides genuine value to users – maximising engagement and developing your brand.

9. Gain A Better Understanding Of Your Target Audience

An FAQ page will help you understand your target audience better. It offers the necessary insight to discover your audience’s desires, needs, as well as challenges and problems that your products and services can solve.

An insightful, tailored experience will drive sales and make you a leader in the field.

10. Set Yourself Apart From The Competition

An FAQ page gives you the opportunity to develop yourself as a business and expand on your brand identity.

Any chance to engage existing customers and potential clients in a deeper, more productive conversation doubles as a valuable sales opportunity. Businesses that develop this relationship with clients are primed for online success.

Key Take Away – FAQ Pages Increase Customer Engagement

An FAQ page is exactly what’s needed to drive engagement, conversions and sales, helping you establish yourself as an industry authority.

Online business is a competitive marketplace – but developing the ability to clearly communicate your products and services will show your real value and unique offerings.

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