The Top 10 Online Marketplaces for eCommerce Retailers

If your business doesn’t sell on the top eCommerce marketplaces, then you’re not reaching all your customer base. 

Consider this: In 2020, 82% of Australian households shopped online, while 1.3 million people made an online purchase for the first time.

With many of the world’s most profitable businesses operating in the eCommerce space, these websites allow anyone to buy products online.

By listing your products as a third-party retailer on these platforms, you can make the most of their enormous traffic to open up your revenue streams.

Here, we dive into the leading online marketplaces in Australia and explain how each one might be the best choice for your eCommerce aspirations.


Adapting Your Business to Online Customers

Almost every aspect of daily life is heading online, so it only makes sense that customers are doing the same for their shopping needs. 

By having your products and services available for purchase on the top eCommerce marketplaces, you won’t have to struggle through designing, launching, growing and maintaining your own online selling platform.

The seamless convenience of using a trusted online marketplace can dramatically outweigh the negatives. But you’ll also have to contend with a lot of competition.

Compared to brick-and-mortar stores, customers who shop online can effortlessly compare prices and features across numerous brands. This means your marketing tactics need to be sharper than ever.

Australia’s Best Online Marketplaces

No matter what kind of niche your company operates within, there are great eCommerce marketplaces attracting your target market in Australia. Consider getting started on these online selling sites today.

Amazon Australia

Since opening its first fulfilment centre in Australia in 2017, Amazon has experienced tremendous growth on our shores. 

With the company boasting a record $1.12 billion in net sales for the 2020 calendar year, this incredible figure represented a 99.4% leap from the previous year. 

If you’re looking to get in on the action, selling on Amazon Australia means 300 million customers around the world can access your products. 

You can also decide to let Amazon take charge of your fulfilment, so your brand can offer eligible customers free one- or two-day shipping. 

Amazon also has a wide range of promotional and analytical tools, helping you gain traction on the SERP and diversify your customer base.

Image credit: Amazon


Launched in 1995, there’s no doubt that eBay is responsible for many of the commonplace features that we use across virtually every eCommerce marketplace.

In Australia, the eCommerce giant attracts an eye-watering 12 million unique monthly visitors, which has helped 4,863 stores generate more than $1 million in sales

eBay’s straightforward signup process means you can quickly register your business and create an eBay Store. This enables you to design custom homepages, drive traffic to your products and save on fees.

According to eBay, brands that set up an eBay Store experience 20% more page visits and 25% higher average order value than regular listings.

Image credit: Ebay


Alibaba has been a dominant international eCommerce marketplace for years. But the Chinese-based marketplace offers Australian brands a different approach compared to many other leading platforms. 

Rather than trying to steal customers away from the likes of Amazon and eBay, Alibaba’s operation is designed to help Australian brands connect with Chinese customers.

Despite its lucrative opportunities, many small- and medium-sized enterprises find it difficult to crack this target audience due to a range of cultural and technical barriers. 

Businesses on Alibaba can adopt Chinese payment merchants like Alipay, to cater their online stores to the expectations of global customers.

Image credit: Alibaba


If your brand specialises in handmade objects, vintage wares or craft supplies, Etsy is considered one of the top eCommerce marketplaces in the world. 

Etsy’s online selling site strictly limits what is allowed on the platform. This offers a unique selling opportunity for speciality stores that cater to a specific target market.

Whether you’re an operation of one or a budding team of creatives, Etsy is where you can attract a customer base of like-minded buyers, living both in Australia and overseas. 

Once you’ve uploaded your products to the platform and started generating sales, store owners will receive a wealth of in-depth analytics. Using this data, you can level up your Search Engine Optimisation to generate more sales.

Image credit: Etsy


Founded in 2006, Catch brought a host of fresh ideas to local eCommerce marketplaces. It’s now one of the biggest names in Australian eCommerce, and a standout platform for brands looking to sell online. 

The platform attracts 25,000 sales per day with an average shopping cart value of $130. Gaining access to this online marketplace could prove to be wonderfully profitable for your business.

Approved sellers have access to appealing promotions and technical troubleshooting, so you can always keep your store ticking over. Featuring much-loved stores like Target, Bing Lee and Dyson, joining Catch as an approved seller can boost both the credibility and the visibility of your brand.

Image credit: Catch


MyDeal has quickly risen to become one of the largest eCommerce marketplaces in Australia, with 300,000 products spread across 2,000 different lifestyle departments. 

This vast online selling platform currently serves 1 million customers per month. With a sharply designed and marketed product range, your business has the potential to drive enormous sales.

Businesses accepted onto the MyDeal platform also receive tailored business development advice. This is a wonderful opportunity to grow your success on and off the internet.

Image credit: My Deal


GraysOnline is Australia’s largest industrial and automotive eCommerce marketplace. It specialises in third parties looking to offload business assets or excess stock.

With the platform attracting a sprawling local and international audience, GraysOnline sets itself apart from the competition by enabling online sales, while the assets remain in their original location.

To make this happen, GraysOnline provides sellers with a range of helpful services, including product valuations, project management and sales structuring advice.

Instead of letting your inventory waste away in a warehouse somewhere, head to GraysOnline to access a massive network of B2B buyers.

Image credit: Grays Online


Groupon is a stellar way for local businesses to reach their target market. Promoting your products and services on Groupon is unlike any other online marketplace you’ve used before.

The platform works by having retailers create attractive deals that capture the attention of ready-to-buy consumers browsing the offers in their area. 

Businesses can list their promotions at no upfront cost, plus you can limit the number of Groupons available to manage inventory and achieve a top ROI.

Groupon’s robust advertising platform makes it easy to target your precise customer base. A smartly designed campaign can expand your reach and turn deal-shoppers into repeat customers.

Image credit: Groupon


Bonanza is one of the top online selling platforms based in the United States. Getting your Australian store started on the platform is hassle-free once you’ve created a ‘Bonanza Booth’. 

This online selling site’s primary audience is based in the United States. There’s virtually every product category available on Bonanza, so you’re welcome to sell everything from fashion and digital goods to sports memorabilia. 

Meanwhile, receiving payments is easy via merchants such as PayPal and Stripe. 

But keep in mind that there’s no fulfilment offered by Bonanza. This means you’ll need to be prepared to organise shipping for both local and international orders.

Image credit: Bonanza

Kogan Marketplace

Kogan has long been one of the top online selling platforms for electronics, appliances and homewares in Australia. 

In 2019, the platform expanded with the announcement that leading third-party suppliers could also get involved, with the launch of their new Kogan Marketplace.

Kogan has attracted five million sales in the past 12 months alone. Listing your products on this hugely popular platform could be a savvy decision.

With this eCommerce marketplace renowned for its low prices, third-party suppliers can also access awesome promotions that ensure you receive immense exposure and sales.

Image credit: Kogan

Speak to the eCommerce Experts

Selling on eCommerce marketplaces is one of the best ways to increase your company’s sales and reach. However, you need to choose a digital marketing company and platform that makes sense for your products and target market.

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