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. com  .net  .asn  .id  .org  .au Pick the right domain name now and protect your business identity Beware registering with just any old company that offers domains   There have been many companies come and go over the short life history of the internet. Not all are reputable... even Australian companies have been shut down for unscrupulous and dubious conduct by the Australian government.  
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Picking the right domain name for your business can make a world of difference... So you want to get your own domain name, but what are all the different combinations like .com, .com.au, .net and the like? Before you go online and buy just any old domain name, there are a few things to understand that can make the world of difference to your business, like identifying the correct ‘extension’ (.com etc) to suit just what it is that your business does.  While this might not seem important right now, it will make a difference as to how the world perceives your business. For example, having a domain name like ‘mybusiness.com’ indicates that your business is based not in Australia, but in the USA.  Is that really what you want for your business? The cost of registering a domain name vary wildly too, and some domain name registration companies are, shall we say, “less than reputable”, so making the right choice from the start can not only protect your business name and its branding, it can also save you considerable money in the long run. We only refer people to highly reputable companies that have been around for a long time, and offer the highest level of service. Like to know more? Contact us, and we are only too happy to set you on the right path to long and happy domain name ownership by helping you make the right decisions for your business.