We don’t want to put you off, but having a web site, and getting it to show on the front page of the top search engines is another thing entirely. Many companies make very dubious claims of “guaranteed first listing on the top search engines” and such like to get your money. Here are the facts without the hype and sales pitch... 1. The only way to ‘guarantee’ that your site will lists at position one is to pay lots of cash 2. The search engines change the way they work regularly and while your site may be in one position today, it may disappear tomorrow. 3. Consistently achieving a high ranking with a search engine requires considerable, and on-going work. 4. On-going search engine promotion is essential to having your site show in the search engine lists. 5. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is essential... this is tuning your web site for the search engines, and involves a cost. 6. ‘Beautiful’ flashy web sites consistently rank less than sites containing considerable relevant information. 7. Getting a web site to achieve a high ranking takes time, it certainly doesn’t occur overnight. 8. Sites with links (both outgoing and incoming) to other similar sites rank better than those without any links Haven’t put you off yet?
Search Engine Promotion... Having a web site is just the first step, if no-one can find you on the search engines, you wasted your money on that new web site...
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Ok, its not all doom and gloom, with work, perseverance and good old hard work, your site can achieve a consistently high ranking with the search engines, but don’t let anyone convince you that anything is “guaranteed”, as this is just not true.
So you want to promote your site to the search engines... how do you go about it?
You start by contacting us.  We include the first 12 months of search engine works in the price of all web sites, afterall, if no-one can find the site, what is the point of even having one?  Right? If you already have a site, we can still make modifications to the actual coding of that site to improve your ranking with the search engines.
How much does it cost?
Like all things in life, nothing is free. For a 12 month promotion service, the cost is $240.00, this includes all code modification, site assessments, monthly promotion to over 2,500 search and list engines around the world, and ongoing monitoring of your site’s progress. If the progress of the site is still slow, we will continue to make alterations until we have the site where it shoule be. Our clients consistently list on the first pages of the major search engines, but, like we have stressed earlier, there are never any guarantees.  The search engines change their criteria very regularly, so the goal posts are always moving around... we just have to understand what they change and adapt your site to those changes.
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