Discover the Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends for 2024

As we rocket into the second half of 2024, the digital marketing landscape is buzzing more than ever. Ready to stay ahead of the curve? At First Page Digital, we’re giving you the lowdown on the top digital marketing trends in 2024, revolutionising how brands connect with their audience and smash their marketing goals.

1. Short-Form Video Content


It’s no secret that platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts are where the magic happens. Instagram, for example, boasts a worldwide average of two billion monthly active users in 2024—a market you can’t afford to miss out on.

Long-form videos are still effective when you’re introducing your company or explaining concepts. But successful B2C and B2B businesses are not just creating content—they’re creating hits that stick within seconds, proving that in the digital world, less is definitely more. It’s a delicate tightrope of staying on top of the latest trends and getting your content to snag the short attention spans of users.

2. Generative AI

Our second 2024 digital marketing trend isn’t exactly new but is only getting more sophisticated. Make way for Generative AI—your ultimate marketing co-pilot. AI tools like Chat GPT have been on the scene for the past few years. This always-evolving tech will help you spearhead your creative efforts with a blend of speed and customisation that’s already changing the face of content creation.

From creating compelling articles to designing stunning visuals, Generative AI like ChatGPT can handle various tasks at lightning speed. Don’t forget: it works best with your expert guidance. While AI excels in generating high-quality outputs, it relies on your strategic input to truly align with your brand’s unique voice and goals. Together, you and AI create a powerhouse duo that not just any brand can compete with.

3. Digital PR

Social Media on Phone

Got a great product but no buzz? Digital PR, with a gun team like First Page, is here to change that. It’s all about creating that stir in the digital and news space, ensuring your brand tops the rest.

4. Hyper-Focused Strategy

Generic is out. Personalisation is in.

This is especially true regarding fast-moving digital marketing trends in 2024, where tailored, strategic planning defines success. With Chief Marketing Officers often holding their positions for only a few years—4.2 years at Fortune 500 companies and even less at consumer-heavy firms—developing a digital marketing strategy customised to your brand means brand success and career longevity.

5. Take Advantage of Analytics


With the launch of Google Analytics 4, brand marketers have new analytics tools, letting you stay on top of digital marketing trends in 2024. You’re not just limited to measuring conversions here. The updated “Business Objectives” collection allows marketers to actively monitor and enhance brand awareness and lead generation.

Get stuck into metrics like traffic acquisition, demographic insights, and user interactions to protect against ad fraud and razor-target campaigns. Actions like scrolling deep into blog posts, downloading whitepapers, signing up for newsletters, watching videos, completing tutorials, or submitting registration forms are all trackable in real time.

6. Link Building

Link building is emerging as a key 2024 digital marketing trend for enhancing brand credibility and climbing those competitive search rankings. When high-authority websites link back to your site, Google recognises these signals, affirming your site’s reliability and relevance in your niche.

The process involves crafting compelling SEO content (by yourself or with an SEO Agency in Australia) that other reputable sites want to link to and actively seeking these valuable connections. Despite its challenges, the effort pays off significantly: 63% of SEO marketers report that link building is their most effective tactic in improving SEO performance.

7. Voice Search Optimisation

Using Voice Search

In 2024, 41% of marketers are boosting their investment in voice search optimisation, recognising its growing influence as users increasingly turn to digital assistants for everyday queries. To tap into this trend, consider framing your content around common questions, making it easier for voice searches to pick up.

As the interest rebounds with fewer marketers pulling back from voice search—down from 28% to 14%—now is the perfect time to refine your strategy and improve your brand’s online visibility.

8. Marketing Automation

Why do more when you can automate? 2024 sees a surge in using tools that handle everything from firing off timely emails to scheduling your posts perfectly. Apart from its ease, marketing automation is about amplifying your marketing efforts and letting you focus on bigger strategies.

9. Local SEO

For local businesses, showing up on search when your neighbour searches for ‘the best pizza near me’ is not just good—it’s crucial. Local SEO helps businesses dominate their local markets and turn locals into loyal customers.

Try to hire writers who produce quality SEO content—to boost your reputational authority on Google. Have a smaller team but looking for comprehensive content? Partner with an established digital marketing agency.

10. Influencer Marketing

Live influencer

Influencers are the celebs of the digital world, and they’re not stepping down anytime soon. Collaborating with influencers continues to be a major player in 2024 digital marketing trends, with brands tapping into their followings to extend reach and authenticity in a unique way that traditional ads just can’t match.

Staying Ahead of the Game

So, you’re up to speed—for now. Embracing these trends is your ticket to staying relevant in digital marketing, but the landscape is always changing. It’s all about cutting-edge technology, engaging content, and smart strategies to deliver marketing that’s effective and exciting. Get ready to push boundaries and break records with these top trends in 2024 digital marketing.

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